Tuesday, October 30, 2012




Dear Patriotic Friend,
The crisis we face grows more critical each day. The economic and fiscal problems were already at cataclysmic proportions. However, we now have a new dimension added to this frightening situation. There is a concerted effort to do away with all symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture, to deny our right of conscience in matters of faith and to attack Christians, Catholic and Protestant, who dare to speak openly of their faith.
The response to Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A exposed the left for the hateful people they are. Even sixteen year old Gabrielle (“Gabby”) Douglas, Olympic Gold winning gymnast, was attacked for daring to give glory to God for her win.
Now we have found that in September, the Democrat Party is going to declare same-sex marriage an official plank of the Party Platform. This is nothing short of a Declaration of War against Bible believing Christians, and it will have far reaching implications. That the Democrats would do this, in spite of the fact that voters have overwhelmingly voted for Constitutional Amendments to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, shows that this party has decided to rebel against the people and against God. Just as with Obamacare, they will shove down our throats what they determine is best, regardless of the Constitution or the will of the people.
However, there is a silver lining in all of this. This may be an opportunity for an historic shift in the cultural and political direction of our country if Christians of all races will unite in rejecting the Godless left agenda of the Democrat Party.
We have less than 90 days and I need to reach every Christian I can, particularly in swing states, starting here in Virginia. I need to advertise on Christian radio stations. I need to organize a major Press Conference after the Democrat Party makes same sex marriage an official part of its platform. And I need to unite ministers of all races (“MINISTERS TAKING A STAND”) in Virginia and the other states that are up for grabs. I need a minimum of $7,000 a month just to have the kind of public relations effort that will make it possible for me to be seen and heard. It is a big task and time is short, but our country’s fate hangs in the balance.
Below I have included the latest press release that went out. After its release, I received requests for interviews to talk about our work from media all over the country. We are getting attention and making a difference! Here is an article written about my call for an exodus. 
Please send this email around to your own email list to people of like mind. Every moment counts. EVERY PATRIOTIC AMERICAN COUNTS. WE CAN SAVE OUR COUNTRY, BUT WE HAVE TO ACT NOW.
God bless you and may He bless the United States of America to come out of the mess we are in and turn us away from the horrible direction we are being led. May we turn back to the direction our Founding Fathers set for us of freedom, opportunity and respect for our Constitution and our God-given rights and the vision of ONE NATION UNDER GOD.
For God & Country,
Bishop E.W. Jackson
If you would rather mail your contribution than make it online, make it payable to S.T.A.N.D., P.O. Box 15111, Chesapeake, VA 23328
This may well portend the beginning of the black community rejecting its long enslavement to the Democrat Party, in spite of its anti-Christian agenda.
That is why I need your help.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand Americans at all....they always say, follow the money and yet, they CAN NOT (or rather refuse to) CONNECT the dots!!!

Well, if you follow the money - the money trail leads you to the Bush family! If you follow how long they have been involved in USA, Inc. politics than you can find your answer (over 30 years)!!!

FYI - IT TAKES 4-5 YEARS before policy implemented shows up -- and who was in the W.H. for 8 YEARS before Obama? HE CRASHED WALL STREET BEFORE HE LEFT...so Obama would have a FIASCO TO "try and clean" up (while all of the BANSKTERS CLEANED HOUSE)!!!

Does everyone have amnesia in America?

DEMOCRATS, at the very least, "want" to help those in the MIDDLE class and lower class!

DEMOCRATS, HAVE NOT SENT America TO WAR in the last 20 years....THE REPUBLICANS have!



The Republicans have instituted the PATRIOT ACT (have you forgotten)?!


Why are suddenly "religious leaders" speaking out? BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID TO DO SO!

PLEASE, for the love of what is left of your country, wake-up!

Anonymous said...

"Look at modern politics the last 30 years and it leads you to the Bush family!!"

The Bush family AND the Clintons, all of who are sociopaths who came from the Democratic Party under George Soros.

I sincerely hope you are JOKING to say the Democrats were not behind the agenda!

"DEMOCRATS, HAVE NOT SENT America TO WAR in the last 20 years....THE REPUBLICANS have!"

Total Bullshit. Democrats since Franklin D. Roosevelt himself and all the Rockefellers, including Koch/Bush/Mehlman, DROVE the agenda for world war.

I sincerely hope you are honestly joking and not swallowing this load of bullshit. The DEMOCRATS are the worst of all, without fail.

I call upon ALL Christians to make their exodus from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and join the TEA PARTY, by stopping being sheep!

The non aligned TEA PARTY stands up for AMERICA, will never compromise, and only backs INDEPENDENT candidates who believe in GOD and small fiscal government!

The TEA PARTY hereby DISAVOWS Dick Armey's Tea Party Express, Gingrich and their paid impostors, CATO lobbyists and Democrats waiting in the wings.

The TEA PARTY hereby VOWS to eliminate the last remains of the false GOP in the trash-bin and then begin tossing every last DEMOCRAT out of office!!!