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This is a Repeat Posting Because It Is So Good - LOVE IT!

As always, I wish ya'll ( you and yours) a good day.

From reading the recent posts of Mr. Fulford, Tom Heneghan, Mr. McBride and the Iraqi Dinar folks, it appears our freedom may be just around the corner. Because of that, the blind dealer returns to Vegas and plays these cards. These suggestions are based upon the recent posting of Matthew Ward which indicate things will change a little slower than we expect. I disregarded the recent post by Greg Giles as I believe it is not his post. I just hope he is still alive.  

(1) The Pentagon Good Guys should tell every freedom fighter to not use the words "martial law" as those words invoke certain thoughts that  have been instilled in our minds for years if not decades. The gals and guys with their boots on the ground are "Freedom Fighters" whom are merely on a "peacekeeping mission".

(2)  It is my understanding that as a result of the NESARA/Farmers Claim Case, many experts in different fields were brought together to determine how to rebuild at least a part of our society. I/We should review their suggestions and maybe get these experts involved again if they are still with us and so desire. Even an explanation of their decisions would help.

(3) I am going to assume that patriotic forces worldwide know the banks and accounts holding the funds of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bushes. I am going to assume these accounts/funds will be frozen automatically. This will cut off some of the funds for their worker ants.  I am also going to assume patriotic forces worldwide know or have a good idea where any stolen gold is located. If not, we will soon find out and the gold will be recovered for the rightful owners. Everyone wants to play by their rules; it is my personal opinion that since they have broken their own rules, so should we.  Enough of their bullshit. They do not deserve any respect whatsoever for what they have done to the world. Also, we are in a situation our world has never faced, so there are no rules which impede the deliverance of freedom and justice. 

(4) Once their funds have been cut off, many of their worker ants will jump ship. At that time, we will be able to determine where military action is needed and how quickly US bases may be closed. If China, Russia and the USA can tell the different tribes/religious factions of the Middle East what gifts are in store, that may help relieve discord among these groups.

(5)  I would like to see a listing of all government agencies and their purpose. It appears that the heads of most of these agencies will need to be replaced immediately. The revered of the Rothshild once made a suggestion to have the corrupted leaders in the banking/financial industry replaced by promoting decent people within the organization. I think this idea should be applied to all areas. I think this will allow a smoother transition.

(6) As for the FDA, I think this agency should be divided. One agency for food/food supply and one for prescription medications.

(7) As for our farmers/food suppliers, I/We will need to see the following:
     (a) State by State, the crops grown and acreage/expected production;
     (b) I/We will want to talk to the farmers with very large acreage so I/We can determine their needs;
     (c) For those areas hit by the drought where crops can be saved now, the use of HAARP to supply rainfall;
     (d) The suppliers of organic or ecofriendly fertilizer for their inventory as well as expected production;
     (e) The suppliers of natural seeds for their inventory as well as expected production;
     (f)  For the traditional farmers, I think we should allow them to follow what they have been taught;
     (g) For the organic farmers capable of producing large quantities of food from small acreage enclosed farms, I think we should
          do whatever is necessary to increase the number of enclosed farms to meet demand;
     (h) I/We should talk to Erasmus about his industrial food processing invention as soon as possible. I would appreciate the
          Pentagon Good Guys requesting Erasmus to keep his presentation concise and to the point as I/We will be making many
           decisions at warp speed;  
     (i) The executives at Monsanto are immeditely arrested and replaced. All GMO seeds are discarded;
     (j) All Monsanto pesticides are removed from the market;
    (k) All GMO foods are removed from the market. Today there is a posting of the list on Mr. MacHaffies' site, please make sure it is
     (l) I/We will need to know if the miracle water from Istanbul would be beneficial for our crops.

(8) As for our prescription medications:
     (a) The company executives are immediately arrested and replaced;
     (b) The honest scientists in the field will immediately advise us which prescription medications are actually helpful;
     (c) All prescription medications which are harmful will be removed from the market or citizens will be told to take only 1/2 of the
           pill or dosage if possible;
     (d) Those experts knowledgeable in natural cures will provide a list of the conditions and natural products which have proven to be
            the most beneficial in treating the condition;
     (e) Since the gentleman involved in NaturalNews.com has been active in trying to educate the public, I think he should be one of the
           experts we contact for assistance.

(9) As for pollution of our planet:
     (a) I/We will need to know all products/processes for cleaning our air, water and land;
     (b) I/We will need to know all areas with the most pollution of the air with photos;
     (c) I/We will need to know all areas with the most pollution/most dangerous pollution of our waters with photos;
     (d) I/We will need to know all areas with the most pollution/most dangerous pollution of our land with photos;
     (e) Mr. Fulford has brought up the product zeolite on several occasions and I/We will need to know the factories producing this
           product and their production  time/quantities;
      (f) I/We will need to know the other factories which could be brought online to assist in the production of zeolite; 
     (g) I/We will need to know  about the miracle water from Istanbul and how the water may assist in the removal/reduction of
     (h) If I am not mistaken, I remember reading a post on Ms Rayelan Allen's site about a product/process that was very effective in
           reducing radioactivity, so I/We will need to know of that product/process.   

