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      "The fool says in his heart that there is no God." - The Bible
     "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence, it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."- George Washington. If the government we have in America today seems to be a fearful master, then it means it is not Christian because the Christians did not believe that government should be controlled by moral values in America. And the U.S. Supreme Court no longer believing in the U.S. Bill of Rights concerning legal rights of Christianity ruled in 2010 in a 5-4 ruling over the Hasting College of Law in San Francisco that any Christian group can be outlawed from a college campus in America which believes in the traditional values taught by Christianity. So if the Christians don't push for the passage of the Omni Law in America now, then apparently Christianity will have no remaining legal rights that will be recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court now! When any national government suddenly decides that Christianity has no more legal rights in that nation, that is usually the sign that the government doing this will soon be some version of a Nazi Germany or else Soviet Union out to try and outlaw God from the nation and world if they can.
     When publicizing the book "The Last Christian Generation," commented, "Research reveals an alarming trend among today's youth - they do not believe that Christ is God's son...and think that 'doing good is enough." Christians either publicize stunning Miracles of God are real and evolution is false science or Christianity will then lose the youth and nation as America becomes post-Christian America! Stunning Miracles of God have occurred in the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Catholic Church, Protestant mainline churches, and independent Christian churches. And roughly 10,000 Bible prophecies already documented as coming true is a Miracle of God also. No religion not based upon the Bible can claim thousands of their prophecies have come true and are documented to have occurred for real! Actually, a lot more Bible prophecies have come true than even the average Bible scholar realizes. For example, in Genesis 49 with the prophecies what is the future of the Tribes of Israel, it is said that Dan should judge over his people. Ancient historical records indicate that the Tribe of Dan migrated to several lands including founding the City of Troy. The Romans later claimed they descended from the Trojans who successfully escaped Troy when it fell to the Greeks. And the Romans ruled over Palestine and other lands where the descendants of the Tribes of Israel later lived. So Dan did judge over his people later on. And the royal lines of Europe descended from both the early royal line of Dan and the royal line of Judah descending from David of Israel. The prophecies for all the Tribes of Israel in Genesis 49 have all been fulfilled. However, these prophecies are a bit sophisticated and need knowledge of history so it is understood how all the Tribes of Israel prophecies there have been fulfilled. 
     And one of the recent discoveries made of the Bible is that it is full of prophecies written in Bible Code which is a mathematical system spelling out names, dates, events, etc. The Bible is apparently the only religious book in the world or secular book which has these maybe even hundreds of thousands of prophecies all of which have already come true. Some of these fulfilled prophecies defied odds of even 3 billion to one against random chance listing them in the Bible. It has been suggested but not verified at this time that the Bible may even have every name of human beings ever born on earth in Bible Code in the Bible. Both Jewish and Christian scholars familiar with the Bible Code suspect this may be possible and may be true meaning you personally reading this may have your name listed in the prophetic Bible Code of the Bible. With infinite genius, God may already know all our names, where we will be born or die, dates of birth or death and in a display of infinite genius listed all of the human race already by individual names and data in the Bible. God made me smart enough to respect and admire genius where I find it, but this level of genius is incredibly and infinitely far beyond anything I or any other bright person on earth could do to predict correctly all events of human history, predict all humans that would ever be born, give the data on them with their names, etc. We may be blessed as being smart enough to admire the infinite genius of God, but we can't even faintly remotely match the colossal and infinite genius of God! I know I am on the winning side when I do what God wants me to do! And how wonderful God is! He wants us to do good, not evil, while living on this earth! God is infinite goodness. We are tiny if that copies of the goodness God wants us to be.  Maybe the great hidden secret of the Bible is that God wants us to build good moral character as that with what rewards we might get for doing good for the right reasons is all we take into eternity with us. And God likes His moral heroes from the earth to be His eternal family with Him so He can love the living daylights out of them for all eternity! That means you and me, folks!
