Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Removing The Shackles- updates on Hurricane Sandy - Who's Lying?

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Removing The Shackles- updates on Hurricane Sandy - Who's Lying?
Posted By: Maryhrt [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 31-Oct-2012 11:45:44

Are people being set up here?? Did they find photos in the archives to use here to make things look worse than they are?? Have they mostly cut the power to these people to make things appear worse than they actually are?? In time, we will know all these answers..but we will get them before election time??
Obama declairs major disaster for New York and Long Island
NYSE is NOT flooded!
Interesting flash meteorological maps- play with the different maps and the speed of the flash- i'm not a meteorologist, but it looks to me like there is some interesting things happening at the slowed down speeds.
a few more of the same type maps to compare here:
As I posted earlier this morning, someone sent to Greenpoint subway, which apparently was being reported on the news as being flooded, and the policewoman in the station verifies to the questioner that the station was never flooded. Business Insider News has an article yesterday about Hoboken PATH station being flooded:
Frankenstorm: Is it Live, or is it Memorex?
Posted: 30 Oct 2012 06:13 AM PDT
Well.... where I am, up in Great Lakes area near Erie, we are getting hit with heavy winds with gusts that are rattling the windows. And rain, but not much of that. So I can attest that where I am the weather is definitely cold and nasty.
An anonymous commenter sent me a link to the live cam at Times Square:
I have been checking it since 6am est (sleep is my nemesis) and while it's obviously damp, a few puddles here and there, there is no water running in the streets, no flooding. The flags are not ripping in the wind, people are now walking around, calmly sauntering along- not struggling in the wind, no one's coat is flapping, no one's hat is blowing off, and it's obviously not raining at the moment.
Then there is the live feed of the storm watch on The Weather Network. I've attempted to embed the feed here, if it doesn't work here is the link:
They are showing constant clips of raging snow storms, house fires, ambulances with sirens blaring, trees down, water flooding down streets.... with a litany of reporters talking about giant waves washing ashore, and how bad it all was. Reporting electrical outages in NY. Various mayors and government officials asking for a declaration of "disaster".
This adventurous person went for a wander around Brooklyn last night around 11pm:


Anonymous said...

Bernnecke has just announced that the destruction of the NYC CON ED facility from Hurricane Sandy has destroyed the vaults containing Germany's gold reserves and the vaults were not insured.

SHADES OF 911! The vaults under the World Trade Center supposedly destroyed the underground vaults that contained the Royal Dragon Family gold on loan to the US Government, which was later recovered at Fort Dix by Interpol Agents sent by the World Court.

Anonymous said...

NYSE is NOT flooded! This is a fault statement my brother lives in NY and they are flooded and they lost power the night of the storm.

Anonymous said...

This writer is the problem with his lies. New York is flooded. The station he mention..Greenport is in Connecticut,
not New York. This is more lies to try and turn people against our President and Fema who will be the ones who
help these people. God do not like ugly and he will open your eyes with KARMA.

Anonymous said...

How is this lies? Greenpoint is in Brooklyn, and that's a NYPD officer who are stationed is the subways. I know this because I'm from Brooklyn NY! This is all lies and propaganda people. This administration once said 'never let a crisis go to waste' the words of former chief of staff, Rahm Emmunal. And they're surly using this crisis to their advantage.