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The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ came for two reasons. By dying for us, to redeem us from our sins. And reason two doesn't seem to be mentioned in church sermons today. Titus 2:14: "(Jesus) gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a pecular people, zealous of good works." Did you hear that? We Christians are supposed to be a peculiar people zealous of good works! Are we zealous of good works or else sitting back, watching the world go by, and let Jesus take care of it later on because we can't be bothered to do the Will of Jesus for mankind on earth? Which Christian are you? Zealous, committed Christian or a bystander claimed Christian watching the world go by while we do nothing for Jesus? I can picture some calling themselves Christians and later shocked at the Judgment Seat when Jesus says to them, "Get out of my sight! I never knew you!" And the shocked Christian says back, "But Jesus, I did nothing!" And Jesus replies back, "That is right! You did nothing for me (Jesus)!"
     "Excuses don't win wars or victories for Christianity. Actions and brains win wars and victories for Christianity!" - Erasmus of America
     Jesus told us what He wanted us to do as Christians. This was to win the lost to Christ. And then mainly practice Christian charity (love) for all whenever possible. This included such as take care of the hungry, thirsty, sick, destitute, downtrodden, castoffs of society, spiritually uneducated, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, help the enslaved, help those hurt by tyranny
 in society, rebuild families destroyed by evil in society, and the list of the needy goes on we should help when we can including such as those who want jobs and can't find jobs, etc. As Jesus told us when you have helped these, you have done your good, your charity, your act of love towards them, but you have also done this act of love to Jesus personally as Jesus cared for them you helped.As Matthew 25:34-40 quotes Jesus telling us, when we serve the needy, Jesus says we serve our King who is Jesus Himself! This is the very Kingdom of God we are expanding on earth when we practice this love for our fellow man on earth. This is the very essence of Christianity that Jesus wants us to practice to spread the influence of the Kingdom of God and to change for the better the society and the world we live in. We are called to action by Jesus, not to sit on the sidelines and be a lazy spectator to life instead of doing the Will of Jesus in society and the world. We each do what good we can in life and good will begin to replace evil in society and the world. We push good far enough and the evil in our society and world will finally collapse before the good we bring from Christ to those needing Christ on this earth. We Christians are supposed to be the expression of love of Jesus for mankind on earth. We are the instruments of Jesus to win the world to good instead of evil. As St. Joan of Arc shrewdly stated centuries ago maybe the summation of Christianity on earth, "Labor and God sweats with you." And the old British proverb also states truth, "God helps those who help themselves!"
     We are the Ambassadors of our King Jesus Christ on our Kingdom of God mission to win as much of mankind from evil to good, from Satan to Jesus as our can effectively reach and win over on this earth. We are called to act like Christ in life. That is why we are named after Christ and called Christians starting in Antioch shortly after the death and then resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ. As our numbers became huge in the ancient Roman Empire, we also got named in Latin Catholic and Catholic Church meaning the universal Christians and the universal Church of Jesus Christ on earth.
     Jesus told us in Luke 22:29, "I (Jesus) confer on you a kingdom (the Kingdom of God), just as my Father conferred one on me." That is why early Christians in the Roman Empire said they were a separate race and nation in the midst of the Roman Empire. Also, the New Testament has references to the Christians being a separate race and nation on earth in the eyes of God. Jesus gave us rank in religion. For those Christians who bring the serious teachings and works of Jesus to mankind, Jesus says of these true Christians on earth in Matthew 10:40: "He that receiveth you receiveth me." When we represent Christianity correctly, then we truly are the real representatives of Jesus Christ on earth and as a king backs up his loyal servants by saying their words are his words and their actions in his name carry out his royal will, Jesus says his faithful servants truly represent Him and lawfully act in His name!
