Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SIGN Re-Declaration of Independence 2012!

Dwell in possibility.  ~ Emily Dickinson


Anonymous said...

Has not anyone noticed that SoldierHugs is always tying to get your name and address with one poll, petition or another? What good has ever come from any of it? I do not trust that site.
We already have a Declaration. If the Cabal has not honored that one, what good does another with a couple of hundred names on it do?

Anonymous said...

This is to Re-DECLARE our Independence!

What good will it do if you DO NOTHING?

That is the entire problem and why the USA is in a pathetic mess....PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Well, do NOTHING and THEN what? THE same old will grow to a state like HITLER created.

Do you want that for you, your family...or for the future?

THEY - NWO - has become so blatant that they are no longer denying their agenda!

SO WAKE UP...and do SOMETHING that can make a difference before you can no longer call yourself an American!

SIGN the 2 petitions and send the info out to those you know...we are at the 11th hour, do you NOT get this?

LISTEN to the recording on - www.soldierhugs.com