Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PDF: "Cottrell Response to Fulford" / "...the battle is now joined..."

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PDF: "Cottrell Response to Fulford" / "...the battle is now joined..."
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Date: Tuesday, 27-Nov-2012 19:03:06
In Response To: Benjamin Fulford Audio Update 10/1/12 (Jordon)

Hi, Folks -
Received from A. Clifton Hodges, here's the PDF of a formal letter, detailing Michael Cottrell's response to statements made by Benjamin Fulford, including in Fulford's by-subscription newsletter for November 27.
In short, the letter says "...the battle is now joined -- we will file suit in every available jurisdiction and prosecute the litigation to the fullest."
Here's the 2-page PDF file:


America The Beautiful said...
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America The Beautiful said...

Fulford is a hit and miss journalist. It's best to believe nothing he says and use it only for correlation to what is really going on. Fulford seeths hatred for the United States of America and would love nothing more than to see it fall - guess he really doesn't know the depth of American 'hutspa'. When all is said and done, he will try to take credit, but he will fade away like the rest of the disinfo agents out there.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Fulford is stirring the public pot to expose names, like MC and AH who are now in now very much put into public view. You have to ask Why?! Why would Fulford damage himself by making false unsubstantiated statements? Why does Fulford not put "true" value in his words before reporting them? Is Fulford part of the cabal? Is Fulford being manipulated by the dark forces? When you play with fire, you get burned! Fulford has lost a lot of respect from the top to the bottom, for involving himself in such an unresponsive manner. Could this confrontation have something to do with Wanta? Let the truth begin.... and begin quick!