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     "Ignorance of Scripture of ignorance of Christ. - St. Jerome (c. 342-420), translator Vulgate Bible.
     " I have always suggested, and will not stop suggesting, that you not only heed what is said in church, but always constantly occupy yourself in reading the Divine Scriptures at home." St. John Chrysostom (c. 347-407), Bishop of Constantinople and 'Doctor of the Church.'
     A historical note here. In the early Christian churches they had committees of copyists to copy the Scriptures, etc. The Apostle Paul turned his writings over to one of these church committees of copyists and soon his writings later incorporated into the New Testament were mass sent out throughout the Roman Empire to other Christian churches. They did't have our modern printing presses, but the Scriptures were still available to church members when they wanted to read these at home. The Roman Catholic Church did not make a mistake in teaching of doctrine, but did make a mistake in Apostolic policy set up by the first Apostles when for a time they tried to block the ordinary Christians from reading the Scriptures. Their stated reason was the people were not trained to read the Scriptures and so might fall in heresy if they read things they could not understand. While the argument was potentially valid, still it violated the policy willed by God that all should be allowed to study the Scriptures if they wanted to. So God slapped the Catholic Church with Martin Luther who was right before God to push that the Bible should be available to all Christians and written in their language so they could read it. Martin Luther was not right in all his stands, but in this case, he stood for the original Apostolic policy towards Scriptures and the Catholic Church by bad logic argued itself out of a binding Apostolic policy set up by the first Apostles of Jesus Christ. I always respect the truth. The Roman Catholic Church headquartered at Rome was founded by the Apostles Peter and Paul. I read the ancient records and this is true. But now I step on toes a bit! What became the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church was originally also founded by Peter when Bishop of Antioch before moving to and becoming Bishop of Rome. Also, Paul had founded much of the Christian churches in the Eastern half of the Roman Empire and they joined with the churches founded or else headed by Peter to establish the Eastern half of the Catholic Church which originally in Latin Catholic meant "Universal Church." I don't recognize that Peter could symbolically excommunicate Peter and so state when both sides can swallow their pride a bit, it is time to iron out a few differences and find out how to create common, sound ground with Protesters we now call Protestants,  and let's finally recreate the unified Catholic Church again that Jesus wanted on earth and had founded on earth.
     Some secret federal operatives of probably C.I.A. have according to evidence tried a desperate fight to try and block me from winning the support of the American people for passage of my proposed Omni Law to end corruption in Wash., D.C. and launch booming prosperity for the American economy.
With another person with me, we watched a fierce fight going on trying to block me from sending my Oct. 27 report to Nesara News on propaganda tactics, the right stand on race issues, and why we should not allow Obama to be reelected to the White House. As well known, there is computer technology so they can read a report being prepared on the internet before it is sent and did they ever put up a fight trying to block me from sending that report to Nesara News! It seems obvious that they are scared to death of me and also frankly scared to death of Nesara News now! They figure we are reaching too much of the nation with the truth and they don't like that! We pulled an unorthodox maneuver they did not anticipate how we shook them off and then sent off the report. We had no time to proofread it as they were trying to destroy the report but we outflanked them and got it successfully to Nesara News where it was posted Oct. 27 for all of America and nations abroad to see. 
     Then last night I was talking over a private phone line I normally don't use to keep it more private. I was talking with a businessman who financed one project with $25 million and giving him detailed information on my father's Vatican endorsed trade secret food process and some other industrial processes I wanted to establish in America to become world industries and started from my Camelot Project to be set up in America in 2013 if we can meet our schedule. This businessman was no fool and told me of the secret federal policy to murder or else legally frame any inventor who comes up with a gas mileage system increasing gas mileage by 30% or  higher in America. He told me of a number of fantastic industrial processes that would skyrocket the American economy and create millions of new jobs, but Wash., D.C. secretly did not want these for America. Wash., D.C. by secret policy under Obama was heavily sabotaging the American economy to hold it down and block the creation of massively more jobs in America. I had been telling him of a list of industries I could give to America through the Camelot Project and telling them in detail did not notice at first the silence on the other end of the phone line. Then I realized the jackass apparent C.I.A. had done it again! Over the last two years and maybe more, when I would talk on a powerful subject over the phone to someone in another state, the phone line would go silent, but not dead. This was to try and trick me that the person was still on the line. But when calling the person at the other end when finally reaching him, then we both found out a third party likely C.I.A. had cut our phone line but instead of a signal to let you know that your phone call was cut off, you had this electronically imposed silence that would make you think the person was still on the line. This was attempted censorship of the phone line under the Obama Administration. Dumb me! I actually thought we had freedom of speech in America under the Bill of Rights to discuss affairs of the nation, government, etc., potential scientific discoveries and new engineering developments, etc. The person at the other end of the phone line suddenly hearing this silence also would think that I was still just listening and so would not talk back. But when we would call each other back, we found that someone else had tried to play dirty tricks with both of us over the phone line.
