Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keenan's response?

Keenan's response?
I knew that posting the Cease & Desist orders from Dr. Soekanto to Neil Keenan was most likely going to cause a lot of contention, and I spent several hours discussing the situation with several people- friends and
sources- while deciding whether to post the information or not.

And of course, during the night while I wasn't around, a shitstorm blew up which I would like to address.

First off, feel free to read the comments on the article for yourself:
please use discernment and remember that everyone is free to post their opinions and what resonates with them personally, but please keep it respectful.

One of the comments and the ensuing responses  I received just a while ago :

Anonymous28 November 2012 07:21
What's up RTS? Why won't you post Neil's comments? Your credibility is seriously slipping.

Breaking The Silence28 November 2012 07:31 I haven't posted Neil's comments because Neil hasn't sent me any
comments- and he know's where to find me, sooooooo.......

Anonymous28 November 2012 07:39
Not so according to Jean Haines who has been in touch with Neil. Don't know what the trouble is. Maybe you could send a communication to him?
It seems to be important enough to do so.

So I went to 2012: What's the real truth site- which is Jean's site, which I visit several times a week usually to see what she has to say- as I respect Jean as a writer and a light worker.  Jean posted this

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