Monday, October 29, 2012

Word of the Lord for November 2012

Phyllis Ford Carpenter’s Touch Ministries, Arlington, Texas 

Word of the Lord for November 2012
The Lord began to share what I believe to be keen wisdom that we need to follow in this hour. The stage is set for much upheaval with emotions running wild, and the enemy will attempt to set up scenarios that will lead people into a greater state of confusion and chaos. It is so important for us to walk in the Spirit and not allow our fleshly desires to dictate to us how to react in order to deal with the temptations of the world. The scripture that came to mind says:

Luke 21:34-36 “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be over charged with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye, therefore and pray always; that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the son of man.”

I saw a vision of a battlefield where men were fighting with each other—many of them had looks of hatred. There was much violence like I have never seen. Then I saw the same battlefield but now there were multitudes of people praying with strong intercession crying great tears, supplication and travail. In that group some would stand and decree and I would see the wind of change blow and things would shift and the ground would shake. As I stayed in prayer, I begin to understand what the Lord was saying to us his people about this hour that we are living in. We must be careful not to allow the enemy to set up confrontations to get the people to react out of their frustrations and emotions. Also if we are not prayerful in this season it could lead to serious consequences. I somehow knew that the situations were being staged to cause a reaction.
The Lord further showed me that the battlefield filled with the prayers of the saints was the answer for this hour and it was the way to overcome the circumstances that would be presented.

The Lord said: The Battle is waged

“You are engaged in a battle in this hour. It is a kingdom battle that is being waged in the heavenlies and has everything to do with what is going to occur in the earthly realm. It’s a battle between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness. It is being waged for righteousness sake to retain and hold the ground that has been given to my people. A great price was paid for it. But this is not about land but about the work of the kingdom. For glory, honor, majesty and the beauty of Holiness reigning upon this earth as it is in the heavens. I have given you what needs to be done according to my word and how you shall rely on what I have placed in your hands. It is my written word to overcome the work of darkness that is being waged in this hour.”

“Know I have given you power over all the power of the enemy. I have placed in you my principles for life which are clearly expressed in my word. And I have already placed a firm foundation established by my apostles and prophets in which I am the chief corner stone. Do not get disheartened nor be dismayed. It is important that you are clear concerning what is about to occur. But know in your heart as the darkness rises to try to cover situations and circumstances, my light will continue to shine to guide and show you the way to help remedy and to answer that which you will need for this time. You must not let the distractions of the day to take over your heart and mind. Fear will try to get you to react but don’t let vain imaginations rise up and keep you from being in my presence. Don’t allow presumptuous ideas to get you to react in haste. Keep your mind clear, reading over the word—praying in the Spirit so that I can speak to you and allow you to understand what is going on around you. Study my word, read and learn from the words that were spoken to help you fight, defend and protect that which is yours. I have placed many keys to assist you to victory in the days ahead.”

Understanding Babylon’s Mysteries

“There are mysteries that are being unlocked now in Genesis, Isaiah, Daniel and in the book of Revelations and many more. Learn to know about the times you live in. The importance of this knowledge will soon uncover great keys that are necessary for you to know how to overcome. You must study to know about the system of Babylon in the past, present and what is to come. Understand that Babylon was a system made up by man to build, achieve and excel without me. My word will help you understand that a system without God (me) is a mere reflection of the world system today. When I am removed from that process then destruction is inevitable and its’ future progress is only temporal. Also know that every work of evil has an appointed time to end.”

“This is a time when you will see where man’s allegiances are and with whom will they stand, whether they will be sheep nations or goat nations. It will also be a time when the people of God will see persecution and blame coming against the body of Christ. There will be those in the heat of this hour that will turn their backs in fear of what will happen to them. They will even hold alliances that they feel will protect their position but it will not. So know that in the future you will see battles on several levels.”

The Economy will give way right before 2013

“Our economy will face its most serious battle of trying to keep the nation afloat. However ever since February 2012 this country as well as many others were in its’ gravest danger of total collapse. Up to now it has appeared like many other situations to run well but it has been tittering on a serious downturn. It didn’t happen overnight but like everything else, the people will be the last to know. Right towards the end of this year you will see the economy barely hanging and it will give way before 2013 sets in.”

Those that were praying in the battlefield will see victory

“This battle is being waged on Spiritual levels as well. You must know that the enemy wants you to think that you cannot overcome but you can and will. For in this hour, I will add strength to what you know and what you believe in your heart. This is why you know my word, study my word, meditate upon my word and even pray my word. It is your key to victory and overcoming the works of the enemy. You have become my habitation upon this earth and you will rise up with power and dominion. You are only limited by what you don’t know—know my word and walk out my word. For I will release my anointing; it will be like a garment that will clothe you and protect you in the darkness of time.”
“There are battles being waged within some of you. You must build your faith to understand that whatever may rise up against you, I have already prepared in you what you need. Your faith is the most important thing that you have now—you have asked questions as to why do things seem delayed? Why do you seem so tested now? Why do circumstances seem so hard now? When you study your word—you will see that when the people of God persevered and prevailed because they refused to give up, they refused to give in and that they rose up with faith and the faith they possessed brought them through. These hardships were not put upon you by me but have everything to do with times you are living in. I have been there by your side encouraging you, giving you the hope to apply with your faith along with my love---know that which has kept you is able to keep you from falling.”

“The question to answer is: Are you prepared to meet the demands that these times hold in store for you? Are you ready to overcome?—Are you ready to be the army that I have prepared you to be, before the foundation of this earth. Are you ready to help others, and stand in the gap for them? So that not only you will overcome, but so many others will as well.”

The Prophetic Mandate

“See, I have set this time of prophetic outpouring; and as a people, I have set you over nations and over the kingdoms and systems to root out, pull down, destroy, throw down, to build, and to plant. Are you willing to pray? Build up your most Holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost. (Jude 1:20) Are you ready to decree my word, speak my word and command my word: calling those things that are not as though they were? Rise up and garner all the strength that I have given you to succeed, to win, to overcome, to wage war in the Spirit by my power, says the Lord. I have called you to be and uphold the kingdom of God upon this earth. So, blow the trumpet in Zion, to sound the alarm, and pray without ceasing. Take the sword of the Spirit and cut away the lies and deception that has tried to speak into the ears of the people. This battle must be engaged in the spirit if it is to have any affect upon the works of darkness. There are many filled with anger and frustration that the enemy desires to engage in a physical battle which could result in violence and destruction. This satanic motivation is being motivated to thwart the accomplishments of the kingdom that will come forth. Through you much will be accomplished---through my Holy Ones for you will prove that you have been raised up and prepared for this hour. It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord. (Zechariah 4:6)”


Anonymous said...

Lord knows all the praying I have done. My spirit is tired. I am just about to throw in the towel. Short of the Lord showing up, This world is going down the tubes. Only the good die young...Thanks Billy...You had it right. The bad are the only ones living the good life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lord, we all know about this passage being word for word in the Book of Zechariah but it isn't going to convince many of us to simply destroy them.

As soon as the enemy lays siege to those unaffiliated they will be wiped out everywhere, plain and simple. As a long time observer I do not trust the Lord anymore than the Anti Christ when it comes to these things, because I have seen enough, and the enemy wants to spend its days in destruction.

fedup said...

It is all an illusion; there is nothing except Almighty God. What has happened to us is because we have accepted the's not real. Only what we do for Christ will last!