      In my Oct. 27, 2012 report I mentioned I probably had a good weather control system that in this case might have prevented Superstorm Sandy from threatening the East Coast from North Carolina through New York, New Jersey, etc. This report posted with Nesara News was "Propaganda Tactics, Race, and Other Issues In Christianity From Erasmus Of America (my pen name)." On Page 4, I said, "I have German ultimate weapon technology from World War II which can be modified and used to control and turn around weather..." If Wash., D.C. had not used all its dirty tricks to try and block me earlier from establishing my Camelot Project in America, I might have had the weather control system and operational that might have saved the East Coast from mass threat, financial damage, etc. that it is now facing! The price of not backing the good with the answers that America needs is that the wicked will then reign and punish America with their wickedness, stupidity, and corruptness misusing the power of the nation to harm instead of help America when it is needed. If the widely reported on H.A.A.R.P. weather control system in Alaska is not used to stop superstorms like this, then two questions arise. "Is it able to stop superstorms like this? If not, then what value is it?" And, "Is the Superstorm Sandy the opening warning from God that America is not right with God at this time?"
     When my Camelot Project is built, I propose building the biggest and most beautiful cathedral in the world there. It will help create a very "Camelot" image to the area, but in reality, it will also be a gathering place for Christians to come together and learn how to be the reborn united Church of Christ as Jesus originally intended when He prayed to His Father that we might all (the Christians) be one even as Jesus and His Father were one. But I want some modern engineering tactics used so it can be built swiftly, not taking decades, but with the Gothic appearance of the Middle Ages to it. I want this Camelot to have the best research and development center in the world to advance science and engineering for America and the entire world,  I want it to be beautiful and cultural such as with beautiful gardens, museums, libraries, pretty medieval store buildings for the Camelot theme, but carry modern electrical appliances and everything else that people want, and I have a marketing system I already tested out years ago how to powerfully launch the products of new industries in America. I want one or more large cultural centers and all sorts of other surprises where people would love to visit there or even live there. 
     To clear the way so people will realize that it is fine according to the Bible to build this beautiful cathedral with beautiful artwork, even statues, etc. in it, let me show that early Christianity taught this was fine to do. The Christians had built a beautiful cathedral in Rome around 220 A.D. even though technically the Christians were still an illegal religion in Rome. The Roman Emperor wanted to confiscate this beautiful cathedral church to his collection of beautiful buildings owned by the Imperial Government of Rome. When he made his move to try and confiscate it, among its large congregation were officers of the Imperial Roman Army who attended there. There was a clash of wills and war of nerves where the Roman military officers would not abandon it and in the end the Roman Emperor backed off and stopped trying to confiscate it. So early Christians did not think it wrong to build a beautiful cathedral church to honor God in their worship. And the first Christian catacombs in Rome for 200 years after Christ were full of religious paintings, both Jewish and Christian catacombs then beneath the streets of Rome had religious items in them to remind the Jews of Old Testament stories and Christians of both Old Testament and New Testament stories of the Bible. But continuing on, as I learned long ago about law whether secular or religious, find out the intent behind the official listed law to show how it was supposed to be interpreted as law. Moses in the Old Testament had statements separate from the Ten Commandments showing that it was not just making images of nature or human activities or angels, etc. that was wrong, but in making statues treated as images of gods for people to worship instead of God. Beyond that, God Himself gave instructions to make statues of angels for the Ark of the Covenant built under instructions from Moses, and to make very artistic and colorful places of worship to worship God at while the Children of Israel were still wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before entering the Land of Canaan. In II Chronicles Chapter 2 through 4, read the instructions in the Bible given by God for the very colorful, filled with art and even statues of angels to fill the Temple of Solomon with. God wanted the Children of Israel to worship in a beautiful Solomon's Temple which included golden statues of angels, dozens of oxen engraved in decorate the big altar, big sea mural on the altar, flowers of gold made to decorate the Temple with, hundreds of artificial pomegranates decorated the inside columns of the Temple. Religious pots, other golden religious vessels to worship God with, The intent of the Ten Commandments was to not make idols of intended gods to worship to replace the worship of God in the holy place to worship in. And incense and music could be used in these worship services. As one old Jewish intellectual I understood to now be a Christian commented to me years ago, the colorful Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church church worship services when very colorful were just a repeat of the old Jewish worship at the Temple of Solomon but with a Christian theme to it instead. There is nothing wrong in keeping simple Christian worship in a Christian church, but still technically, it does not have to be wrong if artwork honoring God is included in the chapel or church worship, or if music is used to honor God and we could go on. 
     St. Augustine when first converted to Christianity wrote a small manual on instructions for new converts for Christianity. Read his manual and he repeats faithfully the first teachings of Christianity taught him by earlier Christian teachers. Later on, he leaned towards more allegory in Bible meaning rather than more literal meaning of Bible verses so I judge his later writings could reflect more private opinion of his whereas this first manual of instruction for new Christian converts he wrote basically reflects the earliest understood teachings of the first Church Fathers of Christianity on the meaning to Bible verses. 
