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"Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the arriving of Nephilim that escaped flood in Noah´s time


"Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the arriving of Nephilim that escaped flood in Noah´s time,and other hybrid races with some of other falllen angelic drakonian legions[The Book of Ethiopian Enoch (ENOCH I) chapter 15, verse 8 & introduction to verse 9.] The Origin of Evil Spirits (verse eight): Now the giants, who have been born of spirits, and flesh, shall be called upon earth "evil spirits," and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were created from above; from the holy Watchers was their foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth. In chapter seven it begins as the unholy angels (Watchers) who were holy angels in the beginning, but who left their heavenly home, and then became unholy angels. They said, "Come let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children." The number of the unholy watchers were two hundred. {{This 200 # comes up again in the ‘’Book of the Secrets of Enoch,’’ and may be a clue as to who those angels were in the Slavonic text.}} They then took wives each choosing for himself, whom they began to approach, and with whom they cohabitated, teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the dividing of roots and trees. In final, these are the races of giants brought forth. The women bore to them (the unholy watchers) three races, beginning with the great giants. The giants brought forth (some say "slew") which means a large number. The naphelim brought forth (or "slew") the Elioud, and they existed, increasing in power according to their greatness. The unholy watchers became the fallen angels. The first two hundred were the chief or higher angels. Afterwards, many more followed. Several chief watchers began teaching men evil things. This below short list will show you how evil (and its practices) began among mankind. Later you will see how the evil spirits (these spirits of the giants) who abide here on earth, and who worked hand-in-hand with the fallen angels (their parents) have their own evil agenda for mankind. There are several key words, which through their meanings will define the evil ones' actions. Within these meanings you will see the conformity among the key words and the descriptions of the supernatural phenomena which play out in this world, and which have been played out over the centuries. We get to this list of the teachings from some of the chief unholy ones, who taught man evil practices that continue to this day, being controlled & spread throughout the population through chosen people, picked by these same evil ones. Their purpose, of course, is to deceive and control mankind, and use them for their own benefit and agenda. {{I wonder out loud if the pickings of these people that Richard alludes to, could not be done through so-called SECRET SOCIETIES, who, in turn, owe their allegiance to the dark forces that they honor within these same dark societies!?! One example may be the "SKULL & BONES" where, just recently, both presidential candidates hailed from, but neither wished to talk about their allegiances within same to the dumbed-down major media. HMMM !}} THE TEACHINGS OF THE UNHOLY 1) The first chief unholy angel here is Azazyel, who taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of ornaments, as well as the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered. [NOTE: Impiety increased; fornication multiplied, and they transgressed & corrupted all their ways.] 2) Another chief angel, Amazarak, taught all the sorcerers and dividers of roots. 3) Armers taught the solution of sorcery, the method process of solving problems. {{Perhpas this is the root reason why we have been warned against involving ourselves in occult matters!?!}} 4) The chief angel Barkayal taught the observers of the stars, what is today called astrologers. 5) Akibeel taught signs (horror scopes.) 6) Tamiel taught astronomy. 7) Asaradel taught the motion of the moon. As the giants died off, their spirits became the evil spirits (or demons,) who enforce these teachings of their parents, or unholy watchers. {{This is probably the reason why a demon can be channeled through a oiuja board, for instance.}} These spirits have agendas of their own. This agenda is connected to the supernatural phenomena which we see today, and has been around for many centuries. The primary deceptive phenomenon is, of course, the UFO phenomenon, in which the following key words will reflect this agenda, with meanings that relate to this same phenomenon. We move now to chapter 15, verse 9. The spirits of the giants shall be “like” clouds, which shall ‘oppress,’ ‘corrupt,’ ‘fall,’ ‘contend,’ and “bruise upon the earth.” This, then, is the evil agenda for the evil spirits among man. The meanings of these key words will define their workings. The three races of giants die, and their bodies rot away; their spirits become earthbound evil spirits (demons.) As they were conceived by the unholy watchers who had left their heavenly home, and they themselves became evil (as in the Fallen Angels,) how then are these evil spirits like clouds? What is their character? Firstly, ‘cloud’ in Greek (nephos) denotes a cloudy shape – and less mass covering the heavens (sky.) Also in Greek (nephele) or (nepheleim?) is a definitely shaped cloud, or masses of clouds possessing definite form. 1) Some clouds are shapeless (no likeness.) Evil spirits appear in ghostly forms that have no likeness such as ‘shadows.’ Spirit shape-shifters do not want you to see what they truly look like, so appear as evil characters (images) unlike themselves. 2) Some clouds are of a definite form, i.e., evil spirits appearing specifically as a character needed for a deceptive purpose. These ghostly figures can be Grays, Reptilians, images of a man, woman or child, as in the “hauntings’” phenomenon. Clouds are also water droplets (as in Section five of ‘The Bite of the Serpent’: the Treasure House of the Dew.) Dew also is water droplets. So as clouds & dew, being both water droplets & giants, (now evil spirits now like clouds and the treasure houses,) these clouds could represent the dwellings (UFOs) of the evil spirits!?! Could the text be telling us that the clouds (as dwellings) are inhabitied by the giants (as evil spirits?) This connection may be well worth while pondering over…. 3) Clouds cover the sky Masses of clouds (evil spirits massed together as groups,) are possibly roaming around the earth as clouds. They roam around the sky in their dwellings (UFOs) and may have been the same groups spotted in Mexico (in the early 1990s) or Washington DC (in the early 1950s.) {{Certainly the later reference was bizarre, since it seemed to smack of paranormal occurrences, like the “ships” (unknowns) or “clouds” could at first be detected on radar, and then, in a split second, would disappear – giving the observer the uncomfortable feeling that we were not dealing with “ordinary” ships, even if from “outer space.’ See the 1956 movie, “UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS” for visual details of this series of sightings in 1952.}} 4) A cloud obscures or (hides things.) Evil spirits are invisible; they are not readily seen or noticed. Many times they will hide their actions, perhaps by going (underwater.) They also deceive mankind by cleverly hiding from us the truths of God. They conceal their true agenda through these supernatural phenomena. They may appear in many forms, but never truly revealing themselves – like excellent facades! 5) Clouds are at times gloomy; they also have the meaning of being troubled (as in to make gloomy or to make troubled.) ‘Gloomy’ (as an adj.) means to be “partially or totally dark.” ‘Dark’ in Greek as a noun is (skotia,) and is used here as of a spiritual or moral darkness, emblematic of sin, as a condition of moral or spiritual depravity: Matt 4:16; John 1:5; 8:12; 12:35; also 1 John 1:5; 2:8-9 & 11; another meaning in Greek is (zophos) which denotes the “gloom of the nether world.” (Skotoo) is “to darken” & metaphorically – of the mind or (deceiving in the mind) (Eph 4:18.) To make ‘troubled’ as in the Greek (thlipsis) – we see the words affliction & tribulation. (Thlibo) means “to afflict” & (skullo) means “to vex” as in tribulation & afflictions. Now we take a look at the key words, which define how the following meanings reflect to the supernatural phenomena that occurs today. We look at the word ‘oppress,’ which means to “keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority” or a supernatural trance state to control us; another meaning is “to press against.” ‘Press’ (biazo) in the middle voice is “to force one’s way into” (see enter.) ‘Enter’ in Greek is (eiserchomai) which means “to come into” and (eisproeuomai) “to go into” and (pnabaino) – metaphorically – of “coming into the mind.” Another meaning of ‘oppress’ is to ‘overwhelm,’ which is to “surge over and submerge,” & to affect deeply in the mind or emotion. The primary way I believe that the evil spirits or demons attack us is by coming into our minds, whether by a trance, or through the use of supernatural events that are so real we can only believe they exist as what they seem or appear to be, even though we are being deceived. The word ‘surge’ (as verb) is to move freely back & forth or up & down in the air. (UFOs?) In physics, a wave also means “a graphic representation of the variation of a disturbance with time"(missing time?) The word ‘submerge’ is a verb which means “to place under water or to hide from view” & in Latin – (subvergere) where ‘sub’ means below or beneath. (UFOs beneath the seas?) In the text “missing time” we mention about going beneath the (sea) of the earth. To affect the mind comes from the word ‘overwhelm.’ ‘Affect’ in Greek (kakoo) is from (kakos) which means ‘evil’ or to make evil affected. ‘Evil’ in Greek (kakos) is whatever is evil in ‘character.’ Evil in character is those deceptive supernatural forms , images, props, such as aliens: grays, reptilians, etc., or ghosts, and UFOs at times. They become evil characters playing a role in deception; also the word ‘base’ is evil in ‘influence & effect.’ (Kakoo) is Greek for a verb which means “to ill treat or entreat evil.” ‘Base’ is (agenes) which means “of low childbirth or negative family race” (as in hybrids?) The word ‘influence’ is used in every sort of deceptive event here, and will be reflected in its meanings: 1) a power affecting a person, or course of events. 2) A power to sway. 3) An effect or change by such power. 4) Produce effects by ‘imperceptible’ means. 5) Produce effects by intangible means. 6) To affect the nature, development or condition of; to modify (Transcending the material order, changing materials to seem like they do not exist on this world.) The word ‘effect’ used here is “to cause a specific outcome” or a specific ‘impression’ & ‘phenomenon;’ it also means “to bring into existence” as in (to create supernatural events.) Let’s look at the word ‘deceive’ in Greek, as the noun (apate.) ‘Deceit’ is akin to (apatao) which is “to deceive” or (that which gives a false ‘impression,’) whether by appearance (false images) a statement (a declaration of something, a deception) or influence; also (phrenapatao) which means to deceive in one’s mind. (Remember the word surge also means to affect deeply in the mind or emotion.)Deceive by appearance is also to be evil in character, i.e., evil characters playing their evil roles ~ to deceive us! The word ‘appear’ in Greek (phaino) is ‘to shine’ or ‘to illuminate.’ (How many of these evil characters &/or props used in these supernatural deceptions emil light?) Another meaning of the word ‘appear’ is (phaneros) – ‘to manifest.’ The word ‘apparition’ in Greek reflects a meaning to appear as follows: in Greek ‘apparition’ (phantasma) is the phantom or phantasm from (phaino) which also means to appear. Another meaning of deceive is to deceive by ‘fancies,’ which in Greek (phrenapatao) where (phren) – from the mind – is a sin against common sense. The word ‘fancies’ (as noun) is the mental faculty through which visions, whims, and fantasies are summoned. (So by attacking your senses via supernatural power, you pretty much believe anything you see at the time because it looks real – yet appearances can be deceiving. During much of these events, people experience the following through the meaning of the word imperceptible (as in the aforementioned list) is an adjective meaning “impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses,” & “so subtle, slight or gradual as to be barely perceptible;” also the other word used as an “effect” (from the same list) is ‘intangible’ which, as an adjective, “is incapable of being perceived by the senses, or unable to realize” (not able to comprehend.) The evil spirits can supernaturally put you under so subtlety that you would never know it happened; also, they can deceive us through such realism in their events as to make us believe that they are true events.) So the word ‘oppress’ explains a good deal in its meaning about the evil supernatural events which take place around us via UFOs, ‘hauntings,’ etc.{{It seems obvious by now, that Richard is dramatizing this ‘’FAÇADE-SHOW’’ that is set-up by the dark forces, which seems to seamlessly blend into the victims’ sense of reality ~ making the seductive process all the more tragic for the recipients; I would say – insidious!