(10) As for the SEC, CFTC and OITC, the top executives are to be arrested and replaced immediately. Again, we will promote decent people from within these organizations. As I stated years ago, I believe we need teams to constantly monitor the activity of the larger companies trading in these areas.

(11) We will need the Pentagon Good Guys to educate us on the miracle sonic healing cures and how quickly any device can be manufactured and/or duplicated and the technology introduced.

(12) We will need the Pentagon Good Guys to educate us on the medical technology which replaces lost limbs and what devices are used in the procedures so they may be manufactured and/or duplicated,  how more laboratories can be brought online and the technology introduced. 

(13) We will need to know if the Pentagon Good Guys have any medical technology for skin grafting for burn victims which is much more advanced than presently available. If so, we will need to know what devices are needed to be manufactured and/or duplicated, how other laboratories can be brought online and the technology introduced.  As the Pentagon Good Guys know, J. R. Martinez is one of my heroes and he deserves first shot among our wounded warriors. He will be even more of an inspiration to burn victims in our military as well as around the world.  

(14) We will need the Pentagon Good Guys to educate us on the free energy devices the Pentagon has available and how these differ from any other current devices, including those of the Keshe Foundation.  In any event, I/We will need to know the factories available to produce the devices and how quickly other factories can be brought online. 

(15) As for education, I believe we should gather the finest experts/educators in America to rebuild our educational system. We will need those in early childhood development, elementary school development, middle school development and high school development. I would suggest we gather at least 30 of the finest in each of these areas. Since the Pentagon Good Guys have indicated the most effective decision making group is 6 to 9 individuals, the 30 will nominate the 9 and will also review recommendations of the 9 to see if anything further can be added. 

(16) If I remember correctly, one of the postings of Mr. Wilcock indicated the Pentagon Good Guys already possess replicators. If this is correct, then I/We will need to know how many and if the replicators come in different sizes. I wonder if one replicator can actually produce another replicator. If there are different sizes, can the larger replicator produce several smaller ones at one time. If so, how many.

(17) For any groups selected to rebuild our Earth and our society, they will stay at the finest seaside resorts and will be pampered beyond belief. The finest chefs and personal attention. They will work through the week and be given the weekend off to enjoy and re-energize.
Since their job is so important to our future and the future of our children, they deserve the perks.

(18) The Pentagon Good Guys should start contacting artists for the design of a medal and removable patch (magnets I guess) for all those that took part in the Second American Revolution/First World Wide Revolution. My suggestion is a fleur de lei (fancy cross) in yellow gold surrounded by burgundy.

(19) I/We will need a vast supply of footballs for those selected to rebuild our Earth as well as our society. Each group will be given a football and told that, for our children, we expect "Touchdown Jesus".

(20) For all our children, which includes my two, my personal thanks to the following people/organizations:
        (a) Christine Lagarde and the warriors of the IMF
        (b) The warriors of American/European Intelligence especially those providing info to Mr. Heneghan (I just love his writing)
        (c) The warriors of Interpol    
        (d) The warriors of the UST
        (e) The warriors of the IRS whom are freezing the accounts of W
        (f)  Greg Giles and I pray he is still with us
        (g) Thomas McBride and Peter Howell
        (h)  Eric Schneiderman and his crew of junkyard dogs (sic 'em)
        (i)  Shelden Nidle and his crew
        (j)  Mike Quinsley  
        (k) Neil Keenan and his family. I hope all are well. Mr. Keenan: You are one helluva junkyard dog, that's for sure.
         (l)  If I am not mistaken, Keith Scott and Winston Shrout have been assisting Mr. Keenan
        (m) American patriot Drake
         (n) Bix Weir

(21) From Mr. Fulford's latest post, it appears many groups are arguing over who owns what gold. If the gold was stolen, it will be recovered and returned to the rightful owner. If necessary, it is my understanding that through the science of alchemy, base metals can be transformed to gold and silver. If necessary, then that's what we'll do. I humbly request these groups work together and focus on the primary goal at this time, which is the complete and utter destruction of the cabal.

        When the hell is somebody going to come and pick my damn ass up?

I think that is enough for now. Of course, more will be forthcoming.

May Father Bless And Protect All Of You--Especially The Warriors With Their Boots On The Ground
Bill Porter
Team Earth--Teammate Stars And Stripes  

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Anonymous said...

Who cares who owns the Gold??

Does Leo Wanta own the gold? No! And definitely not Nidle and the rest of his galactic disinfo agents, it is clear they do not own any of it.

The Gold was stolen from the U.S. Treasury generations ago and that is where it has to be returned, all of that Gold belongs to the American people and the cabal stole all of it.

By stealing all of it they also stole the Justice System, so better destroy the Gold fringe flag and toss out half of these treasonous Judges off the bench.

Immediate priority should be on returning the Gold: RIGHT AWAY, followed by incarceration of all the terrible, horrible vermin doing these things to people.

To prove to anyone that actions are being taken and not BS spread all over the web, the Military needs to shut down the HAARP right now in ten states. To prove there is no chem trails.

Then make the media broadcast that there is no chem trails in these states and cover this incident nation wide, I would say the toxicity of the air matters to most people?

That is the only way most people will believe any of this, is shut off the chem trails. Do it and do it now.