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There ARE Honest, Law-Respecting Federal Judges!

There ARE Honest, Law-Respecting Federal Judges!

“The IRS was attempting to harass an American citizen who had established that no tax liability existed.”

The IRS headquarters in New Carrollton, Maryland is a government building  that, despite being constructed with public funds, contains art referring to elite secret societies. More importantly, the art conveys a strange message about the U.S. Constitution, and the American people in general.

CtC WARRIOR* NATHAN ANDERSON introduces us to one of these good souls-- Judge Dale S. Fischer of the United States District Court for the Central District of California. On October 10, and then again on November 6, Judge Fischer stood up and stood out from the pack. Breaking a long and darkly-tarnished record of precedents by her colleagues on the bench, Judge Fischer firmly quashed a bogus IRS summons aimed at Nathan, and then denied a subsequent government Motion for Reconsideration.

* CtC refers to “Cracking the Code”, a book by Peter Hendrickson exposing the truth about the federal income tax.

The summons had demanded bank records in an apparent fishing expedition intended to secure evidence of receipts which would have been gratuitously used as a pretext for asserting that Nathan had received "income". Nathan would then have been put to the trouble of rebutting baseless allegations of corresponding tax liabilities.

Judge Fischer's rulings are significant because these summonses have previously been routinely upheld by federal judges, who all-too-often are mere enablers of IRS and DOJ bad behavior. In a departure from that corrupt norm, Judge Fischer recognized that her responsibility is to the law, rather than to the state.

The rulings are ALSO significant, and much more so, because in and by her rulings, Judge Fischer recognizes that intrusive efforts like the one attempted by the government against Nathan must be in pursuit of a lawful purpose-- not to discover if a valid basis for such intrusions exists. That is, intrusive, privacy-violating efforts like this can only be permitted in pursuit of an end for which a legitimate basis has already been established.

The purpose alleged here was the collection of tax liabilities. Absent proof that such liabilities had been previously established and assessed, the effort to submit someone's records to invasion and scrutiny is illegitimate and unenforceable.

Here, the IRS was attempting to harass a CtC-educated American who had established that no liability existed. Thus, there could be no lawful purpose to the summons, and thus, despite being specifically challenged to do so by the judge, the agency was unable to produce any evidence of assessed liability. The best the DOJ and its IRS client could do was the revealingly desperate argument that since the agency isn't allowed to pursue collections activities in the absence of an assessment, and WAS pursuing such activities, the judge should just take it for granted that there must be an assessment somewhere...

FINALLY, THE RULINGS IN THIS CASE are ESPECIALLY significant because among the alleged (but ultimately non-existent) "assessments" cited as the basis for the summons was one for 2004:Nathan, a good and long-time CtC warrior, had filed an educated return and claim for complete refund of everything withheld in 2004, which refu">

Nathan, a good and long-time CtC warrior, had filed an educated return and claim for complete refund of everything withheld in 2004, which refund he duly received-- seven years ago. (Nathan has also received a complete refund for 2002 on an amended return filed after this 2004 victory, and he and his wife have received other subsequent state and federal victories.) Anyone who has been harassed with bogus IRS threat notices about "changed accounts" and other nonsense, or who has been wearied with ever-more absurd warnings from anyone to the effect that, "All these refunds are just slipping through the cracks. Eventually they'll get noticed and "taken care of"!" will find this plain evidence of the emptiness of such nonsense of great interest.

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."center" class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: center;"> "Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right."

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To read more about the occult symbolism associated with the IRS headquarters in New Carrollton, MD:


For the 64 years of its existence, the U. S. Internal Revenue Code has been ridiculed, feared and despised by virtually everyone.  And why not?  As presented by the Internal Revenue Service, the code appears illogical, inconsistent and incomprehensible.  As presented, the code defies practically the entire Bill of Rights– requiring citizens to testify against themselves, allowing searches and seizures without warrants, levying fines and penalties without trials and imposing a tax on the basic right to earn a living.  As presented, the IRC would appear to turn everything we all thought we had learned in grade school English and Civics on its head.

Is it possible that we all just misunderstood those simple lessons?  Maybe.  But researcher, analyst and scholar Peter E. Hendrickson believes that after Cracking the Code, you’ll agree that what has been misunderstood is the 3,413,780 word monstrosity itself– and how, and to whom, it applies.

Hendrickson delves deep into the history, statutes and case law behind the Code to reveal its startling and liberating secrets; and unless you live in a cave, you need to know what he’s uncovered.
Once you’ve finished “Cracking the Code”, the tax laws will never mean the same thing to you, or your bank account, again!


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