}} The next key word is ‘corrupt’ as in evil spirits look to corrupt mankind via “immorality, errors or alterations,” to ruin morally, and to change the original form of (transcending the material order of substances or materials,) and also to evilly change a person spiritually: to do a service for them (alteration;) it also means altering the offspring of humans through implantation (hybrids!) ‘Corrupt’ also means to ‘contaminate’ (your very soul & spirit by deceptions, making you stray away from all truths and believing in those things that the demons want you to believe in.) ‘Error’ in Greek is (plane) which is a ‘wandering’ or a forsaking of the right path (2 Thess. 2:14.) ‘Form’ in Greek (tupos) also is a pattern in the way these evil events unravel themselves. They seem to have many of the same patterns connected to each of the different events and also in the patterns of the teaching evil things to us through these phenomena. The next word on the evil spirits’ agenda is ‘fall,’ which in Greek (ptosis) is – metaphorically – of the spiritual fall (Luke 2:34.) (Skandalon) = “a snare or trap” – a means of doing wrong (by believing in the ‘trap’ of deception by evil spirits through these supernatural phenomena) & is an occasion “to fall” (empipto) as in “to fall into” (a trap.) ‘Fall’ in general is a verb “to undergo capture, especially as in an attack,” or to give into temptation, to diminish, to pass into a particular state (trance) condition or situation. It also means to occur at a specific time! (personally appointed abductions?) It could mean to occur at a specified place (as at home or in your vehicle, etc.) The next word in this report is ‘content.’ In Latin this word (continere) means ‘to contain’ (as in holding abductees, containing them while being examined, etc., at their (the demons’) base of operations; it also means “to hold or contain in a trance.” ‘Contain’ in Latin (continere) = com – com-+ tenere, which is ‘to hold.’ (The evil spirits capture their victims and hold them hostage under mind control.) ‘Contain (as G.M.) also reflects “to have within.” Here it might mean their (‘’familiar’’) spirit within our spirit (those unfortunate enough to be subjected to this mind control.) When we accept that false gift or believe in a false deception to the point that we continuously spend an inordinate amount of time involved with these same evil spirits, {{we will actually find ourselves doing their work for them; Richard here is making a very important appeal for those so involved, so as to break this bondage before it is too late, since the stakes are very high indeed! I personally believe that this is one of the key prophecies of ENOCH, since it involves ‘’this very generation’’ as witnessed by the ongoing abduction phenomenon.}} The key word ‘bruise’ upon earth is a verb ‘to hurt,’ especially – psychologically – (upon the earth to all mankind.) ‘To hurt’ the Greek (hubris) is ‘to harm’ & also (kakoo) – “to do evil to anyone.” ‘Psychological’ (adj.) means to influence or tend to influence the mind and emotions; also, of or being any of certain primary colors whose mixture may be subjective. The psychological primary colors are red, yellow, green, blue & the achromatic pair of black & white. How many times have UFOs used flashing lights with these same color patterns? (Could these same color patterns in certain sequence subject people without their being the wiser? Well, there it is – the key words for the agenda of the evil spirits; the meanings tell the story. Does this, or does this not explain that these supernatural phenomena are not by aliensbut rather created & controlled by FALLEN ANGELS & EVIL DEMON SPIRITS? {{REMEMBER: the 15th chapter of ENOCH is not about aliens, but concerns itself with these same fallen angels and their evil progeny. Now First Contact is near it is important to understand and have sight on fallen angels having rule and contact on politics and the different races in many dimensions and with their own agenda’s with this new world order. Asheyana Deane is one of female fallen seraphim fallen angels in neutral zone and third federation colony of fallen angels that is not hostile like others,but peacfull that have fairy sites and they are acting as fairies and spreading lies with half truth ti persons they decide to be guardian fairies as they present themselves, meditation guiding and telephaty channeling et book manuals and advances,angels and fairies for wicca religion with 7 point star and nature spirits as they also say,and new races of peacfuly seducive succubus,amazons and nymps and elf girl fairy colony lightworkers and other deceptive peacfully spirits and spirit guides. The Anunnaki races have had an intimate relationship with humans for many years and unfortunately, this relationship has rarely demonstrated hostile and peacful both but also deceptive behavior on both sides,but on peacful side they have more truth and have also lies but different types of deceptions,and seem convincing.The Anunnaki race identity includes a variety of different interstellar races that are nephilim giants also in latin neandartal,all of which have one thing in common they were created by fallen angels rank watchers,Fallen Angelic collective called the Annu- BANAI Elohim.Within the original text called in the Holy Bible sons of God is translation of these angels,no differentiation was made between words Banai-Elohim(ELOHIM ON ENGLISH GOD).The timing as to when this distinction was to be made among contemporary human populations depended upon the patiance of almighty YAHUVEH and for as much as possible souls to be saved before return of YAHUSHUA(JESUS).Fallen watchers reunited in Hitler´s time in ww1&2 with satan´s fallen elite troop collectives that they all would choose to run their long-held dominion agenda during the 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle stargate openning for them to all of them srrive on stage to rule from 2012 december the 21 with ww3 and new world order totalitarian one world goverement and religion system.Fallen watcher collectives chose to continue hybridisation with the races of Earth,the history of horrors they have intentionally inflicted upon the earthly races would be released more slowly,allowing the other federation of satan´s elite troops and their interstellar hybrid races time to demonstrate their proclaimed agenda,while allowing the humans of earth a bit more time to change spiritual maturity so they would not seek to retaliate against any of all 3 groups of fallen angelic races,and especially the earthly Human-hybrid descendants(nephilim giants),full of pride the Anunnaki huanoid hybrid giants and hybrid reptilian seedline(naga),out of revenge for the historical horrors they have done upon the human race before.This is perfect cover up and plus worship deception for their own selfish purposes and plasure and plasure of wars between themselves(humans(us)with ww3 and cosmic war 3 deception of making war against God´s Holy angels led by aechangel Michael. The Founders of hybrid Covenant races(fallen angels now just first two without third neutrals)were hoping that humanity could be spared a direct and immediate confrontation with the trauma of its past and face sonner or later much worst.Such confrontation with the truth of human heritage is ultimately inevitable for fina1 healing to occur as a deception witchcraft working counterfit miracles as it is told in the Holy Bible:false signs and laying wanders. They are making bigger revolution the ever with us if we refise their tirany and stand for God they will put us in prison or kill if we abandon their intended agenda,now that is here destroying the Human race of Earth during the 2002-2017 that is now happening rapidly too much. The fallen watchers created the hybrid races 5680 years ago in reaction of what that that satan´s minions made seedline of Holy humans of seth mix with wicked ones of cian´s seedline and with these kids satan´s minions had sex with this new seedline that final product was naga reptile humanoid hybrids that watchers mated with and this new seedline and naga also when they were sent to preach to humans and guard them because of that,they wanted to brake the task of God,and to make anarchy of their own,and they were also having free will and satan used these tricks also to trick semyaza and his hosts into rebelion of their own to later get along with them,the intention of their race serving as the vessel through which the race that will destroy Holy bloodline for the birth of messiah.This Holy race would be destroyed to provide the fallen watchers Fallen Angelic totalitarian collective with exploitative dominion under rule of satan´s armies. Enoch with his untuched Holy pure bloodline race that is Noah from is that why he is saved because he and his family were not mixed with demons and fallen angels. For many times before Franch revolution, Holy Covenant pure bloodline races have tempted to cultivate and accept sex and known abductions with fallen angelic and some little number of flood escaped nephilim and naga hybrid races that escaped flood,in order to destroy species in fulfilling their agenda to be stronger and to be less humans with pure bloodline. In November 1992, the Pleiadian/Sirian(satan´sminions) Agreements emerged through a confrontation between Anunnaki races of The watchers with first goup of third group of fallen angels,Fallen Anu-Seraphim angels Drakonian-Reptilian Insectoid races of the Dimension-10(where God is) Fallen Seraphim collective nw as ones who chosen side,and others as described before working as fairies and not very dangerous as first groups.All angelic races(Both Holy and fallen now) knew since 22,326 BC(Adam&Eve were created 7000 years ago.but before 14000 years ago was no life at all on this earth,God created this physical realm 26000 years ago)that these stargates will be opened with events of opening stargates(that was interesting for them)was likely to occur during the long anticipated 2000-2017 AD poolshift stargate portal opening Cycle.The 1992 agreements marked the entry of several previously Fallen angelic collectives into the nwo Covenant following their many thousands of years of covert manipulation of Earth Humans from creating Anunnaki-Human-hybrid races of nephilim giants naga reptile humanoids.The Fallen Angelic Anunnaki groups who entered the Emerald Covenant in 1992, after a long history of running manipulative “One World Order” anti-Christ dominion agendas on Earth are as follows: . • The Sirius- A Anunnaki that run Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command(satan´s minions under satan´s form of aryan ashtar). • .The Archangel Michael´s guardian and warring Holy angelic armies and saint angels of Lyra Ruby against Nephite-Nephilim-Necromiton-neandartel or tal Anunnaki-hybrid collective from Orion,Alpha-Centauri,Sirius A and Andromeda with nibiru planet. • .The Anu-Seraphim fallen angelic Order Templar Melchizedeks. • The Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-{Zeta) Anunnaki collective of Nibiru and Sirius A. • .The Arcturus and Orion naga reptile races. • The Anu-Seraphim fallen angelic Pleiadian with watchers and their leader Samjase-Anunnaki of Alcyone and their Enlil-Odedicron and Marduke-Necromiton Nibiruian allies of hybrid nephiim. In 1992 alt of the above Anunnaki groups officially entered the Emerald Covenant in an effort to gain support from first two orders of fallen angelic federations and their hybrid races in their intended stand against the mist high YAHUVEH,competing AS more strong Reptile-Insectoid Rigelian-Zeta-Zephelium, Omicron~Drakonian (Dragon-Moth) and Odedicron-Avian-Reptilian Fallen Seraphim races of Orion(first ones that fell with satan), the Necromiton~Andromie “Beetle-People and their “Men in Black scientology religion sect cult mutantic hybrids that were made in these labs and the Centaur and Marduke-Dramin-Anunnaki-Omicron hybrids. SOLAR STAR GA TE-4 AND ANVNNAKI DEFECTION FROM THE 1992 PLEIADIAN-SIRIAN AGREEMENTS lf the Anunnaki races had remained loyal to the 1992 Emerald Covenant Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, the contemporary Earth drama would have unfolded much differently than it has, as the united Emerald Covenant against Holy angelic Guardian Races with ranks:vurtues,powers,principalities,watchers,archangels,and personal guardian angels order of RUBY LYRA.Anunnaki legions OF FIRST TWO GROUPS could have easily attacked the people of Earth from the intended 2000-2017 One World Order dominion campaign of the united Drakonian Agenda Fallen Seraphim races joined all together,but they were hold by Holy ones lead by Michael.In this event,the new updated material media exclusively upon preparing humanity for the them on Olympics and so on an on,ect... the Sacred Science training needed for humans to resume their original position as illuminati kings with ufos with wepons against Holy angelic Guardians and armies of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex and the Halls of stargates.Unfortunately,the well-intended 1992 Emerald Covenant Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements did not went ok,because they lost fight. When the January 2000 Consummation of the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle came around,the fallen seraph legions rentered stargate opened by area51.Holy angelic armies that that have control of Universal Star Gate,4, the Solar Gate,watched over how Emerald Covenant happpened in front of their Universal Templar Security Team protection as they had vowed to do in 1992.They already had instructions(Holy angels) but did not seriously expected this to happen,but they did not allow dangerous things to happen ofcourse as that is their job.Instead, the controlling factions of all of the previously mentioned fallen groups,except for the seraphim collective.This additional seraphim federation came on meating defected,because