Monday, October 29, 2012

We are all well aware that Hollywood tells us much of what is, has or will happen. There are many examples: Matrix, ET, Independence Day, Nanny McPhee, etc.
A lot of hype has come with Revolution. Revolution is a fart in a hurricane compared to Last Resort.
Back in the 20’s or 30’s the government went to Hollywood and gained some agreement to curtail any movies or shows that were negative to the government. Some may remember the Keystone Cops that had the cops looking like a bunch of clowns.
Enter Last resort. The first time I watched it my jaw was on the floor. I have a hard time believing this show is on the air. There must be some gents in fatigues in some Hollywood office making a producer “a deal he can’t refuse”.
I suggest you watch it. It is on ABC Thursday at 8:00 PM. You can watch previous episodes at I suggest you start from the first episode. (Voice of experience.) Watch each twice, once to enjoy it and once to get the more subdued nuances. In it you will see: false flags, DC coup on the military, our military attacking our military, honor and, of course, the required honey or two. You may even catch when an admiral says, “I have half of the joint chiefs ready to take this president out by force.” (White Knights?)
I don’t believe much of what I read. What I do though is look at as many pieces of the puzzle that I can and attempt to see the picture emerging. When something like this shows up I always ask two questions: 1. Why this? 2. Why now?
After you watch it and get caught up to date, you might consider: The con job of taking out Bin Ladin; The murder of Seal team 6; The kill lists and drone strikes; The firing of Admiral Gaouette and General Ham not to mention the whole Benghazi fiasco.
Last Resort is about a submarine. Many of you will have some difficulty relating to the culture on a sub. Life aboard a boat is unlike anything, anywhere else. That makes the show a bit difficult to grab for many. I am an x-submariner. If you have questions about life on the boats please put them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. Other submariners are invited to chime in. Because you have five shows to catch up, I am asking John to nudge this up front every once in a while especially if some questions show up.
What does it mean? I don’t know. I know something is going on. I have three scenarios in mind: 1. We all get killed. 2. We get the republic and freedom back. 3. We get the republic and freedom back but it will not last long because Yellowstone or something else will blow its cork.
Why this? Why now?
Think about it.


Anonymous said...

"Why this? Why now?"

Because the civil war is between the "ELITE" with the Obama / AIPAC faction taking out the Federal Reserve faction to make it their empire.

BARAQ OBAMA is the Anti Christ God.

He has no opposition and any third party candidate will be 1/3 behind his votes.

Also, none of you can have real freedom while inside the Matrix.

Understand your battle between Military generals inside the Matrix is all for naught.

The Federal Reserve will remain in a lighter form and continue to keep many of you especially Hollywood as its slaves.

You are designated "COLLATERAL" since birth, look up the enabling act.

Those of us who are Freemen now understand this as we have exited the Matrix - and nearly completely left the Matrix.

Which is also the only escape for any of you, and I do mean any one of you who is desiring a different result.

The truth is it is all done "Voluntarily" by contract, the life you chose....and you voluntarily chose the life/liabilities when you were born and accepted the Birth Certificate.

You cannot renege on those liabilities.

However, upon fully discharging yourself from the system you can permanently be left alone by them and build your OWN South Dakota has...separate from Washington D.C. to the point you never want to look upon a debt note again.

I understand it very clearly.
You chose to accept Debt Notes voluntarily.
Thus you chose suppression, oppression, treason and legal fiction by your silent choice...and the privileges of "Shopping" to come with it.

The rest of us did not choose debt notes.
We therefore will not fight your war at all.
We'll go off and build our own society, since that is the only thing that will last.

Anonymous said...

I think the 'Why This/Now?'about this TV Series is the same as the answer to all of the other movies/t.v. shows, and that is to show us what's BEEN going on.

There has been so much going on that when it finally appears in our faces it will take ALMOST TWO WEEKS of running 24/7 on every mode of communication.

This one in particular tells me right off the cuff that it is to let us know that we do have military that WILL stand up for what's right and humane no matter what the cost.

That is what they signed up for whether or not they believed it would ever come to it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 29, 2012 6:35 PM
However, upon fully discharging yourself from the system you can permanently be left alone by them and build your OWN South Dakota has...

more info please

Anonymous said...

I agree, awesome show! I saw the previews and made a point to watch, mainly because I like the actor that plays Capt. Marcus Chaplin (interesting choice for a name). It didn't take long and I was hooked.

The bankster cabal is used to absolute control via our military. They will not go down with attempting a fight. However, it will be circumvented and/or in the end they will lose.

I believe Last Resort is prophetic. Meaning it is portraying what could happen or what the cabal hoped won't happen, as a line gets drawn in the sand and the whole thing going public. Even if ALL the details aren't known, enough will be - to open their Pandora's box. We win.

When things go public it's bad for politicians, the media, and especially the puppet-master cabal. When things go truly public, accountability is inevitable. We win.

Some say that the powers that be are under some unwritten law to inform the public of what they are doing, albeit often in a subtle, coded, subliminal way. I believe that is what Last Resort represents. They are tipping their hand.

Once they have fulfilled their 'obligation', I predict that the show will develop to where those who represent the powers that be will ultimately win.

I don't think so... not this time... not in the real-life version!

We win.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing just how much history has been twisted, lied about and stolen from people. Also, there is nothing the power elite can do as they have run away from South Dakota etc's "Sovereignty" resolution with their tails between their legs:

Basically, you can voluntarily remove yourself from the whole game rigged scam. But only if you do it the right and lawful way in remedy. Otherwise, "THEY" will destroy you as slave.

Anonymous said...

Reviewing the shows again Who are they really trying to silence? The sub for refusing a direct order to fire on Pakistan, when they received a bogus? order and stood down, or are they after the seal team that they had picked up in the ocean? As the one member of the seal team was watching the missles fired on Pakistan he was crying and later talking to his buddy, they both said they had taken out the wrong target.This seal team Knows more than they are letting on. so I ask you, what botched secret mission were they on, and how is it connected to what happened in Pakistan; And what happened to the sub.(Fired on by their own ships.) Why did they get the command to fire from somewhere else instead of Washington? Ahh the plot thickens.
I give kudos for the Caption for not firing and for standing firm.In all the situations he faced afterwards Even relieved of his command. Kill everyone there silence them all... <unsaid words.You don't exist anymore the U. S. people think you are dead anyways. Well that sure opened up alot of eyes , if we were to leave and go home, well maybe in a body bag..

Are the two women the Xo's wife and the maker of the prototype the White Knights, both trying to find out the truth about who is behind this conspiracy... It's not good to have two pissed off women that are fighting the same cause to get together, they both have bats and someone is going to get it.. Woman's way of saying hey you have gone to far. We DON'T believe you..and heads are going to roll...Sorry Jim had to throw that in...
Will we win? Maybe for awhile, Peace and Safety the Bible says then udder destruction..
This movie tells of corruption and conspiracy of our government,and that no one matters to them except Self .This is OUR GOVERNMENT? The fall from within,the manipulation of the American people who believe everything they are told, so they can be led to their demise with their eyes closed till it is to late.. this movie is trying to awaken some of them.