Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interview with POOF at American Kabuki blog

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Interview with POOF at American Kabuki blog
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Nov-2012 17:10:18

Hi, Folks -
Thanks to the several Readers who sent me e-mails about this. :)
Posted at American Kabuki blog is an audio-only video of an interview with Poof from October 15.
In case you're wondering, yes, that's Poof, and yes, he did give permission for the audio to be posted. :)
Brief portion of the text intro to the video:
Poof asked me to delay posting this video because some groundwork for the new financial system was not yet complete, which is why its being released 6 weeks after the fact. Poof informed me Tuesday that I could post this Thursday as the protocols would be completed. I apologize for the delay. I thought it better to delay this video than cause complications in implementing the new financial system which will benefit all.


Anonymous said...

So that means since the protocols are completed WE CAN GET ON WITH THE SHOW??????

Anonymous said...

What happened to the interview. I was listening to it and shut it down about half way, and then went to look for it only to find it gone from the internet all together. Does anyone know what happened?

Anonymous said...

It got pulled

Anonymous said...

The request for the Poof interview to be removed immediately was from "High Up"! I guess Poof thought it was clear to give permission to allow it to be posted but the higher ups saw a problem with that for some unknown reason. I guess the work behind the curtains is not complete. We are getting there, that is for sure :) I am glad I got to hear it twice :) For all you doubters, hang on to your asses, going to be a huge wake up call for ya, hope ya can handle it?! git er done!

gittarpikk said...

can anyone that heard it give us a rundown suedo outline of the content?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the highlights of that call. I only got to listen to the middle where they ask about debt forgiveness. Then it was pulled.

Unknown said...

FED is closed but China is still using it.
Dragons delivered $750 T to Treasury last week
All changes done return to Constitutional Law(BAR lawyers cant practice in new courts OR hold public office (as per "lost" 13 amendment
Currency from Treasury notes will be exchanged at 1 to 1 ratio
Our birth accounts have be zeroed out and erased

BronnyNZ said...

Hi. I was only 1/2 listening to the interview as I was doing a few domestics as I listened. Here's what I posted from AK's site onto my blog, and in the Comment section is what I remember of the interview :) Here's the link on my blog. Cheers, Bron.

Anonymous said...

If this was downloaded by anyone I would greatly appreciate a copy.

Anonymous said...

Yes - if anyone has downloaded this interview, please allow us to have a copy of it? Would sincerely appreciate this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you click on the URL,you will see on the right side a group of moving memoes.One mentions the interview and takes you to an announcement that the interview will be brought back at a more proper time.The interviewer also promises to get the interview in a clearer shape.The sound of Poof talking was distant and kind of hard to understand. Hang on!!