they were strongly beaten up by Holy angelic amries when they came to make the Emerald Covenant,Luciferian Covenant and One World Order dominion agendas.Since 10 AD,fallen ones were also seriously beaten up by Holy ones(satan and his minions)(you will have orugunal cosmic picture provided down with archangel michael stepped on devil) had been to preparing and as they were long planning One World Order dominion agenda until petitioned for Emerald Covenant re-entry in 1983 by Hitlers death by beeing killed by Semyaza by reasons for getting out his brain for lab business for nwo,another reuniting Contract; the contemporary works produced prior to 1983 reflect his previous affiliation.When the other seraphim neutral groups confused from the 1992 Pleiadian/Sirian Agreements by their group of 1/4,they remained loyal to their own neutral cause,and continues to do so as of this time; a status that could change at any time due to continuing pressure from the Fallen watchers because these are most of them those who are fairy nature spirit peace ones as they like their form and representing and seraphim females.The competing Luciferian united with watchers and now ¼ of aditional seraphs dominion agendas bath hold at facing their eyes on Solar-Star Gate4,and Nibiruian(“Wornwood”),that forced cataclysmic pole shift on Earth between 2003-2008, in order to change energies of earth to reduce human populations in sea shores and vulcano high mountian places for the quest for dominion of landing there when there is more star gates openings.The Nibiruian Anunnaki hybrids had been seized by Holy angelic armies,because hybrids were in attempt to control of Solar Star Gate4.Holy angelic Guardian race did very good protection during the Lucifer Rebellion of 25,500 BC,at that time because God did not yet created us there were other life forms like animalistic or something like that,at which in that time fallen angels made also hybridisation of these primitive life forms also and transported them on other planets as they used Battle Star Nibiru to force Earth’s Templar into an artificial alignment with the planet Nibiru.And Lucifer was cast down directly to Earth for the first time of rebelion that was crushed.Earth’s electromagnetic fields were not properly realigned with the natural Pleiadian-Spiral alignment of the Universal Star Gates.Earth is forced into pole shift as the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle are beeing progressed.The Emerald Covenant races initiated the 1992 Pleiadian/Sirian Agreements as a means of strenghtning this pending (and long-prophesied) Earth pole-shift drama,in hopes that the Human and Anunnaki-hybrid races of Earth could be spared this catastrophic destiny. The fallen seraph legions chose to enter the 1992 Pleiadian/Sirian(satan´s minions) Agreements only because their original take-over plans had been somewhat thwarted by human Illuminati Zeta Treaty agreements of the 1930s, through which these Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-Reptilian legions gained an unanticipated strategic advantage over watchers influence in the contemporary Earth drama.The fallen seraph legions chose to enter the 1992 Pleiadian/Sirian Agreements Emerald Covenant,that the entire human race of Earth be placed under the sole elitist dominion of Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki hybrid races of Inner Earth.When the Founders Emerald Covenant satan´s fallen angelic races started then thru area51dominion over all illuminati organisations that were not aware too much of all plans to be prepared to achieve Earth dominion through strategic business ogranisations over both sides nazi fallen watcher channelers and Drakonian Agenda of satan´s Orion force and the Emerald Covenant with fallen seraphs(who later after 1000 years when watchers were imprisoned) to stronger stand against archangel Michael´s Holy Guardian races.The Emerald Covenant Founders continued negotiations with any groups still interested in peaceful resolution of this building conflict, and on July 5, 2000 a new treaty called the Treaty of Altair,was agreed upon most of media control reluctantly agreed to re-enter the Emerald Covenant upon the Emerald Covenant races’ promise to assist them in the presently unfolding Orion Wars of Density-3(cosmic war3 and world war3 and one world order)against Holy ones,in which holdings in Orion- Omicron~Drakonian and Odedicron~Reptüian legions of Orion were under aggressive attack by the Holy angelic armies already,and that is already lost war,but satan wants more of people destroyed,that are the motives. The Ancient Satanic Knowledge Returns!* For Illuminati happy hour: . Since the 3668BC Atlantian Flood(Noah´s time flood),knowledge of occult has been hidden in Earth, by Human Illuminati and Fallen Angelic races that desire to create pole shift during the long-anticipated 2000-2017 nwo.They hope to use the 2000-2017 to finally fulfill their plan of "clearing Earth's real estate" of hybrid races to later resettle their hybrid races on Earth,but some already were,and bloodline of humans is not pure,and we have almost 7000 billion humans and half if not more are counterfits,hybrids,and mixed with hybrids,ect..., "after the dust settles", under a "One World Order" Anti-Christ Agenda of totalitarian exploitation and dominion. Running of the Signet Rainbow Roundtables is the method by which the NDCG (Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid) can be reprogrammed to fulfill the Realignment Mission, restoring the natural 33 1/3 CW - 11 2/3 CCW Planetary Merkaba arrivings and Alignment to lines of Earth from covert Nibiruian Control and intended 2003-2008. The Cycle of the Rounds: The 12-Tribes Seeding-3 Rounds The Seeding-3 12-Tribes were seeded on Earth in 4 different directions(that means whole earth(YAHUSHUA´S CHOSEN ONES AND ELECT,AND BRIDE).Each of the 4 sides of the Earth we have God´s people with pure gene,and born again those who are now saved their DNA is as some illuminati mockers say unicorn dna.Fire Letter Sequences: Our personal DNA Template Core is pure then more and others who are wicked in any way or pride self ego maniacs are with more of blood genes of the nephilim and nagas,but now most of the time you will get on mixed with both,but this is the end of cian´s seedline with fallen angelic dna seedline also that is total error and corrupt.The DNA Templates of Human Races within those who are mixed with naga that are naga one parent made between tho nagas,one naga will be medium,psycick or natural witch or something like that,and later generations can be more mixed and they would just be hell roust and after 5 big generations with mixing with Holy ones can be those who are born with Holy blood that can be saved,those who have connection with God in third eye,and those who are agressive and other wicked or any kind of pagan or other heathen stuff are just carrige and they are the carrie for short usage that are those who are just hell roast.The Manifestation Templates of illuminati of all things and systems are built upon specific,fixed organizations of dimensionalized frequency bands channelled or in any other way contacted by fallen angelic and demonic entities and more demonised when they are peeing possesed,and those like senior George Bush.They after two world wars were finished (fallen angels)gone to 6th realm from this one and returned to this one on Niburu in 1997 satan was photographed as they call grey with evil look with evil smile. Each dimensional band has 12 Fire Letters, or fixed points of consolidated frequency; each dimensional band represents 1 Fire Letter Sequence or 12 Fire Letters (12 Fire Letters per Dimension X 1 dimension of manifestation = 12 Fire Letters). When Fire Letter Sequences in a Manifestation Template are in natural order, the frequencies in different dimensional bands can merge with each other.When they do this reverse of orders by energy relising by Holy angelic guardians of universal stargate did allow them to be opened they came in 1997 The 144000 saints inherent to the 12-Strand DNA Template and will fight anlogside with each each one of Holy Angelic warriors help in each evry part of Earth and other planets.Universal natural order of the 12 Dimensions of manifestation within the Universal 15-Dimensional Scale is perfect creation God created,and Lucifer one time he had not have something he wanted ,he rebeled before 25000 years ago,before we were even created,and then crushed to earth,but there were no life,and on all planets life was destroyed,because he corrupted it and also after that corrupted it on the other planets and rahab was even destroyed to be asteroid field and later now to be used for Judment by Lord God Almighty!And then he and his hosts knew that they will be imprisoned,and were despret,and when Adam&Eve were created,Lucifer wanted to hit back at God,by destroying us,because we are created in the image of God,and that is why till this day there is a lot of chaos satan produces,that is why he is doing this,and also because he makes too much confusion and polution of neges and too much types of destructions and make People look for salvation in Religion,Technology,Witchcraft¬,Aliens,Illuminati,Secret Knowlege,The Self,Intelligence,Right Action,Politics,Meditation,Dis¬cipline,Military,Drugs,Money,F¬ood,Positive Words.& then they will scorn you if you find real only original Salvation in Yahuveh and his son Yahshua(Which means God saves)(Yahshua = Jesus) (Christ-Messiah) DEVILS DECIVES MUCH,BECAUSE PAIN &MISERY LOVES company,THAT IS WHY WANTS SOO MANY IN HELL! Sacred Mission: After God started creating life on earth 15000 years ago,1000 years to God are like 1 day,and that means creation of 7 days are 7000 years,and after we were created lucifer wanted to attack and because was no more interested to animal,animalistic life forms,because they did not had many good reasons why,so then because we were created in the image of God,that is why he was beeing interested to do it.This got of the control. As the Star Gate frequencies of the Universal Life Force Currents are brought through to human body,with default DNA Template,and when first sin was made,then portal stargate that was opened to earth and all universe was closed,and Adam&Eve then coult not see haven,and God did that because satan had wild plans to get as much as universe is possible,so that is why he did this with apple and said:and ye shell be as gods lie that repeats till this day and repeats not just like that but in other ways,manners and forms.Planetary Shields were synthesized by the Star Gate Frequencies normally,and in 1910 were again little bit opened and controlled again and today also.Earth's Templar Complex Star Gates, Ley Lines and Vortices are reopened again.A natural Planetary Maharic Seal will return the getting of the sleeping souls to bring them to Immortal Life,some in haven ,some in hell,Star Gate travel with Fallen Angelic infiltration in this cosmic war3 is beeing afful thing because God gave extra strenght to Holy warrior angels. Earth's Planetary Shields have encountered progressively more misalignment and corruption since the 208,216BC fall of seraphim orders.The pattern of Fallen Angelic Invasion happen during the 2000-2017. Leviticus 26:22 "I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall ROB YOU OF YOUR CHILDREN, and DESTROY YOUR CATTLE, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate." "Well the earth was visited by creatures from heaven and that the Nephilim were produced by them. Anunnaki were fallen angels that left their assigned habitation and took women for wives. Nephilim were the mutant offspring of their unholy matrimony. In my opinion the Anunnaki are the Sumerian equivalent of the Jewish ‘Watchers.’ That is, they were part of a powerful angel group that ‘from heaven to earth came’ and generated the Nephilim through physical intercourse.” “That’s right. Satan knew about the protoevangelium—the promise in Genesis 3:16 that a Savior would be born, the seed of the woman, and that He would destroy Satan’s power. So Satan’s followers, those who were called Anunnaki, Tchatcha, Anakim, Watchers, and several other titles by various ancient cultures, intermingled with antediluvian women as a conspiracy to stop the birth of the Messiah. They probably thought that if human DNA could be universally corrupted there would be no way for a spotless Son of God to be born.That would have been true. If the bloodline leading to the time of the Messiah would have included universally demonized DNA, no Savior could have been born. Mankind would have been lost forever.” Basically very important items to finish and then we can go into the general discussions. To cap off the whole genetic research effort on the planet, it is not an idea of a few crazy frankensteinian scientists here and there in the secret underground bases, it is not a crazy idea by the secret government or even by some high levels of hybrid alien races that are using us as convenient guinea pigs... It is a much higher level of 'party line' agenda coming,from the... basically the fallen angelic presence on our planet that has been masterminding ... probably 90% of the hybrid alien races that have visited our planet...most of them have been coming here on the planet sub-contracting for that particular branch of the 'celestial management' and the biggest point on their agenda is... on top of advanced interstellar TRANSPORTATION and COMMUNICATION have been -- the creation of life (or rather the RE-CREATION or re-arrangement of existing biological matter, since created beings whether standing or fallen can only RE-STRUCTURE that what has already been created. - Branton), and MIND CONTROL of course!

