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True Nature Of Military 'Justice' - Bradley Manning Kept In Animal Cage

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True Nature Of Military 'Justice' - Bradley Manning Kept In Animal Cage
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Date: Friday, 30-Nov-2012 07:11:48

The incoherent, in-human beasts of murder, death, and destruction can only act as such. One cannot be what one is not.
U.S. soldier in WikiLeaks case says he was held in a "cage"
FORT MEADE, Maryland (Reuters) - A U.S. Army private facing court-martial on suspicion of leaking secret documents to the WikiLeaks website testified on Thursday he was confined to a "cage" in the early days after his arrest in 2010, and thought he would die there.
Bradley Manning, in his first public comments since his arrest in Iraq, said his isolation quickly led to a breakdown, and his military captors eventually put him on suicide watch.
"My nights were my days and my days were my nights," Manning said. "It all blended together after a couple of days."
The low-ranking soldier Manning faces up to life in prison if convicted of charges he played a role in the massive leaking of secrets by WikiLeaks, which stunned governments around the world by publishing intelligence documents and diplomatic cables, mostly in 2010.
Manning's lawyers were working on a plea deal involving less serious charges that would result in a prison term of at least 16 years, one of his attorneys said.
His captors initially gave Manning little or no information about the charges against him as he was taken from Iraq to a U.S. detention facility in Kuwait, he said.
Manning said he was confined to a structure he called a "cage" of eight feet square inside a tent. He suffered a breakdown about a month after his May 2010 arrest, and guards later found a noose in the cage. Manning had made the noose but failed to recall he had done so because he was so disoriented, he said.
"I remember thinking I'm going to die stuck here in this cage," Manning said. "I thought I was going to die in that cage. That's what I saw - an animal cage."
Upon being transferred to Quantico, Virginia, in July of 2010, Manning was placed in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day, on suicide watch with a guard checking on him every few minutes. He was often noticed playing peek-a-boo in the mirror.
"The most entertaining thing in there was the mirror. I spent quite a lot of time with the mirror," Manning said. When asked why, he said, "Just sheer, complete, out-of-my-mind boredom."
The private's testimony, which was set to continue into Friday when he would be cross-examined, came on the third day of a hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland, to determine whether his case should proceed to a full court-martial.
In the absence of a plea deal, Manning's case could go to trial, where he faces possible life imprisonment if he is convicted of all the security breach charges against him.
Charges include stealing records belonging to the United States and wrongfully causing them to be published on the Internet and aiding enemies of the United States, identified by prosecutors as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, an affiliate of the militant network founded by the late Osama bin Laden.
Prosecutors have alleged that Manning, without authorization while on intelligence duty, disclosed hundreds of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables, military reports and video of a military helicopter attack in Iraq in which two Reuters journalists were killed.
WikiLeaks has never confirmed Manning was the source of any documents it released.
In pre-trial litigation, prosecutors have presented testimony legal experts say could be used to build a case Manning had been in email contact with Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' Australian-born founder.
Assange has spent nearly six months in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he sought refuge to avoid extradition to Sweden for questioning in a sexual molestation case.
Assange and his supporters have said the Swedish case against him could be part of a secret plot to have him shipped for trial to the United States and either executed or imprisoned at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
U.S. officials have denied those assertions. But they have acknowledged a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, has been collecting evidence about WikiLeaks. U.S. officials have not ruled out criminal charges against Assange.
Earlier on Thursday, Assange played down reports that his health was declining after Ecuadorean officials said he was suffering from a chronic lung ailment.
(Writing by Dan Burns; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Eric Walsh)
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Anonymous said...

Having held a top level security clearance years ago during the Vietnam War era (what a money maker that war was for the private corporations), I am doing my best to try to figure out how a private could possibly have accessed information that would require one to hold a top level secret clearance, or higher, to be able to access any REAL 'secret' national security documents or ANY information that could have been truly detrimental to the security of the united States. Now mind you, I am referring to the united States and NOT to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA private corporation, employees of which (Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, et al) have been selling off the 'secrets' of the UNITED STATES for years and conducting all manner of traitorous business with the enemies of the united States of America, both foreign and domestic, to include China and Russia. So my question is this: JUST WHO SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR TREASON for selling off the 'secrets' of this country? This little private who, most likely, has been and is under MK Ultra or some similar programming (as with various incidents involving guns and shootings in recent years in this nation), and has been set up as a patsy and a cover for traitorous actions at the high levels? Or the ones at the top who truly have access to information that could very well be detrimental to the security of our nation. What makes more sense as to who would be the most likely to be at fault in this situation - the private who peels potatoes and runs errands for the top brass? Or the top brass who formulate the plans, make the decisions and have the knowledge and highly secure access to that information? Think about it. Someone, please, work to get this private out of this high level pre-planned fabricated cage and set him free. Court martial those who REALLY sold out our nation, and who make all kinds of money and profits off being traitors. It is past time to clean house, and to do it in haste and with the utmost precision.