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Electric Hurricanes - Haarp was used to pump up Katrina


Electric Hurricanes - Haarp was used to pump up Katrina

This is the Nasa report that proves it

There have been three hurricanes in history that had a lot of lightning while over open water. Katrina, Rita, and Emily. Nasa caught onto it and reported about it, yet there is nothing about this in the alternative news. This is something I had posted in blogs and forums before I converted this web site over to a news site, THE FOLLOWING NASA REPORT PROVES THAT KATRINA WAS A HAARP STORM BECAUSE:
while over open water, hurricanes produce no lightning. Hurricanes do not produce electrical fields because the wind currents are wrong for it. If a hurricane hits a mountain there will be lightning, because a mountain will cause vertical winds. Vertical winds do not happen over open water. This Nasa article explains this very well. A hurricane functions completely differently than a thunderstorm does, and lacks the vertical winds needed to trigger lightning.
Nasa says it was a new discovery about hurricanes in this article because they can't come out and say it was Haarp. But if you read my HAARP report, you can see I linked this article, which has not been available lately due to the fake government shut down.
I had it cached though, so take a look at this. Haarp would definitely do this to a hurricane, and this article amounts to documented proof that Haarp really was used to destroy New Orleans. If it was not what caused the extreme electrical fields that caused Nasa to dub Katrina an "electric hurricane", what else did? This is pretty obvious.

Because the mail at is secure, and has marketed itself as a journalist "safe house", the "elite" have chosen to destroy the entire mail server by having all the spam filters block ALL INCOMING AND OUTGOING MAIL TO ALL MAILBOXES ON THE ENTIRE SITE. PROOF IS BELOW in the article section, THIS TIME THE ELITE ARE NAILED.

Proof of willful and malicious sabotage is the fact that all mails being sent TO an box are destroyed without a trace as well. It's just an outright trashing of everything, and legitimate spam filtering only blocks ONE BOX, OUTGOING, NOT INCOMING. Weapons destroy everything and that is exactly what is happening to all mails sent to not only but as well. And obviously if incoming is destroyed, outgoing is tampered with as well

Interesting it is that tons of viruses and nigerian scammers get through to the Jimstonefreelance boxes, but virtually NONE of the real mail does. And since they can't actually pick through an mail the way they can with mails sent to my site, they simply killed all incoming and outgoing mail to the entire Unseen web site. Hopefully public knowledge of this will force them to BACK OFF. This is not limited to my box only.

Read the proof below the links, in the article section. This is not a guess or mistake.

The NSA screws up with

Since the NSA can't access an mailbox, they saw fit to kill the entire site and they made a huge mistake when they did by allowing at least one notification to get back to the sender. This notification has been captured and is posted here. The Unseen mailbox is totally and completely dead both incoming and outgoing. Unseen is going to have to fight to live now or they will die. The mistake is in the fact that the warning that the mail got blocked was sent and subsquently received by the sender. The sender is not supposed to be allowed to know when a censored message does not make it, because it allows the sender to know what is happening and that the message did not make it. If you want to destroy a target in secret, you cannot let the target know it is being shot at.
This is all part and parcel with my warning to other journalists - they are now cracking down on the true alternative media with slander, censorship, destruction of communications, and additionally - detentions and killings. Hastings was a high profile version of this, but you can count on the fact that many lesser media people have been murdered and detained in secret. I don't intend to be one of them. The following message proves censorship, and yes, the boxes are once again totally dead. When they destroy people they want it to happen without the target knowing. This would be a screw up: James,
FYI, your IP is being blocked by
I sent a reply to and it bounced back, so I sent it again but only as being forwarded, hasn't bounced back yet.

Begin forwarded message:
Date: October 15, 2013 11:45:06 AM PDT

Subject: Failure Notice

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Blocked - see [RCPT_TO]

--- Below this line is a copy of the message.
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 15 Oct 2013 18:45:02 -0000
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X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
X-Yahoo-SMTP: _e76LciswBDa2esDuGZSAL0VuvPUbAc-
X-Rocket-Received: from [] (harley498@ with )
by with SMTP; 15 Oct 2013 18:45:02 +0000 UTC
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Mime-Version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v1085)
Subject: Re: From CA payment sent
From: A M
In-Reply-To: <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 11:45:00 -0700
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Message-Id: <>
References: <> <> <> <>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1085)

