Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obama Treason Documented in New Book “Prime Crimes”

Obama Treason Documented in New Book “Prime Crimes”

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon makes the case for impeachment of Obama

“Obama’s loyalty is not to America; it is to the Muslim Brotherhood”

By Stephen Pidgeon

November 2, 2012

The treason of Obama is not a simple matter.  There is only one law governing treason, and it is established in the US Constitution.  It requires the aiding and abetting of our enemies at time of war, and a high level of proof.

Obama’s treason has to do with arming Al Qaeda and other groups on the US Terrorist List, with arms that will ultimately be used against Americans, as they were in Libya.  Obama’s loyalty is not to America; it is to the Muslim Brotherhood and the recreation of the Caliphate under Ottoman control (Turkey).

I have taken a great risk in publishing an accusation of treason before the election – a risk that puts my whole family at risk.  

I have published the book Prime Crimes – Treason in Libya to document the charge that Obama is working on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and not the United States, and that the murder of Stevens was where the rubber met the road – an American Ambassador became expendable to the agenda of the Brotherhood. 

This is an impeachable offense.  Should you choose to enlighten your Congressman – send him or her a copy of Prime Crimes. 

You’ll spit Sharia after reading this indictment.  The book includes a complete list of the groups on the US Terrorist List, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood for the United States (attached as Appendix A); the letter of five US Congress people to the Director of National Intelligence warning of the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Executive Branch (attached as Appendix B), and 131 pages of disclosures from the State Department documenting the communications between Stevens and his staff and the

White House/State Department concerning security for over a year (attached as Appendix C).

Prime Crimes – Treason in Libya

Book Description
Publication Date: October 22, 2012

Prime Crimes gives a detailed account of the treason committed in Libya by the Obama Administration, and includes the Strategic Goals of the Muslim Brotherhood for the United States, a Congressional letter to the director of National Intelligence concerning the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the White House, and a disclosure of the communications from Benghazi, including pleas from Ambassador Stevens for additional security help that went completely ignored by Obama. The state department disclosure is attached for easy reference. An alarming and compelling book. Prime Crimes documents the greatest acts of treason in America’s history. A must read.

Attorney at Law, P.S.

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Anonymous said...

Impeachment? For treason? So Obama can retire like the impeached Bill Clinton and strut around giving high-priced speeches? Obama himself said in his book that if the political winds shift, I will always side with the Muslims, or something like that. The government has been highly infiltrated, if not actually taken over by Muslims. Hillary's chief assistant, Umah Abedin, is a Muslim, Obama is a Muslim, we have at least two in high positions in Homeland Insecurity, and dozens in our military. What will it take wake people up before it is too late?