"The intergalactic warlord Satan with fallen angelic hosts& this planet had long since realized that power and dominion increases in direct proportion to ignorance but not illusion that he think can win against the creator! There were thousands of people who fought and died during the last world war, who died never really understanding what they had fought and died for.The deeper truths from World War Two were hidden in secret archives, because they were too incredible for the masses. Most of the historians who recorded what happened during that global war never revealed most of what had really happened. Yet there were a few historians who glimpsed an incredible truth so amazing, that they never wrote about it, because they themselves could not even begin to comprehend it. Others who gazed on incredible revelations were afraid to release the truth, some fearing that their readers would never comprehend it and others fearing the specter of the Iluminati that suppressed it from their educational institutions. lt was too bizarre, sounding like something far worst beyond mind of any kind of out of a science fiction movie and more so on!Yet these hidden secrets were too important and immense for us to ignore and began leaking out through confiscated Nazi diaries, Naval intelligence agents who gazed at secret documents, and witnesses who talked before risking taking their secrets to their graves. In the early 1970s, agents of Xian lnternational's Department of Mind, a civilian central intelligence expose agency, began to decipher the pieces of this puzzle - one of the biggest mysteries in the eons of time - and one of the greatest secrets of the last two millenniums. Why haven't the average citizens of the nations of this time period heard this alternative version of World War Two? The answer to that question comes partly from Hitler himself, when he declared, "the real destiny of Man is something that ordinary men could not conceive of and would be unable to stomach if given a glimpse of it. Our revolution is a final stage in an enlightment progress that will end by abolishing history. My party comrades have no conception of the dreams that haunt my mind, or of the grandiose edifice of which the foundations, at least, will have been laid before I die. The world has reached a turning point and will undergo an upheaval, which you uninitiated people cannot understand." The aforementioned words were told to Nazi Party members who Hitler believed were not ready for his heavy truths. The last world war was not simply a war fought between the Allies and the Axis, or Democracy and Despotism. It was a war fought with Science and Magic against God and ofcourse God won. It was also the planetary battlefield of Galactic Empire War II, when fallen angelic civilizations of watchers sponsoring the Nazis and satan´s 1/3 of first fallen angelic civilizations sponsoring the Americans fought once again for control of planet Earth just as a game because they were united and now united also with third group of fallen seraphim angels, while using its unsuspecting armies as pawns in their interstellar conflicts. It is a well documented publicized fact that Hitler often went into trances and spoke to his military commanders.Hitler was possessed by demons,fallen angels and satan himself. Hitler told his High Command his vision of the Superman who had ruled the planet in the times of Atlantis and Thule,and after the war of the „gods“ (fallen angels war against God the creator)that led to the fall of Atlantis, the Supermen, who were the Masters of the World,had gone underground(70 generational bounding of fallen watchers as described in the book of Enock).Hitler said he took his orders for the Nazi conquest from the Superman who lived inside the Earth(he relased them(fallen watcher angels)).In a conversation with Governor Rausching, a man who tried to tell the Nazi Leader of the great difficulty of genetically creating a new species, Hitler replied "The New Man is living among us now! He is here! Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the New Man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him!"(he was talking about satan in ashtar aryan version blonde with scary look and wepons) In old times,a hi-tech society of Nordic fallen angels reptiloids war based in Antarctica, the war ended with the reptiloid naga hybrids and nephilim giants(also hybrids) being driven underground [below India](some of them like Goliath and his gang)while the flood was over Noah and his own family established their own civilization. The giants and reptiloids develop further technology enabling them to reach beyond planet Earth. The the hybrids took of off- planet, and is carried to the moon, to mars, and eventually to the stars. The giants establish a colony in Rigel Orion while the reptiloids establish an empire based on the planet Typhon [Alpha Draconis]. The Draconians mix with Rigal yet several new race hybrid humanoids escape to Sirius-A, Vega Lyra and Procyon while others return to the Sol system [Jovian moons]. The Draco-backed Orion empire of the "Unholy Six" [six Draco-controlled star systems] attack the Lyra systems and devastate three worlds, initially attacking Holy guardian angelic federation Lyrans and more as the "war" continued. Refugees escape to Taygeta Pleiades and Zenatae Andromeda.An onging war between Orion and part of Sirius that is connected with Lyra [Rigelian exiles] continues for centuries. Draco Orionite reptiloids establish a Trojan horse treaty with Procyon after a failed invasion of that system,subverting their society until a takeover from within is carried out.Several Procyonese freedom fighters escape and team up in Zenatae Andromeda,Taygeta Pleiades,and Tau Ceti systems o make more stronger hybrids there.The Sirians(fallen watchers) and Orions(pleadian satan´s fallen elite troops) continue their battle over who will control the 21 worlds in this immediate star sector with draconian fallen seraphim angelic federations against Holy guardian little ones.All 3 groups of fallen angelic sides have imperialistic motives,the only difference being which species will dominate - humanoid or reptiloid. The Sirians and Orionites fight for the control and/or favor of the Egyptian ruling elite here.The Sirian humanoids win out and the Orions and the gnostic serpent cult [later to spawn the Grand Orient Lodge of Egyptian Freemasonry, Gnostic Thule Society, and Bavarian Illuminati] which serves them are driven underground, where they establish the Gizeh or Kamagol-II cult. The Sirians back at the Masonic-based Allied forces in World War II, while the Orionites back the Jesuit-based Axis forces. The underground networks under the Himalayas are divided between reptiloid operating within the caverns of Patalas [capital Bhoga-Vita] and humanoid operating within the caverns of Agharti [capital Shambhala-the-Lesser].The Nazis themselves being allied with the Patalans and the Kamagol-II group of fallen watchers,while the Americans ally themselves with the Aghartians and the western branch of the same based in the sub-city of "Telos", below Mt. Shasta, California.The same old Sirian/Orion wars against us an Go and Lyra guardian angelic federation,using Earth as the staging ground. The ancient "cult of the serpent",which began in Babylon, resides within the Grand Orient Lodges of Egyptian Freemasonry and the other interlocking lodges to which it is connected. The axis forces temporarily lose World War II. However, the Jesuits continue their ongoing infiltration of the Masonic lodges that began in 1776, with the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and the so-called Scottish Rite, within the Jesuit college of Clermont in France. While this is occurring on Earth, the Orionites are working relentlessly to "hack" the Ashtarian electronic collective, which links member worlds together via psionic subspace transceiver implants that satan made more advanced.The computer-based collective is successfully infiltrated by the Orion forces, who begin using psyho-spiritual propaganda and manipulation to turn the Ashtar collective toward their agenda,masquerading as "Ascended Masters".A nine foot tall reptiloid named "Hatonn" feigns defection from the Kamagol-Draco-Orion group and insinuates himself into a position of 'master scribe' for the Ashtar collective. His continued involvement with the Draco-Orion-backed "ULTRA" bases under Antarctica and New Mexico suggest that he is actually a double agent. Certainly, he shares the same anti-Semitic views as his Nazi allies under Antarctica. Axis forces escape to Antarctica, Argentina, and even North America, infiltrating the military-industrial, intelligence, psychiatric, petrochemical and other levels, creating a fascist religion which begins siphoning trillions of dollars "down the tubes" into their military industrial empire, where the early Nazi treaties with the Draco-Orion forces continue.The U.S. government also falls into the „alien“ treaty trap with area51 strong pact with satan and his fallen elite trops.An intelligence war breaks out between Orion-Kamagol-Jesuit-Nazi forces operating in the NSA's AQUARIUS and MAJI agencies, and Grey scientology religion(men in black)and nasa cult of the military operating within the NAVY's COM-12 and CABAL agencies. The CIA, MJ-12, and DON (Department Of the Navy) are used as mediator agencies by the Orion factions and as "moles" through which to gain access to the remaining patriotic factions of the military. They begin to win the "intelligence war" through counter-infiltration of the Navy and "suicide assassinations" like that of Navy Admiral Boorda and others who resist the "New World Order" [which is a joint collaboration between Luciferian, Draconian and Human sorcerers,based ultimately under the Gizeh plateau]. The Navy learns that it is dealing with techno-psycho sorcerers, motivated by astral parasites,and that they can only come to parity at best with the intellect and technology of the ashtar group mind,leaving the only possible battleground where victory can be obtained being in the supernatural realm, since the astral parasites which incarnate and link the fallen watchers together into the "hive" mind are entirely dependent on their material hosts, just as the material hybrid reptile naga are entirely dependent on the astral parasites,the two being unable to succeed without the other.The astral entities that incarnate the „aliens“ Nephilim giants are also capable of "projecting" into human bodies to possess their minds,or to abduct human astral forms,or even serve as the "masterminds" behind armies of mindless bacteria and viruses within a human body, directing these viruses in unison to carry out physically destructive "missions" to destroy humans who are a threat to their agenda, UNLESS those humans are tapped in to a higher spiritual/supernatural source than them,to be not in religion or organisation,cult sect religion,but in relationchip with God. Several Christian abductees exercising their faith begin to frustrate the luciferian alien agenda in that the aliens are entirely dependent on empowerment from their 'astral' benefactors to maintain the key to their success... i.e. their ability to channel vampiric demonic energies via black magic in order to paralyze and control the minds of humans.Alien forces continue to infiltrate, fearing that the Navy might realize that the only way they can defeat them is in the supernatural realms. The Greys(fallen watchers)and their repti-poltergeist overlords [Genesis ch. 3 - Revelation ch. 12] begin a massive campaign of anti-Christian propaganda to prevent U.S. military forces from deciving themwith info that the „aliens“Holy angels are symbiotic astral-material beings,(but they are spiritual and can materialise and dematerialise just like watchers)and that the only means to defeat them is essentially for the generals and chaplains to begin working together to fight a nemesis that has resulted in the collapsing of the ancient barriers between the spiritual and material worlds.The symbiotic reptilian-poltergiest races of Draconis-Orion continue in their infiltration of the Ashtar collective. The infiltration of the Ashtar collective especially in Sirius-B