Legitimate spam filters DO NOT block mails being sent TO an address, they block mail being sent FROM an address. This filtering, which is preventing mail from even being sent to a box by people who are not spammers is warfare all the way, and a no doubt highly successful method of keeping journalists isolated. If you want to take out a journalist, you cannot let that journalist know who is trying to help or who is sending information. Additionally, if you want to make sure a whistleblower is silenced, you have to kill all mail to legitimate journalists who might actually publish what a true whistleblower has to say.Legitimate spam filters activate only on people who send thousands of mails from the same box. Since from the beginning of Jimstonefreelance, I have sent only replies to people and should be in ZERO SPAM FILTERS, I have never even sent out a newsletter or article notification EVER. This is why when you go to Spamhaus, they won't admit I am filtered, you can enter my mail addresses into spamhaus through the front page query and they all come up clean. Yet the back door blocks everything, and I have proof:

Read the top line in the photo below, what Spamhaus did when my mail address was entered into Kerry's blog.

Proof of unilateral censorship of Jimstonefreelance

This is a screen capture of what happened when I tried to sign up for Kerry´s forum after she invited me there as a key writer. This happens universally, with all web filters and is why it is so hard to communicate with me. 

After seeing this, I went to spam haus and typed in my information, and they said through the front door that they had no blocks on me. So spamhaus is a verified clandestine weapon, and any shill out there can say "He says he´s blocked, but that´s a lie because you can go right to any of the web filters, type in his info, and he´s not blocked." But this screen capture proves that once you get put in the REAL BLACKLIST, it all happens in secret and you along with everyone else will not be told you are filtered.

here is an example

About the chem trail nano particles being programmed to kill us

I received a request to comment on this topic that is being covered by Doctor Bill Welds. Here it is -
Perhaps, but I think the real problema is tainted vaccines. Read the following, which is a re-post of an article posted long before The Rebel went off the wire.

Bombshell - New method of destructive vaccine design exposed

I was contacted by a Doctorate of Pharmacology who revealed a new method of creating brain destroying vaccines. This is an updated method and will supersede the bacteriophage virus approach to destroying neurons. Intentionally destructive vaccines are the real reason for Autism, lowered test standards, and today's far less capable kids
Here is what they are now doing. They are growing brain tissue from stem cells, stripping the proteins off of them and coating the inactive or weakened pathogens that a vaccine normally uses with these proteins. Many people out there know that friendly vaccines contain either dead or weakened versions of the disease they are supposed to prevent. To cause a friendly vaccine to become destructive, all that is needed is to coat these weakened pathogens with proteins, hormones, or whatever else in the recipient's body you want destroyed, and when the recipient's immune system reacts to the pathogen, it will recognize the protein or other material you coated that pathogen with as hostile also and then attack it wherever it exists in the body.
Emotional and cognitive neurons are not the same as the neurons that control body function, and their proteins and other components are slightly different from physical control neurons, especially in the synapses. If you start with a stem cell and grow it to only form a blob of emotional or cognitive neurons and then take the proteins and other materials from these stem cells, grown in a culture, and attach them to the pathogens in a vaccine, the recipient's body will then proceed to destroy the parts of the brain that have proteins that match what was in the stem cell culture.
And this is exactly what we are seeing in the children now, with the outrageously high autism rates. And it's far worse than that, EVERY child who receives one of these sabotaged vaccines gets a severe emotional and intellect hit, and those who get hit the hardest develop full blown autism. These sabotaged vaccines, whatever the form, were introduced during the same time frame that the aptitude test standards were lowered. These standards were lowered and lowered again and again as the vaccines became worse, the autism rates climbed, and the general intelligence of the population dropped. They had to incrementally lower the test standards to hide the incrementally increased damage from the vaccines. They could not have every kid failing all of a sudden because people would look for the cause.