     As you will notice, I keep coming back to what first Christianity taught. I evaluate if the first followers of Jesus Christ did not know what real Christianity was, then it has never existed and never will on earth. But I found in the early Christian writings that many of them were far better Bible scholars than modern scholars. They went in deep detail modern scholars do not. Modern Bible scholars often do not like to read the early Christian writings as it forces them to think too much. They prefer the very simple, sounds good answer maybe instead of the right answer. 
     Enough preaching on early Apostolic Christianity as shown by the early Christian writings, history, etc. 
     Obama is hostile to nearly everything early Christianity taught. Mitt Romney has taken an opposite position on many moral issues than Obama. And as an economist, I think the socialist and Marxist economic ideas of Obama would be disastrous for the American economy if carried out in the next 4 years. I will vote for Mitt Romney as the American people do not want at this time a political leader who stands for restoration of prayer and the Bible to our school system. Proof is they don't politically back or financially support any candidate who stands for too strong of Christian values in American society. And I have not seen even one Christian church in America back any candidate standing for restoration of prayer and the Bible to our public schools. I know that Jesus disapproves of this stand by Christians that they should back mild Christians or anti-Christian political leaders. A vote for a real totally serious Christian candidate for public office is "A Vote For Jesus." Maybe Sandy is a warning from God that America is not right from God and if America does not soon straighten up, then far worse things can soon occur to America.
     Financial support for the Omni Law is welcome. We will win now by legal tactics, not by elections. The corruption in the Obama Administration opened the door for surprise legal moves by us that can give us national victory for the Omni Law without need of political campaigns now to bring it to power. Send financial support to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. I maybe got a revelation that I was supposed to do this by this tactic as it is the tactic of Gideon in the Old Testament to find out who were the warriors who would follow all the way through for God and those who took the careless way and laid their swords down while they drank water. Those who back me when it counts are the golden list of Camelot and for all sorts of things they don't know yet they are eligible for in the future. This was a way I seemed to understand  that the Lord wanted as a test to see who really cared for Him all the way.
     Read my Omni Law by putting this name in the search box at the top left side of Nesara News. And put in Erasmus of America in the same search box to read over 70 other national reports I have posted with them in the last 7 months covering all sorts of key national issues. And feel free to send your name and email to fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com and say "Add to List." And future reports of mine will be sent from this email. Just before I was seven years old, three adults claimed the cloven tongues of fire of the Holy Ghost  appeared over me on the Friday evening before Pentecost. After that, I knew the explanation of Chapter 12 in Revelation which I had never read before as I had not read any of the Bible at that time being a child atheist until science showed me at the age of 10 1/2 that God really existed. When older I checked out this explanation of Chapter 12 and it surprised me when it checked out that Hitler (the dragon empire) had warned against America (the wilderness) exactly 1260 days and was then defeated by the wilderness. In another report, I showed how this math worked and people to their amazement found the math checked out. No Bible scholar knew this before I showed this to them. I have this fierce loyalty to first Apostolic Christianity as recorded and confirmed in the earliest official writings of Christianity. Maybe God predicted my future by what the adults said was the cloven tongues of fire of the Holy Ghost appearing over me in the evening. This sign was given over the Apostles of Jesus Christ at the day of Pentecost. I have far more loyalty to first Apostolic Christianity than any Catholic or Protestant scholar I know of in America. When living in Wash., D.C., I used to go over the Catholic library at Georgetown University (oldest Catholic university in America) and read what few books they had of the first writings of Christianity up to roughly 400 A.D. I noticed that these books were checked out by their Catholic students (future scholars and priests of the Catholics) maybe once every one to two years apart from each time. They used to rubberstamp dates in books then when checked out. I have a much better library on the first Christian writings now than they had there then at the university library.    
      It is time for the Roman Catholic Church and other branches of Christianity to return to their first Apostolic Christian roots. This will create unity and strength for Christianity to win much of the world to Christ. Also, with the fire of the Apostles reborn in modern hearts, Christianity can then storm the world one last time before the Antichrist. And as Christians know who have read prior reports on mine on Christian economics, we Christians have powerful answers in economics used before in history and always worked that are much better than the pagans and leaders of Wash., D.C. today. The Bible has the practical answers needed by modern man today.
     When we as a nation are loyal to God, then God will bless us in prosperity, national strength, a bright future, make us a brilliant and great people the world will respect, and we will solve our national problems by the wisdom of God rather than by the folly of foolish and wicked leaders in power.
     Push this report to others. Obama is not the answer for the future of America. If Mitt Romney wins, he will be under political obligation to me that I tripped up Obama's plan for the military takeover of America. When all the dust settles, I predict that the Omni Law will be passed which the corrupt in Wash., D.C. are scared to death of that it will end their corruption and treason in America. Two national reports now claim this superstorm hitting America as this is written were set up by H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska. I have no knowledge pro or con on this, but once the Omni Law is passed, we can know the truth on this or other serious charges raised on corruption and treason in Wash., D.C.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the only Christian scholar in America committed to bring first Apostolic Christianity as clearly recorded in the first Christian writings back into  power over all Christian churches in America who want to be totally true and loyal to Jesus Christ all the way.)    