allows the Draco-Orion forces to infiltrate and conquer one particular planet in Sirius-B formerly inhabited by 'Nordics'(first satan´s fallen elite troops of one third first fallen ones),yet the reptiloids began to infiltrate and "replace" the humanoids via shape-shifting, technosis, plastogenetic surgery, laser-holograms, or combination of all the above. Another planet in Sirius-B [Bellaton] however remained under human control. The Draco-Orion-backed planet in Sirius-B begins a massive campaign to amass a huge military space armada of warships for the purpose of invading planet Earth strategically at a time when the eco-political systems are collapsing [with the help of their fifth column agents already on Earth]. The invasion is scheduled for 2012(Olympics,11semptember,and 21 december) [the REAL purpose for most abductee programming](abduction by invitation song made by ketty perry that was possesed by feale fallen seraphim phenix princess angel ti give talent,and in song „et“(kiss me) to make incubus and succubus(specuialists for rape and orgies that gave lessons to nazi party first) and the invasion force intends to join with their fifth column forces on and under planet Earth [Kamagol-II cult and its extensions at Pine Gap Australia and Dulce/Los Alamos New Mexico](last unleashed bound most wicked fallen watchers and pleadians of satan and most dangerous hybrids(demons monstreously big and dangerous)to enforce the New World Order's electronic "assimilation" of the planet into the Draco-Orion"Hive",into which much of the Ashtar collective itself has since been assimilated.The purpose is so that planet Earth and its unique animal,vegetable, chemical,liquid, mineral, genetic metagene, energy, and electromagnetic resources, along with time-space vortex gates above and below ground can be assimilated, so that planet Earth can be used as a staging base to attack the enemies of the "Hive" on other worlds(realms)other dimensions of Holy angels. The Ashtar collective in Sirius splits down the middle,one siding with the non-interventionists and the other with the interventionist forces. Deadly civil war erupts in Sirius, as efforts are made to prevent the armada from leaving the system(because those hybrids are not yet rady,but war and hybrids will be rady now). Because of the sheer mass of the armada [some ships up to 500 miles long], they must travel nine light years to Earth at sub-light speeds, but they have calculated their arrival time to be around 2012,give or take a year.(because stargate is controlled by Archangel Michael) Federation forces enter the Sol system to "blockade" vanguard Draco-Orionite ships, smaller carriers capable of hyperspace travel, and massive battles occur at the edge of our system in the late 1990s.Many ships are lost on both sides, but several Draco-Orionite vessels make it to Earth to join up with their subterran forces and try to rescue their comrades(dinosaurus reptilian hybrids remained ones)from parallel dimensions in which they have become trapped as a result of Federation missions to destroy fourth dimensional time branches, which are energized by feeding off of the main timeline in a parasitical manner. These localized fourth-dimensional time branches were illegally created by Draco-Orion-Sirian interference with Earth's space-time-dimension energy matrix.Along with Andromedan, Pleiadean, Procyonese, and Tau Cetian forces involved in the Solar "blockade", a force from Capella also assisted in the blockade.The Capellans are a reptilian female-dominated society, once slaves of the insectilian "white Greys"(hybrids of naga and nephilim mixing) from Epsilon Bootes, who had infiltrated the Capellan world under order from the central empire in Alpha Draconis. Many incoming regressive vessels were destroyed as a result of the bravery of these female reptilian warriors from Capella(last fallen seraphim elvf females). In spite of this, the "blockade" is starting to buckle and the Federation may not be able to stop the main Draco-Orion fleet from Sirius-B from entering our system,because these female fallen angels are still neutral and are chosing to repent if they can,if Archangel Michael have premission to let them to Holy angelic guardian federation army of Lira Ruby systems.Our negative energies literally FEED the regressive forces,because they are Luciferian-backed, so the key to defeating the enemy from without is to defeat the enemy from within first.That means that satan want to abuse them to rape them and force them to work on the same side as watchers and first orders and second later fallen ones of seraphim as there are in curches and Hollywood and music industry. Meanwhile, the Draco-Orion forces are using a frozen planet just outside of our system(between physical realm and spiritual realm),actually a protostar that did not have enough mass to generate stellar fusion and instead condensed into a large frozen planet the size of Jupiter, detectable only by infra-red IRIS (Internet Routing In Space) satellites. Code named "Nemesis" by government insiders, the planet is being used by the Draco-Orion imperial forces as a cryogenic holding place for Draco warriors(fiery phenix seraphs later fallen after watchers and with him ones first fallen angelic orders of all ranks of one third lucifers nearest hosts).Nemesis has been sending carrier ships,actually excavated asteroids,to Earth from Nemesis ever since two of them entered geosynchronous orbits simultaneously around Earth in 1952 when masses of channelings of Ashtar(satan),causing quite a stir among astronomers and leading to the "negotiations" at Holloman and Muroc/Edwards Air Force Bases, in spite of dire warning by Federation representatives [who landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida] to have absolutely nothing to do with the "Greys"(fallen watcher angels) from the asteroid carrier ships, as they could not be trusted always because of their fear for what they have done before. Possibly due to heavy infiltration of the nasa cult from regressive subterran forces allied to the orbiting "Greys"(watchers),the U.S. government ignored the warnings of the Federation(of Holy one Lyra Ruby)and went ahead with their "negotiations".The Nasa cult was already allied to the sub-terran Greys(fallen watchers) and the negotiations with their off-planet allies were nothing more than the next logical step. Nemesis is still sending "asteroids" into the Sol system, one of the latest being 1620-Geographos. The Martian moon Phobos is also controlled by the Greys(fallen watchers),allegedly the home base of some 200 (not including azazel,because he is earth bound with white house) "original Greys" capable of egg-reproduction(new trick betweenthemselves,as succubus and incubus fall in love each other just without human mixing and possesions,which serve as the genetic source for the millions of Grey "clone-drones" which are operating within the Sol system.These asteroid-carriers are used as staging bases for planet Earth's subversion,as well as for abduction/programming missions(new nephilim and naga and between hybrids mission).Three asteroid-carriers - one of each controlled by Alpha Draco, Rigel Orion and Sirius-B forces - enter this solar system under the cover of Hale-Bopp's cometary tail, and "jump ship" as Hale-Bopp rounds the Sun, taking up orbits around Mercury. The Orion-backed Jesuit lodge and the Sirian-backed Masonic lodge [long since infiltrated by Orion-backed forces] establish a collaboration of convenience known as the Bilderberger Society [13 Masons, 13 reptiloid shape-shifting "Jesuits", 13 black nobility members control this group]. All are working toward the establishment of the New World Order. The massive infiltration of the Masonic-controlled Military Industrial Complex by Orion backed fascists following WW-II, and in turn the MIC's underground networks, has set the stage for America's downfall [or what's left of America after the ancient 'Babylonian' spirits invaded and took control of most of the 'system', as it is being run from Washington D.C.]. The enemy is poised to attack from above [Draconians], from below [Black Ops], and from without [Machievellian U.N. pawns] to attack neutral seraphim female angels and neutral organisations and ones who are with these seraphim female angels. If the forces of truth and liberty on Earth are destroyed, then the forces of darkness will use this planet as a staging base to spread their empire and poison throughout the rest of this galaxy.(that is satan´s plan to create eutopia with too many races in galactic civilizations as one rebel force) The Sirian-Orion conflict had been raging across the galaxy for millennia. Mars and Mercury had been in the second intergalactic war here, both victims of nuclear devastation. Maldek had been blown into the asteroid belt and planets in the Pleiades, Orion, and other systems had become nuclear wastelands. Earth had seen two nuclear wars in the last 3,000 years and the Sirians and Orions were bringing in their technology for a third light years axead of this time(satan´s complete unite force as with watchers also). In the early 1930s a group of watchers, the K-Group or Kondroskans, had secretly contacted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and offered technological aid in return for a treaty. Little is offered here about that proposal. However, apparently the Pentagon and civilian military and affiliated scientists broke the agreement and the K-Group abandoned the Americans, claiming that they abused the technology and agreement. ln the late 19th Century and early 20th century, scientist Nikola Tesla was reportedly contacted by the Pleiadians (the Orions,satan´s first nearest hosts of one third of first fallen ones) and their Venusian-based allies of survuved nephilim and naga of Noah´s flood that knew about it, and given the technology that led to his invention of the electric current that was before to be now once more, dozens of electronic devices popular today, hundreds of instruments used in aerospace technology and electromagnetics, and hundreds of patents. Tesla was arguably the greatest scientist of modern times, based on the number of important popular inventions he initiated that he patented.Without the Edison's electricity was worthless to the masses and long distance.He was Edison's top inventor,and was also one of the two leading radio technology inventors of the century. He publicly credited satan´s first army with his inventions.Early in this century, Tesla invented a powerful two-way radio device that allegedly picked up intelligent radio signals from Mars and a base on Venus. After Tesla has been assassinated in 1943,by doctor Mengel that worked for Hitler and his fallen watcher fellows,and Dr. Arthur Matthews and the great Canadian scientist Dr. Wilbert Smith continued to experiment with this communications device also.In the 1950s they established Project Magnet and montauk and rainbow and camelot,the Canadian government UFO Investigation, and claimed that they actually arranged a landing and contact with a Venusian-based spacecraft, using Tesla's technology.The Project Magnet Report,contains several inventions allegedly from contact with fallen watchers ex base that were rebuilt by Matthews and actually worked. However, in the early 1930s,Tesla was a good friend of FDR,and reportedly arranged a secret meeting between the Pleiadean(satan´s archduke fallen elite troop ambassadors)and the President. The Pleiadians warned the President about the fallen watchers contacts with Hitler and that the they were supplying the Nazis with technology designs to take over the world (for the Greys(fallen watchers)) and use genetics to create alien hybrids that could live in our atmosphere! The Pleiadians were said to have offered technology, via Tesla, to neutralize the Nazi attack of neutral zones for giving them more time to think to peacfully join luciferian troops as watchers did in the first place,in exchange for dismantling the Pentagon's war machine and altering our economy to sharing and trade, and our government to that of a spiritual council.The Pleiadians(satan´s first fallen elite army)would not interfere in our government too much.They would recommend a