The smoking gun

Want proof of the world conspiracy? Would you like a simple and easy way to KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE DESTROYERS ARE? Just take a look at the autism rates in the Jewish community, where they remain the same now as they were in the 70's when autism rates were below one in 20,000. There are definitely non sabotaged vaccines available today, and the autism numbers in the Jewish community PROVE IT. Take a look at the autism rates in Israel. Google it out. That alone is proof enough of who is sabotaging the vaccines. And the hit pieces done against those who have discovered the truth are only further confirmation of who is doing it, when it comes to the ziopress you hear only the numbers, NEVER THE REASON.
This hearkens back to the 80's and 90's with the original anti fertility vaccines distributed by the UN to reduce the populations in the third world. Don't know about that? surf it out. These vaccines work in exactly the same way, but it was possible to make them without stem cells because the fertility hormones could be manufactured and then used to coat the pathogens. To cause a small girl to become sterile for life, they coated the polio pathogen in the polio vaccine with progesterone. To sterilize women ages 15 - 45, they coated the tetanus pathogen in the tetanus vaccine with prostglandin, the hormone which signals a pregnancy has occurred. If the immune system attacks prostglandin, the woman will proceed to a normal period rather than hold her pregnancy.
Prior to this new approach where proteins from stem cells were used, I had other medical professionals tell me that the elite had re designed bacteriophages to attack only the precise neurons in the brain the elite wanted removed. There is an alex Jones video out there that goes over this very well, go to Youtube and search out "brain eating vaccines". It will be the 15 minute video titled "media pushing brain eating vaccines" or something similar, just in case the zioscammers put up a bunch of flak to bury the real one.
This new approach, where the white blood cells themselves become programmed to eat the brain rather than a bacteriophage is the new preferred mode of action, because a mutation which made the bacteriophage capable of going airborne would make it so that the elite were not safe from their own weapon. Having the child's own immune system destroy that child is a far safer method for the elite, because it ensures their own weapon will never become something that can destroy them, and the ignorant parents won't ever realize that the "immune system malfunction for a baby that was genetically susceptible to the vaccine" that caused their child to start spinning in a circle like a chimpanzee was actually intentionally inflicted.
Just google autism spinning.
Got a goy baby there? Ha, the GOY get the green and red striped vial, the blue one is for the JEW. Nope, the Jews are NOT ONE BIT SMARTER THAN US, UNTIL THEY USE THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM TO MAKE IT THAT WAY. Welcome to the new future, where babies look like chimpanzees, the young children hardest hit behave and spin like chimpanzees and the Jews are the best at EVERYTHING. To get your child vaccinated safely, go to a Jewish medical center, say you are Jewish, and things will likely be fine if no controls are in place to confirm if you are Jewish or not. I never looked at this angle of it, but there has GOT TO be a way to get a safe vaccine and you can bet they know. Perhaps there are kosher and non kosher. It's that way, even with soap.

It is NOT the mercury anymore, though the mercury was bad, the new vaccines are SO MUCH WORSE that mercury could not possibly do that much damage without killing the child every time. This new mode of action kills only the part of the brain the "elite" want killed, and leaves the body control functions untouched in the vast majority of cases. It's an intentional well calculated down grade of the non Jewish population, AFTER ALL, THE KID WAS STUPID ANYWAY DON'T YOU KNOW! Your race is devolving in intelligence rapidly, don't you know? YOU are a WORKER DRONE.

A note to The Rebel

If this site is pro-Israel, working undercover to misguide you, how do you explain the Fukushima report, which if it became widely distributed would result in Israel getting blown off the map? And if I dont mention haarp, how do you explain haarp.html? And even the Fukushima report says that the quake was haarp and the tsunami was nuclear, how did you miss that? And if you are going to split hairs and say I am pro zionist because I said it was a nuke and not Haarp that caused the tsunami, how low is your intelligence anyway? And you obviously missed the Fluoxitil article, the antidepressant report, and the detailed vaccine reports, which go right along with the poisoning you speak of. How many times have I told people to avoid getting poisoned by eating Kosher and showing the various Kosher labels?
I know what your problema is. You are unable to read more than five words a minute and my articles are too long for you to get to the details like these because they are often 15 pages in.
And if you have not read this site enough to ever see the words holohoax, and all the reports about this with documented evidence proving the hoax, including statistics from the World Almanac proving it fake as well as all my commments I have written about this you are too new around here to comment about anything. To turn your ignorance of what is here into slander against me, especially when you claim I never say what I always say, the main topic around here, means ONLY ONE THING -
At least when I rip someone I make damn good and sure it is a legitimate rip that will stand up against any rebuttal. You just read a page or two and because everything you want is not on the first page you fire off slander, when everything you slandered me for not having is here in abundance, and it can only mean one thing - you are far too shallow an intellect to be taken seriously on the web,


Who would try to divide the truth movement over the irrelevant - if I am or am not Vialls anyway, other than a stark raving zionist on a slander trip? Divide and conquer, it is all too obvious. Vialls was right about everything anyway. Too bad the Wayback machine is not so wayback so you cant get his real reports anymore.

