Thursday, December 5, 2013

Open Letter to Dinar & Dong Holders

To all Dinar & Dong Holders;

Your currency exchange is being held up by the following:

President/CEO of US Corporation – Barack Obama does not want We THE People to complete our foreign currency exchange so we can eliminate our debt and help all humanity. This has the effect of holding back any and all elevation of the global community so we all rise above poverty and debt slavery. We understand that the current and past presidents have already exchanged their personal currency!

US Corporation – U.S. Secretary of Treasury, UN Secretary of Treasury and Governor of IMF - Jack Lew, he is scared of his Bosses Obama and Bush SR. and preventing him from moving forward with the release of the currency exchange.

Director of IMF - Christine Lagarde, supports Bush Sr. (who appointed her) and will not do anything that goes against Bush Sr. orders. The IMF in past public statements was to step in and finish the exchange and at the present time it is evident that We THE People have been lied to again by the Obama administration, the Military and all the Gurus.

Federal Reserve  – Janet Yellen, was told not to support the exchange by Obama and his Boss Bush Sr. and for her actions they would make her President in 2016 by obeying their orders to prevent the currency exchange.

Banks - The banks are rolling the money and making tons of it via platform trading, while this exchange does not take place.

In summary the current administration will not allow the currency exchange to take place which puts money in We THE Peoples pocket. 

They are holding you back from quitting your job, paying off your bills and debt, having that extra special Christmas with your family, making that once in a life time trip with the family come true, getting that new car that you've always wanted, taking care of the medical or dental issue that's been nagging you for years, getting that new house with the extra bed and bath room and how about just plain helping out a friend!!!!!

So, how do we solve this? 

Provost Marshal by law is the only person in the Military who has the authority to arrest the setting President.  OK, Provost Marshal, do your job by the orders of the Civilian Authority, We THE People to arrest and remove Obama and all the politicians that have acted in Contempt of the Constitution.
Pentagon, do your job and support the Provost Marshal in the removal of all the US Corporation Contractors from the offices and detain them per the Civilian Authority, We THE People, this Fraud and Trespass can no longer be tolerated!!!!!!!
Pentagon Administrator, you shall Honor and Support the Civilian Authority’s Interim Office holders that are in place to lead this process since the present leadership has demonstrated in-competence and sever lack of knowledge in the structure and format of a de jure constitutional form of Republic governance.

To the Chinese elders who are in support of the return of a Republic, would it be possible that your support of the USA Trustee in resolving the bank issue so he can swipe his card and start the release of the currency exchange? Gentlemen, we encourage your support in this matter and supervise the transactions so they take place and then inform the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, UN Secretary of Treasury and Governor of IMF - Jack Lew, to complete his job.

It is Ordered, Sentenced, and Decreed by the Political Will of We THE People!!!
Notice to Principal is notice to Agent

Notice to Agent is notice to Principal


Anonymous said...

Somehow I detect a slight analogy to this situation and 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' Unfortunately the Grinch (PTB) knows where its power lies and is using it to the best of its advantage--the organized scamming of an emotional Whoville! They have long since taken the aspects of emotion out of their DNA because it got in the way of their taking control of whatever they chose to for millions of years.
With each day that passes closer to the Christmas Hollidays, the Dinar/Dong etc. holders become more frustrated with those who are trying to organize and represent us. Of course, all that the Grinch has to do is hold on and distract the process untill the frustration turns against Whoville to the point that they will self destruct so to speak or distract themselves till nothing can happen of a positive nature.
Where is the organized power of Whoville?? Are they waiting for someone else to handle it for them? I suggest that it has to do with the people who need to support each other and those who are working for our best good and on Christmas morning there will be peace and love with or without all the trimmings. The best way to support one another is to go within and ask your or God-Self what is the best way to support others in this world and follow that prompting and do it with the God-given emotion that we have which is so much stronger than unemotional planning. That is where the Power of Whoville lies, their Love, Support and the Desire and Emotion for this to happen. Lets combine our efforts into Power and use it for the best good. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Christine Lagarde was put in office during the Obama administration.

Obama is one of the Good Guys working on our behalf. You run him out and we don't have a rats ass chance in hell of getting this announcement done. While it "appears" he is not doing anything, he in fact is doing alot given the circumstances he inherited from the Bush Clinton Crime family.

Let's give him a chance, let's give him a break.

P.S. Thanks for the coffee cake recipe - I needed that! I seriously did. : )

Anonymous said...

No so. We can arrest him and all the other crooks in the District of Criminals at the same time and clean house.

Anonymous said...

Oba'ama has done more harm to this country than all presidents combined, with the exception of Franklin Roosevelt. Disgusting and repugnant to Constitutional government, with NO private sector experience to rely on beyond his continuing adolescent communism. We need to make him and his ilk pay for their crimes, under the rule of law or otherwise to stop the bleeding.