     Jesus prophesied of His faithful servants and chief steward on earth in the last days just before the return of Jesus in Matthew 24:45-47 and Luke 12:42-44. Let the wise read these two prophecies of Jesus for just before the actual return of Jesus to earth. Jesus said we might not know the exact day, but we would know when the time is near! The time is near now! We are the only race and nation on earth if I am correct that has legally declared in this age that Jesus Christ is our legally declared King of our race and nation. When I talk on serious moral issues for Christianity, I must act with integrity and with wisdom by listening to what the Bible says and listening to the wise saints of Christ across the world who show the wisdom that they should be listened to in important matters of Christianity. Our delegates in national assembly from the Confederate States of America declared by 100% vote for the legal declaration that we had elected Jesus Christ to be our lawful King of the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America. I cannot state that this has to be correct unless I see more ancient documents, but this family I descend from on my mother's side apparently claimed ancestry from the Apostle St. Jude who wrote the Epistle of Jude in the New Testament and was a cousin to Jesus Christ. As early Christian and Roman history records, the two grandsons of St. Jude were brought before the Roman Eperor when in Jerusalem. He was debating whether to kill them or not as they were descendants of the royal line of King David of Israel and could be a security risk in Roman occupied Palestine. When the two grandsons told the Roman Emperor how Jesus would return many centuries later to become King over the earth, the Roman Emperor judged they were crazy to believe such and were therefore harmless to the Roman Empire. He therefore called off the persecution of the Christians throughout the Roman Empire which turned these two grandsons of St. Jude into great heroes in Christian circles across the Roman Empire. The family story goes they migrated to Scotland and so their clan coat of arms shows the symbol of the two grandsons of  St. Jude which was the super strong arms noticed by the Roman Emperor who commented that they looked so strong in comparison to his Roman soldiers.  Also, this part appears to be for real regardless. Family legend claimed we had a hereditary gift of prophecy and family stories of each generation shows a strange gift for prophecy each generation has shown.
     My forefather from this family line who helped break up the Reconstruction Occupation of the South by the Union Army, he organized fellow Confederate military officers and with this Southern firebrand helping to lead them, they broke the hold of the Union Army on the South called "Reconstruction" so the Southern people could vote again and begin regaining control over their state governments again. He predicted when a 100 years had passed, a descendant of his would regain by Will of God (actually willed destiny from God) the authority for the Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America, break the federal tyranny of Wash., D.C. over the South, and lead the South back to national independence and freedom as a people and nation. I had heard the family prophecy and was startled when I gained authority from different branches of the Jefferson Davis family for the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America which never legally surrendered to Wash., D.C. Everything as to timing and how I got this Jefferson Davis authority occurred just as my Confederate firebrand forefather had predicted! Later, in military school, I used to startled fellow military cadets by predicting correctly world events before they occurred. A sixth sense told me what to check into, I would find out the real facts, and then could analyze what was going to happen next according to political science. It was this skill that enabled me to set up successfully and call correctly the moves of all sides so I successfully pulled off the Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse over Soviet Intelligence and the Soviet Union. The head of the Soviet spy ring talked to an F.B.I. informant he thought was a fellow Communist spy and said my Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse over Communist Moscow then cost the Soviet Union victory in the Cold War when they had penetrated White House security and knew all the secret military plans of the White House then. The Joint Chiefs of Staff got secret word to me that they rated my Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse over Soviet intelligence had been the most brilliant military intelligence ruse in the national history of America. I never told them that I had a prophetic instinct that kept showing me the right moves to make. That is why I won! By the way! My prophetic instinct said to let "deep knight" think he was smarter than he was and he would legally hang Obama, the White House, U.S. Justice Dept., etc. Without him on the loose, I could not have established and proven under international law how criminal was the genocide mentality in Wash., D.C. under Obama. He beautifully legally framed Obama, etc. by drawing them out to show how criminal they were really in mentality and actions. The Confederate cause will win under international law now with thanks to deep knight as he liked to call himself out of Wash., D.C. Dumb as he was, he gave us the legal aces to win against all the smart and cunning brains Wash., D.C. assigned to try and derail the Confederate Government and nation movement now steadily gaining strength across America. They tried all these tricks of psychological warfare they were trained in and stuck out like sore thumbs when trying their tricks to mislead the American people away from the truth and backing the Confederate cause which God approves of now! After all, we are going to honor His Son Jesus all the way and Wash., D.C. under Obama is trying to wipe out and end Christianity in America forever. Obama has given America a clear choice now! Choose God and the South! Or choose Obama and Wash., D.C. and you make him the Antichrist of Revelation out to kill all Jews in America and Israel in the end and try to kill all Christians who do not convert to Islam in America. Obama is two barrel evil. He is a Communist and he is a Muslim fanatic as well! And he is trying to be clever enough until he destroys America which he hates and creates the biggest single bloodbath of any Antichrist tyrant in history!
     My prophetic instinct kicks in when it should. The question which forces all churches to come back to first Apostolic Christianity as shown in the Bible and the first official writings of the early Church fathers of Christianity is this. What did Jesus mean when He gave the authority to loose and bind sins to His Apostles and their successors in Christianity? Deadly question. Forces honesty in Bible scholarship. When the churches are forced by public opinion( moral force in reality), then they are forced to admit that Jesus Christ founded an official Church of Christ with authority until He returns to earth. In every age, even this official Church of Christ might need some reforms back to a better spiritual shape which is the reason why real saints of God arise to force moral reform in Christianity when needed, but the Gates of Hell will not win against the true Church of Christ also called the Church of God, Catholic Church when it got very big in the Roman Empire, etc. until the time of grace is over and time for the Antichrist to arise to real power and the world enters the era known as "Jacob's Trouble," world Tribulation, etc.