Did The Rebel get taken out?

HOW could the Rebel have posted my Israel nuking syria report and practically everything else on this page and then say I am closet "pro Israel"? Someone at the Rebel is either dead, in prison, or heavily drugged and waiting to become the next Holmes. I am standing my ground - alternative media people are now being silenced and their venues are being diverted and used to destroy others in the alternative media. and I said this long before the slander attacks against me. I only made it through this so far because I am former intelligence and know how to keep safe. I may well end up being one of the last true media people taken out. They cannot just hijack this site either because I am too well connected and will get the word out.

Because I stayed out of reach and am still here, thanks to the support of my readers who sent enough for me to get to a safe and secret location, the only option for the zionists is to now attempt to diminish my influence via slander. Too bad The Rebel went down, IT HAD TO, because it is now a prime slander venue that is seeking to divide and conquer. Divide and conquer is THE GAME for the zionist elite, all is not well at The Rebel, and the latest that was posted there proves it.

This is the last I will say on this topic because there is too much else to speak about, now, where were we when all of this started?

Aaah, YES . . . . . .


Jim Stone, September 27 2013

I got contacted by another journalist who is also under threat. Initially he asked for this to not be posted, and today he gave the go ahead. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE BEING TARGETED, BUT I AM DEFINITELY NEAR THE TOP OF THE LIST. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:

I've been reading your site every day and I wish I had a way to contact you privately and securely. First of all, congratulations on getting married. From what I read on your site and your wife's letter, she seems like a very intelligent and genuine lady. That's rare these days and you are a fortunate man to have her in your life.
Please do not breathe a word of this to anyone else, no hints on your site, etc. - There is construction going on at my apartment building. The repairs are long overdue here and when I saw the contractors coming and going, I asked one of them who the foreman was because I need the work and the money so I was going to offer to do some labor or other work. They told me they rely on a temp agency for workers and already had their guys.
Next day I was outside talking to one of the contractors and a white van pulls up and two guys were inside looking like workers and one called me over.
"We're from the agency, are you one of the temps?" He asked.
I told him no but that I was looking, that I didn't have a phone I used google voice and that I could email me anytime if they needed someone. Blah blah...
I got an email later asking what I know about you.Then I get this notification screen from gmail that I needed to change my password due to unusual account activity, so I did.
That email was gone when I got back into my gmail acct. gone. No trace of it in my inbox, spam, trash, nowhere.
Next day I asked one of the contractors I had befriended if he knew who the two guys in the van were and he said he had never seen them before.
This whole thing is coordinated Jim. And they've ramped it up now from doing the zerzetsen "no-touch' thing like fucking with sites and spreading disinfo to personal, face to face contact. Me, you, this happening at nearly the same time - we know coincidences happen on purpose in this game.
I'm getting the hell outta here soon, like, this physical location, and maybe reinvent myself.
I suggest you and your wife do the same.

My Response: DITTO

If I am not the only one being targeted and watched, it means a generalized crack down is underway and I am not the only one under threat.
A warning to all journalists: Don't trust that friendly guy you never saw before. Intelligence agencies act friendly first and destroy later, once you have told them exactly how to do it via innocent talk. Close your doors and let NO ONE into your life at this time, the crackdown may well be going live.

I am in the process of making the switch now

Today is the day I officially drop off the radar. Though the region will always be known because of IP addresses, the region is simply too big for any effective tracking to happen. I cannot do it any other way and stay online safely. If accessing the web has been made impossible the easy way, I will just do it the hard way and remain invisible forever. My new "hideout" does not have "five swimming pools and a lake" like Jessica Ghawi's damning tweet, but it is ok for simple living which is all I need and I thank people for sending enough to make this transition possible. I know for certain the zio front is totally clueless about where it is and it will stay that way if I am not totally stupid. That's enough of the details.
I wanted to link the Nasa article I speak of in the following comments, but the fake government shutdown, which has all the Federal police agencies, the CIA, and everything else that makes lives for Americans miserable obviously still going has shut down for the purpose of fronting a wall of bullshit. I did screen captures off the Wayback machine, but since they will wipe the wayback machine the moment I link a piece of damning evidence that is preserved there, I am not going to link the article there either. Tomorrow I won't forget the flash drive and will upload that article to this web site and it's a doozie. Read the following post for details:
Updates to the front page may be spotty for the next few days, but there are a ton of links to previous articles up top now and I will work to get more - it's all good stuff up there you might find interesting to dig through.