     God is pulling so hard for you that you will become an adopted son or daughter of God for all eternity that He sort of cheats in a way! He sends all these wonderful Miracles of God to earth so we have the testimony and proof and know for a scientific reality that God exists. And what is so important is that God is telling us that He loves us when He does these stunning Miracles of God to show that He is rooting for us to follow Jesus and end up as God's family for all eternity with Him! The only reason that many on earth don't know yet that God exists is that too many Christians keep their big mouths shut and don't publicize to others on earth the stunning Miracles of God so obvious that only a moron or lunatic will not recognize that these Miracles of God clearly show that God exists and actually cares about us on earth! I have been blessed to have witnessed a number of amazing Miracles of God occur. And for reasons beyond my understanding, 4 times in my life I was given actual visions from God showing what is to shortly happen on earth. With the scientist to my nature, I clearly recognize that visions are wildly different than dreams. Dreams I can forget 15 minutes after waking up.Visions I remember clearly as if it just happened even many years later. One vision that was very upsetting to me many years ago. is I saw America annihilated in a nuclear war if it does not seriously return to God while there is still time to do so! Only time I ever saw Jesus clearly. Looked similar to a photo recently posted on Nesara News which it was believed was an image of Jesus Christ.  I was told in effect to help the American people before it is too late so they are not later annihilated in a nuclear World War III.
     "Miracles of the Saints - A Book of Reflections" by Bert Ghezzi was published in 1996 and loaded with examples of stunning and very major documented Miracles of God performed for and with great historical saints from shortly after the beginning of Christianity up to recent modern times. As this report is intended to be short, study this book for a wide range of historical Miracles of God that have occurred with great Christian saints for nearly 2,000 years.  
     The supernatural is a reality of human life. The following is very controversial meaning people want to split whether this came from God or disagreeing with the religious message involved, they want to believe it was a deception of the devil, but let's use logic. Where God or the devil are fighting for the minds and souls of mankind on earth and using very powerful supernatural tactics to back up their side, we have the following obvious truth. Where powerful supernatural events occur witnessed by many and moral decisions hang in the balance what way man will go, there definitely is a God if supernatural forces are fighting over us to try and win us over. I only report the scientific facts to the following and not delivering much of the supernatural message involved, only a soundbite of it. The Miracle of Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 was witnessed by 70,000 to maybe 100,000 people of Portugal there that day. It was afterwards reported to the whole nation by the startled press of Portugal which witnessed this. It had been raining hard from the night before until a little after noon when the colossal supernatural event occurred. For six months three children said the Virgin Mary had appeared to them once a month and a great miracle would occur on Oct. 17, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal. Two months before, the press reported the children said the Virgin Mary told them that a great evil was organizing to take over Russia and then spread error and evil all over the world. The secular leaders of Portugal laughed at this nonsense prophecy as Russia was no threat to the world. But when the Communists took over prior Czarist Russia, the prophecy proved to be correct. The day of the Miracle of Fatima the huge crowd stood in even deep puddles of mud and water from all the rain. The sun popped out from the clouds, spun colored shafts of light across the sky for maybe 10-12 minutes and seen as far away as 22-32 miles away. Then the sun plunged towards the earth and people in panic were screaming that this was the end of the world. Then the sun back up into the sky into its normal position. all the mud and water was instantly gone which was in our age would have required as much energy as a nuclear blast to do this instantly to the area. All the clothes were suddenly dry from the rain, etc. A number of reported Miracles of God occurred there where the incurable were suddenly and instantly cured. The children gave the message that the Virgin Mary had said that World War I was a punishment from God for the sins of mankind. But this war would shortly end. Then later if the people did not repent of their sins before God, there would be a World War II and more terrible than World War I. If the people did not return to God after this, then there would be a World War III so terrible that entire nations would be annihilated. If the people returned to God, then this did not need to happen. The event was supernatural and shows that this battle between God and evil as reported in the Bible exists. As to the final interpretation of this event I leave to you and others to decide. But one message from this is obviously true! There is a God for real! Not fiction! This event discredited the Marxist socialist government of Portugal which later collapsed and was then taken over by Christian leadership. A giant cathedral at Fatima stands today to honor this great Miracle of the Sun, etc. on Oct. 17, during World War I. 