     God has good Bible scholars hidden in the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Protestant churches, and independents. When God wants the truth to come out in matters of God, no church authorities anywhere can successfully suppress the truths of God that God wants available to Christianity at the right time.We have a religious issue that the Roman Catholic and Protestant scholars have done a poor job of presenting the truth with sound evidence and sound logic. I refer to the issue of Keeping the Lord's Feast On Sunday Instead of Saturday. The Archimandrite Cleopa Ilie (1912-1998) was rated by the Romanian people as the holy man of Romania. He had great wisdom, great scholarship, and a super dedicated Christian leader who no one doubted in religious intergrity. I liked his style of scholarship because he was thorough, he liked to use all pertinent Bible verses possible, all very early Christian writings possible which related to the same religious issue raised, used good logic, Look up his coverage of the Sabbath issue on pages 168-191 of his book 'The Truth Of Our Faith"  by Elder Cleopa of Romania, copyrighted 2000, and available from and ISBN: 906-86778-0-7. He used many of the same Bible verses I would have and many of the early Christian writings I would have as I was well familiar with them prior to ever reading his book. One point he did not see is that the Apostle Paul had written in the New Testament how we could have as our main worship day in Christianity either Saturday or Sunday without having to be wrong either side, but because some demonized one church against another over this issue, use the Bible and early Christian writings to defuse this subject from poor quality scholarship. What is sad is when one church is defending the right side of a religious issue, but so lightweight in scholarship, they are unconvincing when they actually defend what is the correct position of true Apostolic Christianity. When all sides calm down, I will invite them to meet together in what the Bible says to do, "Let us reason together" and before it is over, Christianity will be drawn closer and closer together as we overcome bad scholarship with good quality scholarship. All sides have some smart scholars in their ranks, so it is mainly getting enough pertinent facts together and enough sound logic, and as we open ourselves up to the spirit of truth called the Holy Ghost, we will finally end up with totally Apostolic Christianity available to all churches wanting it, an effective assertion of the Kingdom of God for now on earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven coming when God the Father is ready to seal the fate of mankind as to who is saved or else damned for all eternity. Pretty blunt statement. But first Christianity talked about those rejecting Christ in this life and therefore damning themselves for all eternity. God is smarter than the Bible scholars think. All of mankind on earth one way or another will have or have had already the chance to either choose God or else Satan for their eternal religious decision. God puts limits on how much we know about God. God will answer final questions for us when the age of grace is over and God has His required number for those who will be eternally saved from mankind on earth. The Bible scholars overlooked the Bible references saying that when the number of God the father is fulfilled as to how many of the human race will be saved, then the end comes! The Bible references are there! The Bible scholars were blinded and saw not what was in front of their eyes! God blinds us until the time is right in some areas of human religious knowledge. We were blinded about the hidden Bible Codes throughout the Old Testament which is a mathematical code only recently discovered by Bible scholar mathematicians and correctly has predicted apparently every important historical event on earth since man began on earth. I found evidence that the New Testament also has these Bible codes but in Greek instead of Hebrew. However, I may be ahead of the Bible scholars in this angle of Bible scholarship.
     When the Bible scholars read and understand the two Chief Steward prophecies of Jesus Christ, then they know how the Gospel of the Kingdom is suddenly all over the earth as prophesied in Matthew 24 and then the end comes.
     Bible sayings for Christians today include:
     "Then Peter and the other Apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." - Acts 5:29.
     "Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." - John 8:51.
     "And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:.." - I John 5:14, 15.
     'Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To Visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." - James 1:27 - Religion as a word generally refers to a collection of religious writings, practices, codes of conduct or law for their members, and helps form the official appearance of this religion. But a pure religion is where the spiritual side of the religion is practiced and the spiritual side is the only reason to have an official outward appearance of what we call a religion on earth.
      By the way a holy saint of Christ is one who is separated from the world where it does not control his moral code, his Christian acts in life, where his God is God, not the evil leaders of this world or evil movements of this world. A holy saint is also clearly understood to be acting in love of God rather than love of the world in how he lives life on earth. An unholy Christian would be one who gives lip service to Christ but is pagan in values and you cannot see any difference in him in how he lives life than a hardened pagan in life. A holy Christian is one you can read and understand part of the Gospel of Christ by how he (of course can also be she!) lives their life on earth! They represent Christ by the good they display in life!