Wait a minute . . . . .

I find it interesting that only three weeks after I started having serious problems with an intelligence agency, and others have had exactly the same problems, that reputable people in the truth movement moved to slander me

Let me explain
About three weeks ago I issued a warning to alternative media journalists that the assaults have stepped up, and that they needed to watch their backs. Then came the "Jim Stone is Joe Vialls" B.S. from someone who was formerly very reputable. Perhaps he was one of the first to be taken out and those who nailed him are using his persona to back stab other people who are equally reputable. If you want to destroy people in the truth movement who know the game too well and are therefore hard targets, those with high level government training who know all about the Mossad and how intelligence agencies function, those who you just can't destroy on cue, why not use the reputation and personalities of those you have destroyed already to damage those who know what is going on and remain out of reach?
I think that is what is going on. First of all the entire slander piece was accusing me of being Joe Vialls as if it was something bad. It would not be bad, if it was true. The entire issue was an identity issue. Joe Vialls is a truth movement hero who no doubt got wiped out early on for discovering the Indonesia tsunami was also caused by a nuke. And you can't trust the wayback machine, in Viall's early reports on his real site he had the EMP that India recorded, and the newspaper articles released in Egypt and India that said it was a nuke and that they captured the EMP. Now that's all wiped out, compliments of the fact that the zio front destroyed the historical value of the Wayback machine and Viall's original site expired out.

Here is probably what is going on - They are destroying truth movement journalists RIGHT NOW, and using their good image to destroy other truth movement journalists. Brilliant it was to call Joe Vialls a psy op, and then accuse ME of being a continuation of that psy op because if that move succeeds, it will destroy not only me, but the legacy of Joe Vialls.

And If I go and Viall's legacy is destroyed, then false flag terror in the name of the environment, the holy grail of the zionist terror front, will once again slip into obscurity which will allow them to tsunami nuke and fake earthquake at will. It's not like this is not documented - even Secretary of State Cohen SAID it can be done in 1997, and just about everyone who has hit this site knows that. And it is documented by Nasa that Hurricane Katrina was pumped up by haarp, WHY IS THIS NOT ALL OVER THE TRUTH MOVEMENT, INCLUDING ON RENSE? NASA DUBBED KATRINA "THE ELECTRIC HURRICANE" FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, why is this not known BIG TIME? If Rense and others can't even repeat the truth when NASA says it, what kind of truth sites are they? It's not like everything is a big secret here, sometimes all I do is find the obvious and post it.

