Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 10/30/2012

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 10/30/2012
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Date: Tuesday, 30-Oct-2012 18:47:08

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 10/30/2012
1 Lamat, 16 Tzec, 9 Eb
Selamat Jarin! We return! Much continues to happen around your globe. New governments are preparing their personnel, and announcements are to come quite shortly. Also, several financial institutions are busy preparing to convert the present fiat system to gold. These changes signal that a new fiscal system is ready to replace the old. Since the end of World War I in 1918, the switch to a fiat currency was introduced surreptitiously at first and then gathered increasing momentum with the huge panic of 1929. This led quickly to a massive depression that was used by those in charge around your world to foment World War II. This great conflagration was created to bring America globally to the forefront and to be the reason behind the decades-long Cold War that followed. In this way, the illuminoids and their Anunnaki masters laid the fertile groundwork that was intended to be the means to overthrow the various edicts set up by Heaven when Atlantis fell. As you now know, these dark momentums are failing fast, and Heaven is bringing in her new reality for your world.
The last few decades have not gone as the illuminoids had so arrogantly assumed. Heaven was working incessantly to bring forth a new reality, in which Earth's humanity would be able to return to its former fully conscious condition. As part of this goal, Heaven sent a vast first-contact fleet to this solar system and this move was then serendipitously aided by the sudden change of heart of Anchara's dark continuum when it joined the forces of Light. These events transformed the landscape and charted a new primary path for Gaia's future. This meant that the dark cabal's elaborate schemes for total global domination began to unravel fast. The Light's agenda was further favored by the multiple collapse of all alternate timelines for this planet into one, which was in essence that of the Light. Predictably, the illuminoids lost no time in throwing all they had into staunching the encroaching plans of the Light. But the dark received another setback when several of the now-peaceable Anunnaki returned to offer their wisdom and assistance in service to the Light! The Galactic Federation and its allies were forming quite an effective conglomerate to counter the ongoing stratagems of Earth's dark ruling families.
Indeed, the end of the dark's 13-millennia-long hegemony on Earth was looming. The major royal illuminoid families deeply believed, partially out of habit, that their latest plans to maintain dominance would succeed. However, now a series of sudden reversals had plummeted them into an angry sea which threw up one setback after another. At first this did not faze them because in the past such incidents had always been easily resolved by their major leadership. But for the first time this leadership's skill and derring-do was not working as before and it was at a loss. Major moves were being contested and the dark's puppet governments that usually stopped such goings-on were being challenged by a combination of spiritually oriented wealthy royals and various powerful secret societies. These forces had loosely coalesced under a leadership that had direct contact with Ascended Masters and the Inner Earth Agarthans. Also, the dark's hitherto 'supreme' advanced technology was being stymied and trumped by the technology of the Galactic Federation.
These deepening dilemmas were further compounded by the enormous amount of wealth available to this coalition of the Light. The dark's familiar superiority in all these areas was gone and the playing field on Earth was leveled for the first time. Outmaneuvered on all fronts, it was just a matter of time before the dark was compelled to give up its 'charges' and let an unprecedented transformation of surface humanity take place. After all, the complex goals of the Light are under the aegis of no less a power than Heaven and AEON, and because the illuminoids had chosen to stand out against the tide of Heavenly change, their time to 'pay the piper' for their transgressions was at hand. This reversal of fortune is now clear for all to see, and the dark's ruling structures are baffled by the speed with which such a massive shift toward the Light had happened. Thus we arrive at this watershed moment in your history. Our sacred allies stand poised to bring you your freedom, your sovereignty, your prosperity, and a return of your space and spiritual families.
Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more information. Our many associates are busy engaged with our Inner Earth allies to manifest a new reality. Nearly two and a half centuries ago, a special committee was formed whose main purpose was to bring into being a variety of movements to spread the ideals of liberty and personal sovereignty around the globe. Our intent was to use these emergent momentums to create the energy for what would become a new epoch of freedom for the world. These concepts would also form the foundation of a spiritual renaissance that looked beyond 'religion' to a new contract between the Creator and surface humanity. Many nations have been born since this spiritual committee came into existence, and our intent remains to continue pushing forward with our broad-based tasks to produce the realm of Light so eloquently laid out by the Creator's decrees.
It is this requisite for a new foundation for humanity's growing consciousness that so zestfully drives us. The dark cabal and its former off-world masters, the Anunnaki, established a number of cleverly adulterated and recast belief systems intended to fractionate and permit massive manipulation of the world's populace. Our fervent objective is to reverse this travesty, and show by example how all of this nonsense can be returned to source and its effects quickly rectified. True spirituality leads to an acceptance of all, and to a collective will to unite with all peoples of this realm. The validity of these divine truths is what we dearly wish to communicate to you. To this end we have set in motion a way for us to shortly walk freely among you and teach you our truths. We have so much collective wisdom to share with you, and we look forward with great joy to doing this.
Gaia is in the throes of a most difficult series of changes and she wishes you to know that these changes are being carried out well below the optimum level of intensity required. Indeed, many 'more normal' changes are also happening well below the level she prefers. A timetable is in effect and it is essential that certain changes be done in a more concerted and speedy manner. We have made our associates understand that these present times demand action! Heaven and we have blessed these transformations and we intend to do our part in ensuring that these prescribed changes go forward as planned. Our sacred word has been given to Gaia and to our sacred cohorts. This time is to be the moment when the great sword of Heaven rises up and sets to right all that has become disordered and wayward on this most long-suffering Being called Gaia and in this battle-scarred solar system!
Today we brought you another weekly message, explaining what is happening on your globe. These communiqu├ęs are intended to inform you and to prepare you for what is to come. Your realm is to change, and to do so "in the twinkling of an eye"! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization


