Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The new breadwinner in the family...

The new breadwinner in the

emergency room physician told me that a woman in
her late 20's came to the ER today with her
8thpregnancy.She told
the first doctor she saw: "My Mama told me that
I am the
breadwinner for the family.
" He asked
her to explain. She said that she can make
babies, and babies get money from the State for
the family. It goes like this:The Grandma calls the Department of Child &
Family Services, and states that the unemployed
daughter is not capable of caring for all of her
kids.DCFS agrees, and tells her the children will need
to go into foster care.
The Grandma then
volunteers to be the foster
and receives a check for
$1500 per child each month in
Illinois .
Total yearly income:$144,000
tax-free and nobody
has to go to work!
fact, they get more if there is
husband/father/man in the home!Not
to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a
monthly card entitling them to free groceries
and a voucher for 250 free Obamaphone minutes
each month. This does not include WIC and other
welfare benefits...that they are "entitled" to.

was correct that her fertile daughter is the

for the family.

This is how the liberal
politicians spend our tax dollars. When this
generous program was invented in the '60s, the
Great Society architects forgot to craft
an end date...
and now we are hopelessly
overrun with people who vote only for those who
will continue to keep them on the dole....No wonder our country is broke!
Worse, the Muslims have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country within 25 years. Read the above again, until it sinks in, and then ask yourself if your Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America !!!Are You alarmed yet?  Is anybody listening?

what...?Don't forget to payyour
are a lot of "breadwinners"
depending on


Anonymous said...

How can this country be broke when they just keep printing the stuff out of thin air. Excuse me, they don't even bother to print it anymore. They just type some numbers into a computer somewhere and wallah; a gazillion dollars. And for those who think it is their tax dollars at work; wake up! Your tax dollars only go to pay the, so called, interest on the, so called, debt created by the FED with no congressional authorization, what-so-ever. So there is no national debt; it belongs to the corporation, not to We the People. We didn't create it; they did. And since it came out of thin air they can just send it back into thin air. Poof, it's gone. Instant, so called, debt forgiveness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"...mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children..."

Uh, what? Somebody must've failed to give that memo to the Muslims in Iran, where the average number of kids per family is only 2, or the Muslims in Turkey, or Lebanon, or America, or just about anywhere else.

Also, a larger percentage of impoverished people (some estimates put it at up to 61%) receiving welfare and other handouts are rural whites rather than urban blacks/hispanics. Does anyone have any sort of defense or explanation for this? Say the words 'welfare queen' and everyone envisions a black woman popping out babies, but in reality blacks don't even come close to making up the majority of those on the receiving end of government handouts. This is an important thing to remember, since a lot of anti-welfare 'arguments' are tinged with racial tension and implications.

Sorry, just a bit of real talk. It's nice to keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, but what you say is totally's word play! OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING SOMEWHERE, AND IT ISN'T INTO OUR POCKET!

Anonymous said...

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic

Anonymous said...

Also, if anyone wants real numbers and statistics to look at, check out the (very in-depth) breakdown on this blog:

I'm not sure if posting links to other sites is allowed or not. Sorry if it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Herald the end of the Republic; are you serious? The Republic has been gone for a couple of centuries now. Where have you been? And, as for your tax dollars going somewhere; that's only if you pay the extortion known as the income tax. If everybody stopped paying it, do you think they could prosecute everybody and lock them all up? I think not. Just stop paying them; quit feeding the beast.