new system,and if we rejected it,they would give us no aid.Roosevelt rejected their offer, and considered it a threat to his and the Pentagon's power and economic dominance of fallen watchers, as Naval Intelligence preferred to work with the Sirians(satan´s first fallen elite army) and use their technology to defeat the some groups of Nazis in interfiring with female neutral fallen seraphim angels with neutral zone federations. The Greys(fallen watcher angels)initially gave the Nazis technology far more advanced than the Americans had then in ww2,including guided missile rockets, jet planes, superior electronics, superior submarines, etc., and the Germans never lost a battle until the late 1940s, their science being far in advance of England and the allies. Meanwhile, unknown to most American military men, Hitler's inner circle of advisers met in a secret room and meditated nightly, using magical rituals from their initiations into secret societies as astroprojection medium watching to see what enemies are doing before attacking.Borman,Himruler, Goering, Hess and other top Nazi leaders(nephilim races of watchers)were all advanced degree initiates in the ancient "Vril Society" from Atlantis, still surviving in the 20th Century in secret chambers. The Vril Society was related to the Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn of the most famous magician in the world, Aleister Crowley, Most Nazi SS elite members were initiates in those occult societies, or the Teutonic Knights, or even the Knights of Malta & Knights templars,that Mussolini's Italian Axis commanders hired allegiance. The Thule Society in Germany, named after their Lost Continent of Thule of the Golden Age of the Teutonic Supermen, was a secret order many Nazis were initiated into before the war. The founders of the Nazi empirerecived lie of watchers that the Aryans were descendants from the supermen who had ruled the planet from Thule in the golden age, and the Aryans were destined to rule the planet in the future golden age. This Nordic blonde haired, blue eyed race, which originated in the Lyran Constellation(why that one,because watchers were planing to join satan into manipulating some of the Holy angelic federations to join them to join lucifer without knowing,that he later found about),was the original super race on the planet in Sirian Earth.The Nazis knew that the history of our planet consists of cycles of civilizations that became great and were destroyed(Atlantis and Lemurian, Mayan& Astec,Babylonian,Egyptian(sirian(orionian)(draco)),Roman & Greek,and Persian and Borean Empire civilization strong federation forces. There had been four root races in the past - Etherian, Thule, Lemurian, and Atlantean. (The Nazis were to become the fifth root race, or the Aryans(but they had been all hybrid races of reptile and giant and half animal half human monstreous mutant false so called neo pagan“gods“)). The Nazis knew that planetary cataclysm and Noah´s flood and before the end of this century would destroy civilization on our planet and that the "Masters of the World"( fallen watchers and most dangerous ones before them) would emerge from inside the Earth to lead the Nazis to rule the world. It was the destiny of Nazis to exterminate the other races from foreign countries that had interfered in their 'perceived plans, so that the original Thule Aryan race remained. Hitler regarded the Jews as "an inferior race from another planet". (He actually wrote that crap,because satan and watchers lied to him in hand shake picture showed here before and also down:Hitler was possesed by satan and handsking with semyaza) Hitler was trained by psychics in Austria and was taught how to hypnotize people and put them into trance, so that they could be controlled by semyaza. That is how he mesmerized his generals to follow his orders like robots, even when they were intellectually opposed to him! He had a deep gazing hypnotic stare from his evil controlling eyes. He also had an official psychic department in his government that was exposed after the war, when troops ravaged Berlin. A few highly paid, highly secret, highly trained psychics reportedly mastered astral projection and used it to spy on the enemy before battles. One of them was Hanshouser as said before of this stuff,as these things watchers tought mankind before in Noah´s time. After World War ll, the top German scientists who gave Hitler his rockets, jets, and superior Air Force became U.S. citizens and invented the American military rocket program, jet planes, NASA cult space program, etc. They included Hermann Oberth, the father of the rocket, and his protege, Dr. Wernher von Braun. The surviving elite of the Nazi Gestapo and SS became the CIA and INTERPOL (INTERnational Criminal POLice). For the fallen watchers who sponsored the Nazis,Hitler was a bad investment. The Nazis were also financed and supplied with oil, gas, line, electricity, vehicles, bombs, rubber, and war supplies by corporations controlled by the Illuminati (which made billions of dollars off of the Nazi war machine manufacturing). So what went wrong? Hitler's visions of grandeur and power, under the influence of the LSD,Cocaine,Ampetamine he received from Sandoz labs watchers build alone and getting albert hofmannto work & posseseng him without he not knowing that always that they with him created lsd with speed drug better then before,because there was diferrent version,as well as the cocaine he regularly consumed mixing with all 3 or with weed(marijuana and salvia and ayawaska) and with viskey jack daniels,literally went to his head.Watchers destroyed hitler for fun and because archangel Michael had order from YAHUSHUA(JESUS) NOT TO LET THEM MAKE HITLER SUCH A MONSTER TO ENSLAVE THIS PLANET! As Hitler spoke, he was trembling in a strange triumphant ecstasy. The man who had no fear of the titanic military might of America and the Soviets combined used to tremble in fear at the thought of the Supermans who guided him and came to visit(semyaza and satan).He was paranoid of letting down the masters from beyond,who gave him orders,as he pursued what he believed was his divine mission to create the foundations for the Age of Aquarius.Every battle and every political action was carefully timed by Nazi astrologers and psychics, who had been trained by the Lamas and fallen watchers time before they chosen Hitler they had studied with in Tibet.People close to Hitler reported that he often awoke in the night screaming and in convulsions.He called for help and was paralyzed(similar to many thousands of UFO abduction cases decades later these phemomena happened and stil today happens).They chosen him,but played him with their apperiance with fear mode energy combined with Hitler´s drug and alcohol use stonned states in sleep,they played with him with such a fun,monstreusly that they damaged him like nodoby before on this planet,not even alice baley and balvatsky and marks as they did to Hitler,would then stand, swaying and dazed, looking around the room as if he were lost in dangeruos world,he was totally emocionaly and without clear mind full of paranoic states and trances saying and weeping and mourmuring.. uttering "he is here.. he is here.. It is he.. he has come for me! There.. over in the corner.. he is there!" Who was "he" who had come for Hitler? Well don´t forget because of too much words satan and semyaza fallen angels found it more expedient and funny and monstrously fun to torture him worse then an animal and insect to have the Nazis perform their genetic experiments for them before abductions were tacticly good compleated and well practiced and specialised.Fallen watchers who made a treaty with the leader of the Nazis and planted their secret underground bases in Germany decades before they did the same drama in the United States.Also it was the invading Orion empire(first satan´s elite troops) of a 5000-year star war, trying to reclaim the empire that they had lost on our planet during the fall of Atlantis during the first intergalactic war against Holy angelic armies before watchers did evrything they did in Noah´s time. There is material of technology and weponary that watchers hidden where was placed to use the military might of the Nazis and the Axis to take our planet away from its Sirian landlords of satan,who have secretly controlled the United States and the allies via the llluminati.Because they wanted to make alone first this cyber kibernatic angelic superhuman robot with nanotec wothout assisting of sirians because of use of Hitler´s phycodelic herbs for mind connection of remaining dinosaurids from other realm because they had knowlage of developing these things because when watchers created them planted knowlage genes in hybridization programs. In the intergalactic war involving Atlantis and Lemuria together the Orion Empire that is Sirian Alliance that have Pleiadean United Federation of Planets had all fought against Holy people of seth´s children who were them manipulated into mixing with cian´s demonised bloodline that satan´s elite troops made sexualinercourse with those seedlines between sinfull demonised bloodline and Holy one that made naga reptilians who made beautufull ones who desired and wothout and with naga hybrids made watchers lust after,because satan knew that YAHUVEH was sending watchers and he made trick to gain rank of angels that did not fallow him before,and some of them fell doing abomanations and 200 who were week to lust after between Holy and sinfull bloodline and nagas of them,made them be bound on Earth and punished and locked that they could not escape.But devil had them,and later after flood those 2 aditianal seraphim groups wom one joined and one played nautrally made him happy for these end days chace fallen female seraphs who some of them repented,and some are still neutral,he wants to mahe power and unting them with The Sirians, even after losing Atlantis,were victorious when they set up their new planetary capital at Luxor(lucifer)rule again,with their interplanetary 'White House' at the Great Pyramid.This Golden Age of dynasties left Sirian Egypt in power for centuries,as it ruled over a devastated planet.The Hebrews,who were later sponsored by YAHUSHUA,the Orion dominance in Asia, and the Nibirian-controlled Sumerian empire of remained nephilim like Goliath, were all lost in the sands of time,as Luxor(lucifer)made later vatican as tissue after beeing defeated on calvary cross.The Sirian control over the Roman emperors(VATICAN),who worshipped their Earth governors as „gods“POPES AND NEPHILIM AND SERAPHIMS AS SAINTS IN MASKED HUMAN SHAPE,was immense.During the Middle Ages,the Sirian Masters from their White Lodge established the mystery schools, the Knights Templar,the Teutonic Knights,Maltan Knights,the Masons,and hundreds of other secret societies that all nobility and regality were initiated into under the oaths of the secrets of the blood codes of death as skull and bones for kabalists to make body reptilian host to produce atomic bomb and body host as prince william for martreya(hermes archdemon,satan´s second son) and apollyon archdemon(helios(first satan´s son)is controlling Obama already as destroyer and starter of ww3 as new version of Hitler.Most of the initiates in the secret fraternities never knew that their masters and so called „gods“ are fallen angels.The High Priests,kings,and queens who learned that secret never revealed it, as execution was the penalty. During the times of the Old Testament,the different nations fought again for the control of the Earth in the second intergalactic war here lead by satan himself, and once again,the Sirians lost and lost at calvary cross when YAHUSHUA´S TIME WAS.The Pleiadians again had to flee in the centuries before Christ to Niburu to rebuild technology and powers to make new manilulative wepons of spiritual games also to lead people to satanis kabalistic practices that were then marked as white magic or liturgies(incaantations) by pharacies (illuminati) in YAHUSHUA´s time that spitted on him and mocked and gave to romans and pagan greeks for crusifiction on the cross.Sirius(satan´s elite troops) controlled Egypt and MesoAmerica(mayans&aztec).During the Middle Ages of kingdoms and feudal lands,the Sirian masters established,through channeling,many conflicting kingdoms,religion cults and religion systems,and religions divided into warring factions,to keep humanity divided and weak,knowing that a united and strong humanity could expose and stop the Sirian control.By creating ignorance,war between Earthlings over religion and land,and conflicting philosophies,humanity would weaken on a planetary basis and never become a threat to the Nibiru federations who were controlling Earth from that planet also to keep them in that time without of technology and electricity till they wanted to reload it to Tesla 1900 as they did.Later they came to 6 realm of spirit realm (beyond this galaxy)but exiting in Hitlers time to make little business as they did reuniting with watchers and then going back in 1954 back till 1996 back to nibiru and saturn. Hitler became so power hungry and mad that his lust for power inhibited his ability to reason.He also had a well documented case of syphilis, which damaged his brain.His vegetarian diet did not stop his diseases,due to high stress. In 1944, the Nazis were testing flying saucers of new versions fallen watchers gave them.The blueprints and films were captured when the Allies raided a German rocket base in 1945, yet the saucers had disappeared. Hitler could have won .. but he went mad,and watchers were bound again by Archangel Michael.He just wanted that under the influence of the Superman(fallen watcher semyaza),he was more powerful than the Illuminati with sirians.When he invaded France and threw the leaders of the Illuminati,the Rothschilds,in jail..and tried to personally take over the Illuminati..they retaliated by pulling the economic plug on the Nazis.