      A later apparition witnessed by over 100 witnesses at Betania, Venezuela had another of these Virgin Mary reported apparitions. This apparition claimed to be the same Virgin Mary as seen by the three children  at Fatima in 1917. What caught my attention for this occurring after World War II was the same message as of Fatima if mankind did not return to God, then a World War III would occur terrible beyond human imagination to punish mankind for his sins before God. And the intriguing hooker was this apparition said she came for also Protestants as well as Catholics as they were welcome to reconcile mankind back to God. Interpretations I leave to other scholars as well as the public meaning you. I go as far as science recognizes and past that is interpretation which is no longer science in interpretations. But being supernatural in nature, this subject matter is fair game for this report using science to verify the supernatural and Miracles of God that are real and not fiction.
      When Europeans reached India at the end of the fifteenth century, they were startled to find St. Thomas Christian Churches founded 49-53 A.D. by the Apostle "Doubting Thomas" and long since forgotten by the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant churches, Greek Orthodox Churches, and independent churches. And "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Josh McDowell quotes from many ancient historical sources showing that Jesus Christ is a historical fact and that the Christian Church was founded 1st Century as always stated!
     Greek Orthodox Church: The Miracle of Holy Light (Holy Fire) has happened every year at Easter. This annual 1,600 years now Miracle of God is the most famous in the Greek Orthodox Church. It happens every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Resurrection) which I once visited apparently years ago in Jerusalem. The photos of the inside look familiar to me. The Holy Sepulchre of Jesus Christ is reported housed in that church. Read more on this at and This startling light emerges from the Sepulchre at Easter, usually blue, expands, moves through the crowded church each year, lights the candles of Christians as it passes by, and finally disappears after a multitude of witnesses see it. It is believed the Holy Ghost of God is annually honoring the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from this tomb inside this old church.
     Independent Protestant: Evangelist Ronald Coyne in 1951 at 7 years old received the "Plastic Eye Miracle" where he could see with or without plastic eye inserted in his empty right eye socket. Two Tulsa, Oklahoma newspapers confirmed this when this Miracle of God occurred. Shortly before he died, Ronald Coyne prayed for me in 1990 in the Name of Jesus Christ and my left foot broken toe bone of 4 years floated apart, instantly reset the bones and I was healed by an obvious Miracle of God! Most newspapers today being Antichrist, they refuse to report on stunning Miracles of God today which would give the people faith in God once more! 
     Independent Protestant: In 2001, Pastor Dan of Nigeria died on Nov. 30th due to a car accident, was kept in a morgue for 3 days, and his wife refusing his death took him by ambulance to a giant Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in Nigeria. He was resurrected from the dead and spoke of being in Paradise for 3 days. He also saw Hell where souls were damned to for eternity who did not love and follow God. This included a dishonest Christian pastor he found in Hell. See for more details and dozens of witnesses to this 3 day 2001 resurrection.
     Roman Catholic: Padre Pio recently died and was canonized recently by the Vatican. He bore the wounds of Christ on his body for 50 years while a priest-monk! Thousands of Miracles of God occurred with him! Had many stunning supernatural gifts! He wrote to me while alive to later champion True Christianity throughout the world! He wrote me a great secret of mine he could only know by revelation from God.
      St. Francis de Paula, died 1507, rated the most holy man in Europe by 5 kings and 7 popes. Probably greatest miracle worker in Christianity since time of Christ and the Apostles! Also, all his prophecies came true! 1470 A.D. prophetic letter instructed how to raise Christianity back up to world leadership by "let us reason together," science, inventions, economics, etc. and make Christianity powerful one last time before the Antichrist. Letter was personally addressed to me as he told correctly my secret family background (historical) where I would be born, etc. And addressed to other loyal Christians as well. 
      John 6:26-6:66: Jesus does not recognize as His disciples those who deny the supernatural in Christianity! They are (John) 666 Christians because the denial of the supernatural in Christianity is the Spirit of Antichrist in Christianity!) 
      "I am much afraid that schools will prove to be great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth...I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount...Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt." - Martin Luther. I think these words of Martin Luther both Protestants and Catholics could agree were good words to listen to in advise.
      Now let me tell how to multiply this report like the multiplication of the fish and loaves by Jesus Christ. If this is first posted on Nesara News and 25,000 decide to copy and paste and send this to 20 friends or others they can contact, and they decide to send this to 20 others, and if each level decides to send to 20 more new contacts, let's follow the math. First level 25,000 copies of this report become 500,000 copies. Second level becomes 10 million copies. Third level becomes 200 million copies which pretty much covers most of America within even days if this is seriously done. And this doesn't have to cost anyone even one penny in expense, just use your time to copy and paste this across the internet until America is covered. Reality is I don't think each person is going to make 20 copies, but if most do, this won't take long to evangelize America back to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The winning of America to God begins with you, not just your neighbor to do the labor for Christ so you won't have to.