     "And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." - Luke 24:47.
     "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, ye shall he live: "  - John 11:24, 25 .
     "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven... For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." - Matthew 6:19,20, 21.
     "And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread and thy water: and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee." -Exodus 23:25. This prophesied bread of Exodus 23:25 is the Vatican endorsed trade secret bread my father discovered how to make. Our family is the family God has entrusted this gift of God from in blessed food and as chief steward of this bread secret, it goes to the Confederacy, not to the federal government of Wash., D.C. This God-sent bread is the power that will raise the South back up into effective national independence, freedom, and prosperity. It will not be given to Wash., D.C. so Obama can try to become the world Antichrist with the power this super God-sent health bread would give to him if allowed to. This will be used to give Christianity a large degree of world power as it is the balance of power whether the human race surives or else goes extinct soon like the dinosaurs on earth. I know why the extinction of the human race will come soon unless this Vatican endorsed trade secret super health bread of God is soon added to the American and world diet before it is too late! By giving me this God-secret bread, this guarantees the Confederate Government will win and not Wash., D.C. as to which side will soon win in America.
     Though the Confederate Government will not establish any official church for the South, Christianity will be the legally recognized religion of the South though other religions can also practice freedom of religion with us so long as they are willing to live in peace with us. This report helps establish that the Confederacy will be the most Christian nation and race ever seen on earth since Christianity began on earth. It was not an idle legal commitment that we at the Confederate Convention of the delegates of the Confederate States of America all voted to make Jesus Christ our legally declared King of the Confederate States of America.
     Read other national reports of mine on Nesara News. Look in their search box and put in my pen name of Erasmus of America to read up to 101 or more national reports I have now posted with them in around the last 8 months or so. Look up my Omni Law in this search box as we will add this to our Confederate Constitution as we believe in freedom and God-given rights for our citizens. Obama hated this proposed Omni Law for the abandoned U.S. Constitution as he refuses to obey its legal terms and did not want legal restraints blocking him from becoming the planned later Dictator of America and he would try for world control if he thought he could get away with it. Send any financial backing for the Confederate cause to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. We have got Wash., D.C. beat under international law. Just need final push now and we win.
     Your for God and Confederates States of America, Erasmus of America (pen name. Have given regular name too, but pen name symbolically represents the Christian leadership I stand for!)


Anonymous said...

I do not have access to the book "The Truth of Our Faith"; however, I have the Holy Bible and it says in Matthew 15:9 "In vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." It is also repeated in Mark 7:7. Man has changed the COMMANDMENT of observing God's holy day from Saturday to Sunday, yet no where is there evidence in HIS Word for man's authority to do that. In fact, Christ himself in Matthew 24:20 said, "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day." This was in reference to the END TIMES JUST BEFORE HIS RETURN, so it was intended that man worship on the Sabbath, not Sunday, clear up until Christ returns. Many scholars believe that Sunday worship will be the Mark of the Beast, forcing men to worship on the pagan day as he has been doing all these hundreds of years in his defiance. (Unless of course he is forced to worship on the Muslim holy day which is Friday!) HE also says in Revelation when talking to the churches that they are to be either hot or cold or HE will spit them out of HIS mouth, meaning don't do things in a half-hearted manner! Man seems to think that his way is always right instead of following God's way. So Solomon was right...there is nothing new under the sun, now or then. Perhaps man will wake up under duress again!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is not yet King of the nations of earth. There is not, and cannot be, a new theocracy. When His time comes to take the earth and rule as King He will do so, have no doubt. He has NOT called Christians to take over the earth for Him politically! He has been very specific about this. Christians are to change the world around them only according to the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Humanity always seeks to invoke theocracies on their own terms and imaginations, thinking it is what God has called them to do -- professed Christians included, bigtime. The results are always tragic. When religion and politics are mixed unlawfully in this manner mass crime and persecution results. God forbids it. The beast powers described in Revelation disobey God in this very thing, and make war against Him -- and lose.

The Second Coming of Jesus is upon us. That is when He takes rulership of earth. We can choose Him to be King over ourselves personally, and live up to it, and be ready for His appearance. That is the hope He offers -- not some "heaven on this earth" fantasy sold by aliens/fallen angels or illegal tyranny founded on a man-imagined "theocracy".

Study what God says. It will be so.