(that was also deal between lucifer and semyaza) During the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, after never losing a single battle, the llluminati corporations cut off all of Hitler's supplies,as his armies were stranded in the snows of a freezing winter outside of Moscow.They cut off the gas and oil for the tanks, planes and weapons, cut spare parts and spare tires for all that was broke and damaged, cut him off from more aircraft and tanks to replace all destroyed .. and left his armies stranded and starving, after they cut off all the food. Remember that the Illuminati members own all the corporations in the world that produce oil, rubber, electricity, gasoline, weapons, strategic raw materials, electronics, strategic machinery, and all the major food corporations. And they did the same exact boycott to Rommell, as the "Desert Fox's" armies were stranded in the Sahara desert invading Egypt, cut off from all food, oil, spare parts, and materials, as they died of starvation on the southern front. Hitler's dreams of capturing the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, to capture the secret sciences and technology of Atlantis, which the Nazis knew to be hidden in secret chambers,turned to sand in the great desert. Meanwhile, at the peak of World War II, Hitler made the fatal mistake of sending some of his top scientists and advisers to the Andes in search of Atlantean gold and science that he believed he could rule the world with...by organizing another expedition searching for openings to the Inner Earth, where he believed they would be greeted by the Superman,who had a "sanctuary of escape". Hitler knew too much and he abused what he had learned. He was part genius and part madman. It became obvious that Hitler was so controlled by the fallen watchers that the speculation was that he had been abducted and implanted. These undergruond bases of watchers are still there. Hitler's twisted cosmology stated that Jews were really a form of animal created by genetic hybridization to become part human - but not fully human. He did not realize that all races on Earth, including the Aryan Nordics, are interplanetary hybrids.His masters neglected to tell him that lie.. And the Lyrans were not involved in this interplanetary war yet because they were not allowed.They were the Architects of Dawn who seed the worlds of time and space in the Great Experiment in the dawn of time. However, here on Earth, the "great experiment" had gotten out of control. Men who believed that they could become gods were too much decoved by watchers. The Nazis hated Western science and Hitler called it "idiotic pride."They wanted inter-dimensional metaphysics,including magic and psychotronics,to win the war with American technology togehter against God alighty also.What they did not realize is that their form of magic can never win against the Almighty God YAHUVEH and laws of universe.The Nazis had even taken the swastika,the Lemurian symbol for the four primary forces of the universes,and turned it around BACKWARDS to represent the misuse of the 4 forces - the dark side of nature or "black" magic. White magic, by contrast, is the positive spiritual application of the psychic sciences aligned with the spiritual Ascended Masters of Light.(fallen watchers) While most New-Agers tune into the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, their hierarchy of cosmic planetary leaders manifesting the golden age of Aquarius, the Nazis tuned into the Knights of the Powers of Darkness. These are the dead leaders of Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, Persia, lncalia, and other ancient civilizations as named up before,who as High Priests,Divine Emperors, Theocratic Kings, and Grand Masters of secret lodges misused psychic power and black magic when they were alive - who are now dead and between lives - who try to guide evil dictators and demonic religious leaders from the lower realms of that astral plane. Hitler found Crowley's voluminous writings to be so true - contact these invisible masters and they will give you all that you want on the material plane. Yet you sell them your soul in exchange. It is a testimony to the pandemonium of history that, when Hitler sold his soul to the knights of the powers of darkness,he sacrificed the German people to his „gods“who are satan´s elite and watchers and later fallen seraphs not including warring brave neutral female seraphim angels.He sacrificed the 6million Jews in the same manner that they had been sacrificed to the Sirian „gods“(satan´s elite troops) in as many centuries A.D., as in the last round B.C. so called twilight of the „gods“. Who is your God? A Sirian? A rebellious Pleiadian? A Regalian? A Zetan? Or is it all within? Is it all just of satan´s elite forcesand nagas and nephilim.Do not be decived,just accept YAHUSHUA who is Alpha and Omega,who is only messuah,and his Holy name who is powerfull who can chace all of demonic forces and all alianated fallen angelic armies and their children demons and powerfull blood of YAHUSHUA that when you think already about before you say demons tramble,and repent and ask Yahushua to forgive you sins and to protect you and he will!Do not do any magic,anything occult or anything like that,you have more power then Hitlerin the name of YAHUSHUA then!In a book documenting Hitler's use of magic and the occult, "The Morning of the Magicians", by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, it was written that: "Hitler's aim was neither to found a race of supermen, nor the conquest of the world. These were only the means toward the realization of the great work that he dreamt about. His primary objective was to perform an act of divine creation - a biological mutation of human beings that would result in an unprecedented new race of „god-men“." In other words, the Nazi vision of a world German Empire of Aryans was nothing more than temporary public propaganda,to later be replaced by a higher, even more secretive, goal. During the final days of World War II, when Nazi cities were crumbling under Allied bombs, and their mighty armies were being destroyed, the Nazi leaders sacrificed their own people, believing that they themselves would survive. They were taught that the Supermen would come out of the Earth and save them and that Earthquakes, tidal waves, an axis shift and ice age would destroy America for them, before it was too late,but they were just preparing themselves and were not allowed by archangel Michael,and Hitler was then so much exosted and crazy mad because of that he lived till 1987 till he died of brain cancer,but did not know just what and really who played on his head,that were fallen angels. Hitler's prophesied 'divine intervention' never came. Instead, his empire fell and the Orions lost another round in their intergalactic war also as they knew they were. The Nazi flying saucers were smuggled to their secret bases in South America, along with over 20 billion dollars of Nazi gold, along with a secret inner circle, which became the Fourth Reich (which by the way, still exists today). They operate with the fallen watchers out of secret underground bases in the Southern Hemisphere.Their advanced rocket technology ended up at Cape Kennedy and Mission Control. Meanwhile, several German, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian scientists escaped to America when the Nazis first came to power, changing the history of American science forever. Among them was Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla. Another was Hungarian professor John von Neumann, who is credited with inventing the modern day computer. Tesla, Von Neumann and Albert Einstein kabalistic satanic scientolog science cultist formed a team at Princeton University in the 1930s and created a think tank consisting of many famous scientists of the time period, and began working on Project Rainbow (better known as The Philadelphia Experiment). Using Pleiadian technology from Tesla and Sirian tech that Einstein and Von Neumann somehow "got a hold of", the Institute of Advanced Science at Princeton created experiments in invisibility and stealth radar deflection. By 1939, they succeeded in surrounding models with resonating electromagnetic force fields to make them invisible to radar and vision.FDR then decided that the way to win World War II was to make ships and planes invisible to radar - and even to plain view! In 1943, Naval Intelligence convinced Admirals that they could make the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge invisible to enemy radar in Philadelphia Naval Harbor, by surrounding it with Einstein's famous Unified Field Theory's application of EM frequencies. The experiment worked too well. Tesla tried to stop the experiment, protesting that no live humans should be used in it. He tried to drop out of Project Rainbow and run off with his technology after the accident. Shortly after that, he was found dead killed by mangel, and his laboratory had been broken into and all of his inventions and blueprints ripped off and ransacked. It has been reported in the intelligence community that Tesla had been assassinated because he had become a "security risk". So what happened to his technology? Einstein and Von Neumann were transferred to the atomic bomb project until 1945. Project Rainbow was put on hold. Einstein died, yet Von Neumann, who somehow ended up with Tesla's technology, recharged the project in Florida in the late 1940s and it became known as the Phoenix Project. They continued secret experiments in invisibility, which led to the disappearance of many airplanes and boats in the nearby Bermuda Triangle. They also developed "stealth aircraft" technology and much of the precision computer hardware used in the Iraq war. Congress funded all of it until 1969, when it exposed the Phoenix Project experiment using secret technology for mind control, and all funding was cutoff. The project lost their base in Florida, yet made a new alliance with llluminati plants in the Pentagon, who arranged an abandoned Air Force Base on Long Island(Montauk) and 20 billion dollars worth of stolen Nazi gold to finance the experiments in time travel, mind control, and using technology with psychics to create psychotronlc machinery. It became the infamous Montauk Project. In the 1980s, the technology had become so far advanced that Von Neumann and Preston Nichols, a chief technician, found a way to manipulate time. They succeeded in creating openings (windows) in