Friday, August 31, 2012

Special Alert

There is much in this article I can say from SEVERAL highly credible sources is not only accurate but I already knew. As for the rest I must use my "ratdar" better than ever before but at the end of the day; NERO & CALIGULA cannot succeed if we do not cooperate with the manipulation and behave in the "expected" manner. The time for "waking" the masses has passed. We are going to have to do everything within our power to make sure that the millions of us already awake have every tidbit of information available no matter how seemingly inconsequential. Everything they do down to the smallest detail, they do for a reason.


Special Alert

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What'Cha Think? Could it really be possible?  We have the world's largest armed civilian population - with out any organization or leadership.

Special Alert
Wednesday August 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My  two confidential sources (who don't know each other) advise me that:

1.) Trains loaded with military equipment ( Trucks, generators, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, artillery, armor) continue to leave low lying coastal areas headed to high ground in the interior. This is to avoid the oceans coming out of their basins.

2.) Obama knows (because very astute analysts have told him so) that he will loose the election.
     A.) The third week of October there will be a contrived economic collapse/bank holiday along with social disorder.
     B.) It will be so severe that UN troops (i.e. Russian/Chinese/East European) will graciously respond to Obama's call during our time of need to restore civil order.
     C.) There will be no election.

This contrived economic collapse was not scheduled to occur until after the election.

There will be a window of several days, to perhaps a week, when things are beginning to fall apart with the economy ( Stock market crash, etc.) that everything still works (i.e. commercial aviation, credit cards, Internet, no travel restrictions, sales of firearms & ammunition, etc). It is that window when you can make any last minute adjustments to where you physically are located and perhaps make a few last minute purchases of essentials (chocolate, gasoline, ammunition).

Once this goes down, wherever you are is (like it or not) where you will be for an undetermined period of time.

In addition to my two sources, Doug Hagmann with the Northeast Intelligence Network has two DHS sources of his own. In his article titled 'It's going hot!" (attached) he quotes his sources saying that there will be no national elections in November. While his sources do not give a specific scenario, the intelligence is essentially the same.

I also suggest reading the first chapter ( 22 pages) of Patriots, A Novel Of Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles. These 22 pages give a not all that unlikely scenario of what a fast moving economic collapse could look like.

Stay tuned, I'll do updates on my daily radio show as they come in.

John  Moore



Anonymous said...

I am encouraged. We want to go back to the Republic and the Constitution and the only way I could see that happen is if there were two governments or one.

If there is 'no' election, and we are going back to the Republic and Constitution then we have one government not corporation.

Someone has to be in place 'a president that already knows how to run a country' when this transition takes place.

Banks and Bankers own the corporation but would not own the Republic.

I can see them wanting to create chaos if they can't continue to operate...crashing markets, and interfering with daily life.

I can just imagine what the Great Depression was like when they took over and crashed things and made us serfs.

Repatriation of assets has been going on for a long time and maybe, just maybe if there was another election, we'd suffer through another year of Fed control or even a renewed Charter.

I'm guessing from the exposure Romney had, he's benefitted greatly from the current system and has a lot of money and comfort to prove it.

Their delegate process is probably the 'Tipping Point' in which to make sure they are elected they ignored delegate votes or changed the rules to disenfranchise delegates to ensure enough to elect Romney through the electoral college.

This time is critical for most because of Universe.

The power for each of us to create our future is here and now.

Were we to center our thoughts to martial law and dictatorship, there is a Universe for's yours....don't blame anyone else for your creation.

Were we to center our thoughts on the Republic, the Constitution, sound money, and freedom, there is a Universe for's can thank yourself for being who you were waiting on and creating your own paradigm.

I've seen and read enough about string theory, quantum physics, and those Through the Wormhole, and BBC documentaries about the expanding universe, ever increasing in size and ever creating new universes where everything is possible and multiverse where version of us are in multiple universes experiencing it from various viewpoints, that I am going to say.......anything is possible and I am enjoying the ride of possibilities.

Me and mine are centered, and know what we want to manifest at this time.
We have tested our power and we have seen the illusion of control disappear in the most controlling of situations.
So we know there is a limitation to what they can do, and it is our belief in what they can do that helps them do what they do.

When we know they can't do something and we 'resist it peacefully' by not going along with the demand/request/order, we have seen them call for backup and backup and backup and give up.

We are not enemies, we are peace.
We are love and we choose to experience peace and love, and it's hard to go to war when one side is not fighting and not your enemy.

If there are those that want to fight, I guess we'll shelter in place until they figure out their power or lack thereof.

What's coming for me is like rebooting a computer.
The command is issued by the root user/Administrator. All applications shut down and release their hold on whatever resource they had claimed.

Then activity, nothing can happen now process has any 'job' to do and no resource is available to be grabbed.

Then an initial program / the first power / the first trust is started, and all other processes start in order and each grab their share of the resources to get what needs to be done to bring the Operating system online.

Once everything is in place we see the prompt where we can access the program.

We log into the system and begin a new. Some things may be preserved in files and still accessible, and some things are begun all over again with a fresh start.

I will not protect, defend, or argue my comments. Not everything is for everybody and there are too many variations for everything to be common and agreed upon by everybody

Anonymous said...

John Moore is full of shit. Nothing he has ever said or predicted has come true. When nothing happens the third week of October, then this character needs to be called out for what he is. Moore is a stooge for the cabal and a fear monger.

Anonymous said...

I agree...this is what we have been waiting for! It has been reported that all is in place for the reset, and this is how it will happen. It's just ashame we have to wait till Oct.