Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NBC Poll - GOD stay in America

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Do you believe

that the word

God should

stay in



NBC this

morning had a

poll on this

question. They

had the

highest Number

of responses

that they have

ever had for

one of their

polls, and the

Percentage was

the same as


86% to keep the

words, IN God

We Trust and

God in the




14% against

That is a





I was asked to send

this on if I

agreed   or  delete

if I didn't ... 

Now it is your
turn.  It is
said that 86% of


believe the

word God



Therefore, I

have a very

hard time


why there is

such a mess

about having

'In God We

Trust' on our

money and

having God in

the Pledge of



is the

world catering

to this 14%?  


If you agree,

pass this on , if not,

simply delete.

In God We


This is  the day the  LORD has  made. I will  rejoice and be glad in it. God Bless America !!!


Anonymous said...

Translation: The 14% are likely those who not believe in God and the 86% are those who do believe in God, but they do not know God.

If you know God you would never pledge allegiance to some FLAG as some representative IMAGE of God by placing God under a FLAG!

If you know God you would never put In God We Trust on money which goes directly against everything God stands for!

God says thou shall NOT make anything in His Image. Placing In God We Trust on money is turning money into an Image of God. A SIN.

The LOVE of Money IS the root of all evil, which most completely miscomprehended the true meaning of this. If you depend on Money for anything you have a LOVE for money. If you USE Money you have a LOVE for Money. Money is a tool used by Satan to deceive the minds of the living to trick them into abandoning God and accepting Satan as your God.

Come out of her people! Come out of her!

Anonymous said...

We agree in the name of Yahweh!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT allow the 14% to take God out of anything!!!! This is what happened to prayer in the schools being removed! There is a song that goes something like this.... I pledge thee my Allegiance, America, the Bold, For this is MY Country to Have and to Hold. We right now have a president who refuses to say the Pledge Of Allegiance to the American Flag, and this guy O has NO Allegiance to OUR country!!! This guy wasn't even born here! What is wrong with Congress to Remove him?? Everyone should bombard every member of Congress and demand his removal and before this infidel ruins and destroys OUR country permanently!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There should be no religious test of citizenship or office, including allegiance.

True liberty needn't use the threat of force to encumber citizens with the a shallow egalitarianism of faith. True equality in espousing one's faith (or a lack of faith) and justice to defend it give rise to liberty.

It is high time we see the Founders as less than divine. There are coherent notions of liberty that go beyond them. It is simply false this notion that without the constitution we have only despotism. This is a false dilemma and needs to be pointed out for being just that. Likewise, every time someone points out the imperfections in the constitution, they ought not to be falsely labeled communists and fascists and so on.

Some of the most profound thinkers on liberty have been secularists and even atheists.

This kind of despotic posturing by Christians is what gives Christianity a bad name, and has done so for the last century and a half or so.