Sunday, December 29, 2013


'President's "EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603"

NOTE: Remember this 'president' is president of a private foreign corporation that is posing as your 'government.'  This is NOT our nation TRUE government.  You are NOT his employees and are NOT subject to his 'executive orders' nor to his taxes nor to his 'healthcare.'  When is America going to have ENOUGH and make the overdue changes???
AT A TIME OF THE "PRESIDENT'S" CHOOSING .......................
THE "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT" MAY TAKE OVER (unless America puts a stop to this fraud and treason) ...................
*ALL energy
*ALL food...human and animal
*ALL transportation
*ALL water
*ALL health resources
in the USA. That includes the food on your dining room table. 
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. The Third Wave of US Martial Law Mass Detentions Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show This is a two part series which examines the extreme threat posed by President Obama’s Executive Order (EO) 13603. How Will DHS Conduct Mass Roundups of American Citizens? Thanks to the NDAA and...



Anonymous said...

I have been told that any move to round up the American public by the corporate government will trigger the intervention of the Galactic Federation of Planets! Their nuclear weapons will not work and their guns will not fire! If the government wishes to push the envelope, this will certainly do it!

Anonymous said...

Never going to happen. There is no one who will carry out his order.

Anonymous said...

I just read an article about a stupid contract Chicago made. Then someone posts this article and the 'little guy' is only thinking someone wants to confiscate his bread.

When will we create the paradigm we were focusing on before 2012? The one where things turn around for our benefit? Does it always have to be doom and gloom, or can some of this cleanup be for our benefit?

If he controls all those things, yes, it could be for NWO, or it could be to back out the stupid contracts people who were supposed to be representing our interests got into for their own self interest.

I would not know that Chicago signed a meter contract for 75 years. That they have to keep the meters in operation for that time, and that if a single meter was removed, the contract accelerated to the 75years and they'd owe what that meter would have made over that 75 years within 30 days to the contract owner.
The meters have a fixed value per day that is assumed they would make as long as they were in place, and that to remove a single meter valued at $20 a day, assumed to be useable every 6 days, for 53 weeks per year, for 75 years, would cost that city almost $400,000 dollars if they were at the beginning of that contract when they decided to get rid of that one meter?

That's pure stupidity! No one had that right to give up our right to park in an empty location temporarily and benefit form that need long term. Stupid.
Then you have someone that can take ownership of it first, and enforce that ownership, and then turn it over to the people.

Sort of like the Panama Canal.

But no. The loudest squawkers only see negative and want to go past the fact that a glass can be half full as much as it can be half empty.

They want to create a half empty situation without even knowing the prior state of the glass before it contained the liquid.

If there are multiple universes overlapping each other, just like the federal overlaps the states via zip code, then there are people in the state without being in the federal jurisdiction and there are people in the positive universe without being in the negative universe sharing the same space.

Some of us will only experience positive things, and others will only experience negative things. Edgar Casey did an experiment and asked people sitting in a room to describe the hallway they passed to get into the conference room.

Everyone's perception of that hallway was different so all their descriptions were different and some descriptions overlapped and some were total opposites.

It was what each perceived, and the point being made was we all experience our own reality even when we are together.

Gregg Braden did an experiment where he asked a group of people to close their eyes and listen to the sounds they hear, and then he asked a few how many sounds they heard, and to mention what they heard. someone even said, they heard their heart beat, or the air condition come on, or someone walking in the hallway, or someone shifting in their chair. When asked how long did they think he had them close their eyes, the answers were from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

That's the difference in our realities, experienced in our real time, based on our own spiritual journey.

Who will guide you on your journey? You, or these people seeing nothing good out of everything that happens, and something will always happen. Like the weather, there will be weather, there will be something that will always happen.

Anonymous said...

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