Anonymous said...

After reading this you have to come to the conclusion that there is no end in sight.

Certainly not by the Nov 4th drop dead date.

There have been no arrests and no disclosure.

Does anyone see any changes going on anywhere in the world ?

No countries have received any money because they are all still in dire straits.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...I know we keep hearing week after week after week that we are "on the edge--it is here--live a GREAT LIFE--help mankind--create new things, help science and technology" BUT!! "IF" there is ever the right time it would seem to NEED to be NOW. Look at the REAL humanatarian work we can do NOW. Right here in our own county....REVELATIONS just seems to be getting closer and closer. All the natural disasters happening around us and all the work we could do to help our fellow people.
I feel SO helpless that I have NO money to help myself, let alone all those who have lost EVERYTHING..in hurricanes Sandy, Irene, Katrina, and all other catastratic events over the last few years. We havent even gotten Katrina and New Orleans back yet and look whats happened since. Where is all the money gone that was to help those people???? I want to see proof of whats become of it all....sure not enough homes rebuilt YET to justify all that was collected and now here we are again.
What happened and prove this to us where all the money from gambling went that was to make our schools number ONE???!!! We are SERIOUSLY lacking in the education statistics of the world. I am so disappointed in what has happened an been allowed to happen in our schools and how teachers are treated.
Politicians are continueing to slam each other and NOT show us what they are truely going to do to help this country. Maybe we NEED TO have done to government what corporations do to us LITTLE people....lets just CLEAN HOUSES and get STRONG BACKBONED young eagar new tech people in there that WANT AND CAN work together for the good of the country. I hate to say I am losing faith in the STRONG USA. We can't get together and agree about hardly anything anymore except how it is going to help THEIR pockets.
HERE'S A CHALLENGE!!!!!! How about all Washington staff all GIVE UP their big paychecks, insurances, expense accounts, homes, vacation homes, cars, etc, etc, etc and learn to live like most of us on less than $20,000 a year live and LEARN how to balance a budget that does NOT allow enough to pay for a place to live, food, meds NEEDED, dr visits, transportation that breaks down...that is IF the banks aren't taking everything away from you... and insurance, etc. They need to live this lifestyle for a couple of years to EVEN begin to understand what MOST of the American people struggle through everyday. Only then would they truely FIX our systems...I know it could be done and look at ALL the money that would be saved toward deficiet.
Unemployment numbers are a joke...once you fall out of the system due to NO jobs available that is supposedly making the numbers look good are great for the numbers game BUT what about those of us who have NOTHING coming in cus in the real world...NO ONE CARES. And then figure out where you are going to live because SOMEONE is offended about HOMELESS CAMPS, because we have to help take of each other there...HOPEFULLY....as there is no where to go. LIVE WITH THAT FEAR...NO WHERE TO GO.. and then wonder why murder-suicides are so high.
I want to believe so very much that all our prOgrams are here and we will see GREAT changes and we will be able to help BUT we really need to as they say in the business world...GET IT DONE EXEPEDIOUSLY...this going on week after week after week with another issue, problem, paper work to be re-signed has to be close to a resolution. When I worked this would NEVER DO..your job was on the line. I understand this is a MAJOR undertaking but come on...REALLY???

Anonymous said...

Here,here! I totally agree with what is being said. Have we not had enough of the promises and the soon to be in place....now its "shortly"
It has been a big stall from the beginning...I too want to believe that we are going to get our just deserts...prosperity...change in government...arrests of the bad guys...etc. All we have been faced with is more disregard for our suffering ...no indication of a timeline....more cabal upheavels....disasters aplenty. Come on you extraterrestrials....who have the power to make bring a resolution to our unhappiness in our present situations!! Let's get the show on the road!!!!

Anonymous said...

You say "Today we brought you another weekly message, explaining what is happening on your globe."
I see nothing new here. Same lame rhetoric. If you are what you say you are, then...why is nothing happening?