      As I like both sides of an important issue to be heard, not just one side, I understand that Forbes Magazine figured it out and reported that Mitt Romney gave up about $2 billion he could have made if he had remained in private business instead of public service to serve the American people, I am willing to give him a chance in this election when he thought the American people were worth more to him than $2 billion he gave up to try and serve you the American people. I lived in Wash., D.C. for years and know how the power elite try to control all who run for the White House. Also, you American people won't at this stage tolerate anyone to run for the White House who tries to run on a totally moral issue. You pressure the politicians so they have to show more tolerance for abortion than they might want to or else you give them no chance politically to run for the White House. As the old question goes, "If Jesus ran for the White House today, would the American people ever vote for Him as He would not compromise on political issues or the truth or ultimate justice? You being too corrupt on too many political issues, any candidate for the White House has to judge how far he can run on what he totally believes in and what you won't let him run on. I evaluate that Mitt Romney wants to do right for the American people and given the chance will try to do his best for you. I understand what a political cesspool he has to run through to try and run for the White House. I will back him and bet I won't be proven a fool to want to give him a chance as President. If he is elected President, I think I will be able to get him to back the Omni Law and other things that will bless the American people. Give him a chance as Obama hates everything about Christianity from what I can see. I am no Mormon but have had good Mormon friends in my life. I was not scared of having Mormons in business deals with me and am not afraid of having Mitt Romney as President. We Christians have to be wise as serpents as Jesus put it meaning smart in worldly affairs also. Voting third party puts Obama in the White House. Voting for Obama is the same as voting for the would-be Antichrist in America. The Communists of America love Obama and all he stands for so much, the American Communist Party has enthusiastically endorsed Obama for the White House in 2012 and he is heavily backed I understand with heavy Communist labor union money in 2012 so he can win the White House.
      As Joseph Stalin once commented, he judged it did not matter who the people voted for that counted. It was who counted the votes that put the leader into power. Watch like hawks voter fraud in the election and I understand that a close friend of Obama controls the counting of votes on Nov. 6, 2012.  Next election forgot the nonsense and use punch computer cards for national voting. It is hard to cheat on the national vote with them. Just tell any naive to just make sure they punch out the holes on the computer voting card and their vote will be counted by computer and human if needed.
     Copy of my Omni Law may be read in the search engine at Nesara News. This will end most corruption in Wash., D.C. once passed. And Christianity has its legal rights restored in America once this is passed. Copy of my over 70 national reports may be read by using this search engine at Nesara News and posting in my pen name of Erasmus of America to read them. For those wanting to finance the coming victory of Christianity as it regains the leadership of America, make any financial support out to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. As we have a national strategy not dependent on the national election, once we raise certain levels of finance, we can use maneuvers of law which Wash., D.C. has not seen before and like magic, the Omni Law is passed as Wash., D.C. will find themselves in sudden checkmate and wondering how this happened to them! It will be the time for deals and we end up with passage of the Omni Law.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. If I meet with Mitt Romney a few days after the election, all America will easily know my regular name then as the game strategy will have worked by then.)


Anonymous said...

Ahem, that George Washington quote that leads off this latest Erasmus dispatch is actually unverified, if not a downright fabrication.

Also, if Erasmus believes that it's likely to get 25,000 people to forward this to 20 others, each, then I think he's severely overestimating himself as well as others.

Speaking of Erasmus, what happened to his plans to take control of the 'Confederate States' that had been signed over to him and secede from the US? Wasn't his deadline for that, like, a month ago? If Obama is reelected, will he finally stop postponing his secession and get to it?

Come on, Erasmus, take charge already.

Anonymous said...

GOD does not ONLY LIVE in "Christianity" nor is GOD looking out only for "certain" followers! THIS IS A LIE.

OUR CREATOR loves all beings no matter what you may thing or what your so-called religion is telling you!

RELIGION was created by MEN with an agenda!!!

May we all begin to live in peace and in love! WE ARE ALL BEINGS FROM ONE SOURCE.