Mirrors being tampered with, ARCHIVE EVERYTHING

For those who think this site has to be a psy op because their computers get wiped out when they try to help, I apologize but also ask them to think -
If this site was a psy op, what good would it do to wreck everyone who tried to help? A psy op uses all the grass root support it can get. The fact that people get jacked with when they help here only proves that this site is NOT a psy op. If you are going to help, please follow my precautions, mentioned after what happened to Judge Dredd when he set up a mirror. -
Judge Dredd set up a mirror of this site on an independent server, which I encourage people to do. At one time there were lots of these mirrors, I have not checked lately to see how many the NSA has destroyed, but -
When Judge Dredd put the site live, within a few minutes he began getting denials of port 80 requests, which he has never seen before. This means that almost as soon as the mirror went live, it got taken down. He looked at the code from my site and discovered that Web of Trust had somehow injected code into my pages that I never put there. I checked my own server and sure enough, Web of Trust had injected code into this site I never authorized. I don't know how they managed to do that.
I tried to send Judge Dredd the following response, and the mail refused to send. So I went to to send from there, and when I paste the following response in, the connection terminates. So here is my response, on the front page, I guess my server log in somehow prevents tampering because I can type here without getting disconnected.
I was not allowed to respond to this mail from the box you sent it to.
You obviously hit a nerve, and no, I did NOT put that code there. Web of trust is probably clandestine then, it must all be getting routed through them. I found the code injected into my own server, it did not happen during the file transfer to yours.
thanks for the heads up, and I hope you are able to get that server going,
People need to realize that when they help the mission of this site - to be a totally truthfully alternative news source that is totally uncontrolled, with all original content, that they will get messed with and it is not me doing it.What good would it do if I was some sort of psy op to cause difficulty for anyone who tries to help? Psy ops always encourage grass roots support, if you have troubles spreading the word YOU HIT THE TRUTH, it's as simple as that. If you help spread the message from this site, you need to take the following precautions -
Use all new totally useless and disposable mailboxes, because they will fall dead shortly after sending any mail out regarding this site, and if possible you have to run Linux Live, preferably with your hard drive unplugged. Installing it to a class 10 SD card works great. This site is important and perhaps one of the only voices out there that really is not controlled in ANY WAY. And it is obvious that the message here is important, for failure to have it spread could easily bring the world another Fukushima or tsunami nuke. The zionists want to have a gullible public at their disposal to manipulate, and this site is perhaps the biggest threat to that.
There is so much here that is obviously provably documented true you can't find anywhere else, and it is therefore obvious that this site is going to be targeted by anyone working for the elite. The alternative media has evolved into a three headed hydra, with two of them speaking disinfo to misguide those who are searching for the truth and do not trust the MSM. Watch out for who you trust because at least two out of three are going to lie to you in one way or another. If I am wrong about anything here, it is by mistake and not by intent. And I don't screw up often.
About the recent Chinese soldiers in America theme - this has been said since 1995 and since I have already covered that and the real threat is the Stuxnet virus, tainted vaccines, electronic mind control, and false flag terror in the name of the environment I am not bothering with that now. I'd say total propaganda fakes like Sandy Hook are right up there as well, and if your alternative news source is not all over the topic of environmental terror, with documented facts (such as the original seismograms from 3/11,) your alternative news source who is refusing to talk about this should be seriously questioned. Anyone talking Becquerels when they should be talking whole sieverts should also be questioned.
Friday, October 11 2013

IF this site is cointelpro, I'd like an explanation of the following:

What intelligence front would point out in such clear terms that the Japan earthquake was not natural and that the tsunami was nuclear, complete with the original seismic evidence and interviews with the lead engineer who designed Fukushima? If I was an intelligence front why would I point out that Israeli security firm Magna BSP planted a nuke at reactor 3? WHAT DAMNED INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EVER POINTS THE FINGER AT ISRAEL IN A WAY THAT CANNOT BE EASILY SHOT DOWN? If anyone thinks I am an intelligence front the Fukushima report ALONE proves they need to wake up.
Another thing I have been accused of doing is destroying the computers and mail accounts of people who help this site and spread the message. Now here's a real no brainer - If I was an intelligence front WHY WOULD I SABOTAGE PEOPLE WHO GOT INVOLVED? An intelligence front uses all the grass roots help it can get, it does not ruin computers and stifle e-mail and create other havoc for people who get involved. The fact that this happens to people who try to help this site - people who don't follow my advice about systems security before doing so, proves beyond a doubt that I am the FREAKING TARGET OF AN INTELLIGENCE FRONT, AN INTELLIGENCE FRONT THAT HAS BEEN TASKED TO STOP THE MESSAGE OF THIS SITE BY DESTROYING IT AND ALL HELP THAT CAN POSSIBLY BE DESTROYED.
If I was an intelligence front, Google would do NOTHING but pull up this site when people search Fukushima and the Japan earthquake. But Google accounts for less than 8 percent of hits to this site and all the Google hits go to the damn black widow photo in the photography section and the cockroach page, both of which run totally separate from the news section. I wonder why. Google censorship alone proves this site legit. And of course if you type the site address into Google the site will come up, but what good does that do if you already have the site address or know who I am? Of course Google will tell you because it does no damage to the elite to tell you if you already know where this site is. The censorship is for those who don't know.
If I was an intelligence front, I'd succeed at getting on the air more often, rather than getting the plug pulled mid program and all contact cut before final arrangements can be made. That alone should say it all.
If I was an intelligence front, the site would not look like crap and I would never appear to lose my temper, it would all be presented in a slick cool headed way. No one double checks my stuff, it just goes up. But most of all, the content of what is here proves I am not an intelligence front because it is far too damaging to the globalist / zionist front. I am just an extreme geek with a huge technical background and mastery of several technically related topics. And being a good researcher goes with that territory, if anyone thinks I am an intelligence front simply because I come up with too much good stuff (this is actually a common theme) consider the fact that my IQ cannot be accurately measured because I get into the gray area at the top of every test, and tests are subjective anyway. THAT is why this site is what it is, what would Tesla's web site look like if he was alive today? This site is not impossible.


