Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter to my dear DIVINE Earth Beings!

Letter to my dear DIVINE Earth Beings!
As you all know because you can "feel" - all is
changing around you.  Trust what you are indeed
feeling and pay attention to your inner voice,
inner guidance, inner promptings now, at this 11th

When something does not feel right, listen but
also ask, "What do you want me to know?" and
listen to what you are getting before jumping
to a wrong conclusion.  Your gut feeling is truly
attempting to get your attention for a reason

It is also important for you to fully understand
that you can not hold two energies at the same
time despite having two hands (lol).  You are only
one body and therefore, to manifest what your
heart desires, you must align with the highest
frequency.  For example:  You are so desiring
abundance and your divine prosperity but you are
constantly in a state of worry.  You will NEVER
manifest when in that vibration of worry.  You
can not hold "worry and desire" at the same time
while expecting a positive result.  It is impossible
for this to happen.

This is where most of you are at this time and
you can easily change this as quickly as you are
reading this.  Simply STOP the worry and focus
on the change that you so desire.  But you ask,
"How do I stop when I feel so tired and nothing
has changed in such a long time?"  HOW? By
taking a walk in nature and saying thank you to
everything that you see...the birds, the sun, the
sky, the trees, the flowers, the air.  Just repeat,
thank you, thank you, thank you....and no other
words.  Sit up against a tree and visualize what
you would like to manifest in your life.  Hold the
thoughts for at least one minute (three minutes
is best).  After you have done this, put on some
music that you love and dance with yourself. 

So as you continue, remember to hold only the
energy that you desire in your heart - love, joy,
gratitude.  All other energy that you have, dump
it.  You can literally do this by changing your
thoughts and focus only the highest energy that
there is - love!

Try this for the next five days and see what happens
on December 1st.

You are the divine creators and its now time for you
to fine tune all of your innate powers of manifestation.
You are the God's and Goddess's....time to remember
who you really are and begin to act like it too!

You have all of the help that you need from the other
side too.  Just ask us for help if you feel stuck.  We
are but a thought away but remember that it is you who
have all that you need to create.  Just believe this and
act accordingly.

~ moon.starseed

Dwell in possibility.  ~ Emily Dickinson

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