Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ben Fulford Responds to Cottrell

Ben Fulford Responds to Cottrell
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 28-Nov-2012 09:54:05
Mr. Michael C. Cottrell himself finally responds to my accusations of murder. In the interests of freedom of the press I will publish his response and below it I will put my reply.
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Here is my response: The sources for the information that Michael Cottrell was involved in murders are many and varied and include the recently murdered Dr. Michael Van de Meer previously known as Michael Meiring. Van de Meer was poisoned by an extract of the castor bean plant known to cause heart attacks. His murderers are linked to David Eisenhower. Before his assassination Dr. Van de Meer repeatedly told me about Cottrell’s involvement in the operation to steal the wealth of the Soviet Union. There were many murders associated with that campaign.
In addition, close colleagues and family of Christopher Story tell me Cottrell was present in the room when Story was fed the poisoned sandwich that killed him. They also say Cottrell was trying to use Story to get access to the Queen of England. It is true Story wrote some nasty and slanderous things about me but I was still a fan of his writing and believe that we journalists need to support each other when murderers target freedom of speech by killing us.
Other sources about Cottrell include former and present CIA and FSB agents who worked with Cottrell.
Cottrell himself contacted me last week through the P2 Freemason lodge to ask that “I call off my hit-men.” He can rest assured that no “hit-men,” have been sent after him.
He can also rest assured that so long as he agrees to appear before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee that he will receive a general amnesty for all his previous activities.
The reason I publicly accused him of being a murderer was to flush him and his fellow agents out of the woodwork. What I told the P2 lodge intermediary was that I would issue an apology or correction if Cottrell would personally contact me, which is something he still refuses to do. Why does he need to hide behind a lawyer? Why does he refuse to let me ask him personally about the allegations people have made about him?
I would also like to know who told him that “music journalist” Steve McClure had convinced me to snort a single line of cocaine. That information was passed by Cottrell to Christopher Story who then published it. This was part of an elaborate operation to paint me as an “insane drug addict.”
Another agent introduced by McClure was sent to me by the recently deceased “Ambassador Stevens,” with 70 kilograms of marijuana laced with mind destroying chemicals. He told me to introduce the yakuza or else I would be killed. He was introduced to a Japanese military intelligence agent pretending to be a yakuza. The Japanese agent said the marijuana was toxic and that the whole operation was a sting intended to destroy my mind, imprison and silence me.
The man who was sent to me began to help me after he realized all I was trying to do was to convince Asian power brokers to finance a swords-to-plowshares transformation of the military industrial complex. The agent, known “Alexander Romanov,” survived several subsequent assassination attempts but is still available to testify.
This marijuana was smuggled into Japan in the same yacht from the Philippines that contained the nuclear warhead used for the March 11, 2011 nuclear terror and tsunami attack against Japan.
Another agent, a former Japanese bike gang member by the name of Tenzan Nakai tried to trick me into drinking a glass of orange juice spiked with amphetamines so that he could film me drugged up.
The aim was to get very dangerous Asian secret society types who hate drug addicts to stop offering me their protection.
So Mr. Cottrell, please give me a call.
Benjamin Fulford


Anonymous said...

OMG! These alternative media guys who most of us read hoping that something GOOD may be happening "somewhere" have ALL turned out to be a bunch of FLAKES. For me, Fulford's reports have been "suspect" for a LONG time. At least 5 years ago, he was reporting there would be "mass arrests".
Fulford reported Story was STILL ALIVE but in hiding after Story died in May 2010.

The whole Keenan/Scott/Whistleblower issue was a MESS and full of untruths too, to the point that it was a bloomin' soap opera. Then the White Hats said that Queen Lizzie was poor and had "NO CONTROL" over all that wealth and the Committee of 300 (that the Crown was the culprit, despite all those satanist rituals at her castles) -- now the White Hats slink away and disappear. NO WONDER the U.S. is in such a mess, with people like THIS "making" the news up. They've become even WORSE than the PROPAGANDA NEWS.

I'm eliminating these people right and left from my reader list. About the ONLY person "believable" anymore is Kerry Cassidy.

Anonymous said...

LOL. He admitted to publicly slandering someone's character?!
"The reason I publicly accused him of being a murderer was to flush him and his fellow agents out..."

And we were taking (supposed to take) everything he said at face value until recanted?

All kinds of things are being revealed. I love Revelations!