The evil of compartmentalization.

So, they checked your background, and you got that job at an intelligence agency. No doubt you are smart, and with that fancy compartmentalized clearance you have, you can truly claim to be the BIG SHOT. But perhaps there is something you failed to consider . . . . . .

There is something that I am sure most people do not realize when they talk about the NSA, CIA, FBI, ect. And that is that these agencies are staffed by highly moralistic and very good people (Unless they are Mossad). A tyrannical government will always seek out the best in a society, the most intelligent, most honest, hardest working people, because it is these people who will report back 100 percent, do the job they are told to do without question, and never lie. The use of honest people to do the works of evil is accomplished by only letting them see one small part of the total mission, and the reason given to them is so that one individual cannot spill the whole can of beans. This restriction of information is called compartmentalization.

But there is a problem with compartmentalization, and it is that it can serve a dual purpose. Because one individual is never allowed to see the entire mission, the mission can be evil and no one will be the wiser. Let's say that the corrupted elite on the top of the chain are after a whistleblower. There will be a mission born at the FBI or another agency, where they will be told they are pursuing a terrorist who plans to blow something up. They will never be told they are really after someone who caught a Rothchild molesting a four year old, they will be told it is a terrorist, and national security is severely threatened.
Good moralistic people will want to defend their country, so they will work hard to keep tabs on this terrorist. Down in the lower levels, there will be a few well selected people who know the truth, no doubt paid very well to manipulate and steer the honest away from any discoveries, and if discoveries are made which are counter to the cover story, those who made those discoveries will be congratulated and assigned a new mission. You can't have morals getting in the way of a composite work of evil.
I had a little fun with this. When I did the Fukushima report, I was stalked and watched continuously. It was so bad that the neighbors noticed and asked me why there were always people watching my house. I had two cell modems destroyed by people who re-flashed their bios to meaningless gobbledygook. The agents also woodpeckered my hard drive, which I stopped on time. Right after posting the report, for a month straight, right at midnight someone would empty seven rounds from a shotgun in a field adjacent the house. If that's not a death threat, what is?
Anyway, I got rid of them with a unique solution. These people were ignorant to why they were assigned to watch me, and I knew that. I am sure they fragged the cell modems and thrashed the hard drive of a "terrorist". But I did away with that, I began printing out the Fukushima report, going up to them, and handing it to them while telling them that THIS is why they were really watching me, and to show it to their boss. I knew by doing so I breached about 30 compartments. I destroyed good agents, several, because I knew they had morals and would NOT agree to be used the way they were being used. To prevent losses, and I am sure the losses went up the chain of command a ways, they HAD TO call off the hounds. Smart thinking on my part, and a direct result of knowing exactly how the compartmentalized clearance system works.
If you ever get yourself in a situation like I was in at that time, where they are not shooting at you, or arresting you yet after you expose some major truth, print it up and hand it to your stalkers. You'd be surprised by how fast they vanish.
To the people at the intelligence agencies, CONSIDER THIS: You were told after 9/11 that there were terrorists all over this country. You were told that there were sleeper cells, bio labs brewing up diseases, explosives experts, and all sorts of evil al-quaida rag tags running around this country, just waiting to blow up a bridge, a day care center, a stadium, and we have not seen JACK other than patsies your own agencies set up.
Consider this the next time you are told to track a terrorist, or a threat to "national security". Consider the fact that you are not allowed to see the entire mission from start to finish, and you may very well IN FACT be spelling the doom for someone who is seeking to save YOUR child from vaccine damage, your wife from getting her brain blown out by psyche meds, or your home from being washed away by a nuclear tsunami; - no doubt blamed on mother nature. Consider whether or not a compartmentalized clearance should even exist, for truly, the worst of evils can be accomplished through the ignorance of good hearted people totally oblivious to the reality of what their work really represents.



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