the space-time continuum, to enter and exit to nibur like someof the nephilim did before.ln 1983, they succeeded in opening a time window,and to their utter amazement, found the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Experiment trapped in the time vortice! They got in ontact with them and they had that knowlage of new things of these projects from nephilim,and they hidded it for a time to get area51 developed good just as they wanted to be.When the USS Eldridge became invisible in 1953 when satan gone to spirit realm,there were three UFOs spying on the experiment (allegedly Sirian satan´sminions to controll it).When the ship rematerialized, two were well and told Naval Intelligence they had been finished all mutations,but they eally did not finished because they did not know how to use formulas.They landed on the lawn at Montauk Air Force base in 1983!Then was started with more forces,technology,magic,and both combined. In order to keep the illegal llluminati Montauk location secret, the location in the california was changed to Nevada area51 from Hollywood camps places down of bridge of beverly hills east of Hollywood where were near farms of and ways to crovley corners.The name of the Eldridge was kept.The movie got great reviews from critics, yet was quickly banned from the movie theater circuit. It made some cable TV and home video networks, yet it is not a well known video. What is not in the video is that a Sirian spacecraft that was spying on the experiment was reportedly sucked into the time hole and crashed in 1983 at Montauk. The ship was confiscated by Von Neumann and his scientists. Later, some came to the base and tried to get the motor drive back from Von Neumann, but he tried to keep it from them. Scientists at the project got in an argument with the Sirians(satan´s minions), which made the Sirians cut them off from further aid. The base experiments got out of control and Nichols resorted to protesting, after hundreds of researchers had been lost in time. Preston reported that by 1983, they were sending researchers with video cameras into the past and future with video cameras, filming history, resulting in 10,000 video tapes of the history of hybridization of the monster that was in 2008 finished and rady but in hibernation!The llluminati has used the Phoenix Project technology to control the Pentagon and other military governments and the masses. This technology was used in the Iraq-Kuwait war to kill over 100,000 Iraqis, while only losing less than 40 Americans - a ratio considered utterly impossible in conventional warfare. The loss of American aircraft and ships was so ridiculously low, against the 4th largest Army in the world - that it defies rational explanation, except for the Phoenix Project technology. Secret government documents state that the Sirians (satan´s minions)now have "already taken control of our planet." It is not a *future* invasion,because they are here on the mars and moon and venus and jupiter and some already here and working to get new world order and world war3 and galactic war3 rady in olympics in 2012(this year) also as in september11 and later and later in 21 december of 2012 with blue beam also as tool to fool the masses to create sonfusion to come as planned as false peace and to load people to war against each others and witchcraft and war against Holy God´s angels.The invasion has already taken place at some points already Michael with Satan and watchers are creating channeled messages to make other neutrals in zone of false saftey as they wanted that. "Star Wars" is not a Reagan-era military project against the Soviet Union. It was reportedly set up by the Sirian-Orion-Pentagon alliance war against the YAHUSHUA´S Holy angelic armies! Tired of being a pawn in a galactic war?Tired of being programmed as to what you recive lies from tv and newspaper that you have freedom,and fear to you bones and other lame stuff in newspappers and tv in order to persuade you that you don't?Tired of your landlords,the Sirians(satan´s minions that really controll media and evrything by illuminati sect cult elite thru freemasonory and skull and bines and knights templars,teutonic,maltan,...ect...)?But,can you move out the box for a while?Tired of fallen angels who regard you like your scientists regard mice in the lab,and who view humans as nothing more than a free slave labor force?Then ask YAHUSHUA FOR THE PROTECTION HELP,TRUTH AND RECIVE THIS ALL OF THIS TRUTH,AND SAY I WANT TO BE FREE,NOT A ILLUMINATI VICTIM AND SLAVE,NOT A SATANIC DOLL,OR RAPE DOLL,OR TOAILET PAPPER LITERALLY ALMOST TO THE SOME POINT AS IT HAPPENS,AND CHEAP HEAT THAT IS CONSUMED BY CROWS!FOLLOW YAHUSHUA(JESUS) AND ALL OF THE TRUTH,AND YOU WILL BE SET FREE!

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Subject: Anonymous WARNING of Galactic fallen angels
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 20:52:23 +0000

"Federations of fallen angels and Marduk Ra Lucifer´s Reptilian Dracos Nordic Blondes from Orion Galactic Federations According to a video tape made by a former C.I.A. agent, John Lear, based upon what he said he witnessed from military agents with top secret security clearances, there are about 70 different fallen angelic and their hybrid civilizations that have been monitoring the Earth. Based on interviews by civilian UFO researchers from civilian professional UFO research organizations there have been people reporting abductions by beings from at least 40 other planets,although the negative experiences seem to be confined to about 6 prominent planets in both studies along with satanic rituals with our druid and shaman prists and freemasons.The other reported beamed-up or taken-up experiences and land encounters have involved entities either friendly or neutral who are studying us much like our own scientists study primitive natives in jungles.There have been reported contacts with beings from 4 other planets in our own solar system,including a transparent green etherical energy formation being allegedly from Saturn and a tall, physical, pure white humanoid claiming to be from Uranus.The beings claiming to be from Mars and Venus are human in appearance yet are based in spaceports enclosed in protective force-fields on those worlds and they represent colonization's from other star systems rather than native indigenous life,most of them sometimes are naga draco reptile hybrids,and in less cases nephililm giants and then fallen angels both watchers and luciferian galactic federations. There are also reportedly physical being colonies on some of the huge moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that even NASA admits contain atmospheres and water, including Lanulous,Titan,Io,Ganymede,etc.One of the moons off Jupiter is allegedly a capital planet for an interplanetary federation in our own solar system! There are reported alien space bases on the dark side of the moon where greys operate,as well as on certain large asteroids and one of Uranus's moons,these are fallen angels known as normadian pagan gods that were also in some time operating in Atlantis and Lemuria,Hyperborea,Egypt,Babylon,Grece,Rome,Sumeria,Mayan &Ink &Astec civilisations,Syria. The Department of Interplanetary Affairs has summarized research on planets with reported physical beings civilizations in other star systems,such as the Korendians that Bob Renaud was reportedly in radio and face-to-face contact with, the Koldasians that a group in South Africa claimed radio and meeting contacts with(CE-3s), the Ogattans that a group in North Carolina claimed physical contact and transport to their planet in dealings with this race,and the Arcturians.The Ogattans are said to be a short humanoid bird-like aliens extremely friendly and spiritually orientated,but they are really full of hate inside,from a planet of prismatic domed communities of crystalline material surrounded by crystal forests emanating rainbow colored auras permeated by the harmonics of the music of the spheres. These fallen angels are helping small numbers of illuminati humans on Earth with guidance,very low-key,and they have taken many small children from here to their planet for schooling,where they viewed a Destiny Screen showing future Earth events many of which have already come true!.The events for the later part of this decade and early 21st century on the Destiny Screen present widespread planetary disasters.This is a fairly common warning,and was even given to the Pentagon leaders in the early 1950s by fallen angels from the Zeta&Orion invasion preparation they plan now.Warnings of widespread Earth catastrophes in the next 20 years were common in the 1950s from fallen angels orion federations claiming to be based on Venus, Mars, planets in the Pleiades through the 1970s), and some other solar systems(realms/dimensions).Many of the events these aliens reportedly prophesized in the 1950s &1980s have already come true,but some of the things they lied against Bible that first Bible predicted that and also God warned them also as for part of this end time work to be done,evrything is connected,including several famines,floods,earthquakes,wars,etc.They make this to make saving propaganda to make polititians in power to run the agenda they plan soon to expload with how much they getted it high level on now. The Koldasians,who reportedly look so much like we do when they shapeshift,they are lower federation of fallen angels princilalities ranked almost always,and they could walk into a supermarket incognito,say lie they were recently nuked on their own planet in an interplanetary war that resulted in negative aliens invading their territory.The leader of these new age movment religions here on Earth mission,Valdar,who reportedly met on a South African beach with Earth contacts and also had radio contacts,details another type of Interplanetary Confederation Koldas is a member of in lengthy writings by Carl Van Vlierden.Valdar warns Earth not to make the same mistakes taking place in the space,but to listen them,that is the lie they spread to us that will make people go war against Holy angels,but they are frendly with watchers also as we know and they will use them as additional help,and they don´t want so much harm as their bigger ranks,they even warn us,as they posses Alex Jones Cia agent to tell some stuff,and they made him freemason and king of infowars,but not revealing all things too much,because they care also the same dedly agenda as their bigger ranked federations from Orion. Similar warnings came from them,who reportedly look exactly like us humans when they shapeshift in that form except they are only about 3 to 4 feet tall want always almost to take and live on a planet 6 times the size,of Earth,with oceans and many more continents as we know is Nibiru. Carl Vlierden even produced photos of their spaceships,just like Bob Renaud did with the Korendian spaceships,which look like daytime disc-shaped flying objects. Meanwhile we hear about fallen angels who are small humanoid greenish beings semi-physical who are so far beyond us spiritually,technologically,and mentally we can barely comprehend these entities,when they get in semi-physical form as they are in most of the time,they are ranked thrones of same orion blonde nordic groups but they work lower in andromeda and pleadias to help lower ones directly by middle research from here and there.They say they guide certain people through channeling spiritual advice and on their own planet they have none of our physical or emotional problems.Now when they make these lies as one of them are high level fallen Cherubim and Seraphim of Marduk Ra Lucifer & Reptilian Dracos Nordic Blondes directly from Orion Galactic Federation Like most of the other advanced races they live in crystal domes in a garden of Eden they lived before like paradise with music beautiful beyond our comprehension, scenery beautiful beyond our dreams,and no pollution or disease.They do not want to get involved in our wars,but just to start them and warn them up in a grate big destructive messure. 

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Well, looks like shit is fixing to hit the fan like the Bible predicts. So much for your dinar. They ain't gonna help.