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Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel ~~ The Mastery of the violet ray stands ready, make yourself prepared now

Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel ~~ The Mastery of the violet ray stands ready, make yourself prepared now ~~ Channeled by Mé

29 October 2012

Greetings, precious ones, we are Archangel Zadkiël and Saint Germain of the Violet Ray. We are at your service today to transmit a message in the here and now.
Allow me, Saint Germain, to begin firstly with this message of Love for all  of you. Once again, I greet you most cordially because I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Being the Master of the Violet Ray I want to elaborate further as to our magnificent and powerful colour of being. It is the perfection of purity and power which we represent in our true being. The Ray of the Violet colour is one of the most powerful forces which is at your disposal here on Earth and into Infinity! We replenish where necessary and convert the most dire dangers and impurities into the most natural and wonderful perfections.
Our Violet Ray is at your disposal so use it as you see fit and as much as you want for it is yours too! We stand here now as Masters and rulers of this Ray to transmit this beautiful Violet Ray throughout the whole world on which you dwell, because the perfection of being is what’s now in store for you. This Violet Ray is capable of providing to you the most overwhelming ideas and than to transmit them into the genuine reality, the peaceful society which is reflecting its astonishing purity before your sparkling eyes of Light.
My almighty Violet Flame is our trump and our powerful cooperation coming from of all of us through this Violet Ray of perfection. This Ray shows the power and the pure perfection, the purity of all of us by way of this Ray through a close cooperation and through our pure state of being. In these times it is a good thing to let that Violet Flame flare up in you, even to the point of being ablazed in those flames. This Violet Flame has a consciousness of its own and just visualising being immersed in these flames will do the trick. This in itself will see to it that you will be cleansed perfectly of all things that no longer serve you, of all the things you no longer represent. Let yourself be transformed into a deeper state of being which resonates with the highest frequencies and energies pertainting now to your new world, your normal home front.
All of us of the Violet Flame are fully ready to do this NOW with the collective of humanity and with the planet Earth. These are busy times for our Violet Ray as it is the ruler of the New Golden Age, converting everything into a harmonious reality. Many hearts are filled with our flame of perfection and purity, which brings us in an optimistic disposition. We rejoice in seeing the collective thought patterns of humanity evolve into their perfect state of being which will only consist of Light. And this even more than is the case now, infinitely more than is the case now. Take my word for it, my dearest friends, that when we say the time has come for you to work intensely with the Violet Flame, you can rest assured that we really mean it. Allow the Violet Flames to perform their transforming qualities, guiding you to reach your wonderful perfect state of being.
I greet you all most warmly, I AM That I AM, your friend and Master Saint Germain.
I thank my fellow brother for his wise words and I concur with what he said. I, Archangel Zadkiël, am at your disposal for all of you here on Earth because my assistance increases in accordance with the approaching of Ascension, and it is now approaching very fast. I too see to it that this beautiful Ray will get shown to full advantage and with lots of wisdom showering over humanity, I will assist you quasi effortlessly in your ascension into a higher state of consciousness and into a higher state of being.
Being an Archangel I also vouch for the Ascension and for the messages between yourself and our Master Creator, the I AM Presence of All That Is. That’s the reason why I am a co-Master of the Violet Flame,  and my task is to let all proceed in purity and in integrity, to let the things evolve which have to evolve. My services to all of you have specifically to do with supporting fully the process of Ascension for all of you and this as well on a personal as on a global level. Mine and our fantastic Silver Violet Ray is always there for all of you to assist you to let go of unfinished business, of stumbling blocks and of addictions.
What seems difficult for you to release, including your self-image and the image in relation to others, is in a way my care and so I will assist you with this. That’s the reason why we stress the fact that you must make use of our precious Violet Ray; it is most powerful and enlightening in all respects! The Violet Ray is the 7th Ray and we are from this Ray which is a very high Ray and the most powerful Ray so far.
Stow away all your worries and discomforts in this colour and see how they disappear only to be reborn in innovative and enlightened ideas/energies which will help you. Take care of yourselves on a daily basis with my Violet and our Silver Violet colour as well as with the one of Saint Germain and his Violet Flame. Doing so will empower you and bring renewal on your way to perfection. You are all pure souls who will achieve their renewed state which was yours before your descent.  You have toiled hard to reach this state of awakening. It took many, many incarnations in the process and NOW the time has come to release them once and for all in the full conviction that you yourself are eternity.
Allow our Violet Ray to do its job wherever necessary so as to bring you all to the state of renewal. Call on us on a regular basis, preferably daily, and ask for our assistance in this matter. We remain at your service and now in an even more empowered way, strenghtening your light legions on Earth with our presence in the form of the Violet Ray.
Much has already come to pass and in many ways you all have changed in consciousness and are renewed energetically even to the degree where you no longer recognize yourselves. Expect these changes to continue even stronger on the way to the next portal which will be reached in November. This portal will feel like an enormous explosion of power within all of you so it is of the utmost importance to prepare yourself accordingly by :
  •  Napping several times a day,
  •  Drinking lots of pure water
  •  Taking walks outside in nature and feeling your connection with nature 
     Grounding yourself, grounding yourself and grounding yourself even more      
  •  Taking in lots of sunshine, even if the sun hides behind the clouds
  •  Feeling and making deeply and thoroughly the close connection with yourself
  •  Meditating
  •  Making contact with us and with your family of the light
  •  Seeking enlightenment by operating from your heart, by being love and by giving love in all
  •  circumstances!
  •  Being always in a harmonious and serene state of mind
  •  Using the Violet Flame on a regular basis to get empowered, to soften matters such as for instance      karmic related matters and to cleanse yourself and your living spaces
Your physical vessels are undergoing an extreme cleansing and dito transformation at present which can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we have given you the afore-mentioned tips as they can help you and soften your living conditions. Use them wisely!
In ending I want to address your own evolution, which is now as good as finished in this dimension of duality! Say your goodbyes to the old and familiar for it is slowly fading away as you no longer give attention to it. Let it al go, it has served its purpose and it is not necessary to bring it back in. Release it now!
I Am Achangel Zadkiël and I bless you all with my Violet, Indigo Blue radiance of Light. I give you all of my Love, use it well and accept it with an open heart.
The Masters of the Violet Ray.

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Anonymous said...

"What seems difficult for you to release, including your self-image and the image in relation to others, is in a way my care and so I will assist you with this."

This would all be well and good, if they were talking about you "people."

Who they are referring to is the leader of the whole movement however, Tutan BARAQ OBAMA.....

No feely stuff needed to confirm any of these obvious, indisputable facts. Yes that age has arrived....enjoy your new chains.

Not everyone wants these "Department Stores" or "Commodities" that all these flame bearers, bankers and wankers speak about.

Some of us desire only to be left alone.
Therefore, follow the plan if that is what is your wish. Eject yourself from the Matrix.
Leave behind the 1s and 0s of "commercial" enterprise, if you can handle it.

Birth Certificates and everything else are just part of the Matrix. You can permanently cut your contract with this total lie - and while not easy.....its the only path to living free.