Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reader sends list of FEMA internment camps

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Reader sends list of FEMA internment camps
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 27-Nov-2012 20:13:48

Reader H. of Australia suggested I mirror the information below which was found at:
I think a lot of this information has been around for a while, but the Scribd PDF in particular is a significant compilation of information.

The Locations of FEMA Concentration Camps in America

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Anonymous said...

Well, now that the 'list' has been provided to make it easier, looks to me like there is an immediate assignment ready and waiting for all militias, patriots and just good solid Americans across this nation. If you don't want to wind up in one of these camps as a 'temporary resident', then why not formulate plans to do away with these death camps and those who are manning them? Surely there are those in our nation who have the knowledge and experience to know how to accomplish this?????? Same goes for the HAARP and chemtrail plane locations. HELLO!!! Anybody 'LISTENING'?????