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Anonymous said...

You seem like you have at least a lick of common sense on you Erasamus, so I tell you right now, listen to what it is I speak.

The reunified Catholic Church is already here, it is the Church of Latter Day Saints. Learn about who and what they are, and how they are awaiting the return of St. Peter whom is going to lead all the Apostolic christians to prosperity.

But I tell you, do NOT vote for Mitt Romney no matter what. He is a wasted vote and socialist.

Romney backs the wrong horse due to his abysmal record on health-care, homosexuals and foreign affairs. He voted for Government health care every year he held office. He would immediately vote for World War 3 against Iran, and he has promised to give Islam a fair & honest shake which means he is just as horrid as Obama. (Wake the hell up and give both the boot!)

Vote for Gary Johnson/Ron Paul, who have a clear record and have voted to downsize government every single year without fail.....thirty years & counting!

Gary Johnson voted to return Christian reading to the classroom, will never vote for a tax increase, will cut off all wasted defense spending overseas plus he'll abolish the IRS.

Ron Paul will likewise back every single thing he does and pass the laws.

He had over 89% of the crowd on his side in the televised live debates, the online debates and the Larry King debate CNN tried to censor!!

Gary Johnson can utterly destroy Romney or Obama, and is an actual conservative.

You're awake right, then Just vote for who matters, NOT the crooks!!

Since Johnson is also on the ballot in all 50 states (plus Dr Paul), he will cause a tidal wave of upset that will either defeat the incumbent or barely trail in 2nd place.

It is time we have SMALL government again, and if it requires a tidal wave lets make it one.