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RonnyO (Member)
2014-01-28 15:21:24

I have tried to be quiet and just lurk, and I have been very quiet as to the information I have been allowed, and (Thank God I remained quiet), as otherwise, I too, would have been calling the RV every other weekend as well! But I have had a little bit of information on some of the things happening, Oh and I have also tried to warn people about this whole Purple Pigs and Republic nonsense, but did anyone listen? NO!

Now, I was also told that the disinformation, misinformation, misleading rumors and the very little potion or fraction of truth that has been shared, was absolutely necessary so as to allow the Government's agenda and this President's plan to be enacted for the betterment of all Americans and soon to an international community of consumers and individuals around the globe. This effort by this President and the global law enforcement community as well as some members from the finance management organizations around the globe, including the IMF, World Bank, the United Nations, and numerous Justice organizations including the FBI, CIA, INTERPOL, and numerous other law enforcement agencies have in fact been working behind the scenes and under cover, to search out and uncover widespread corruption and banking collusion, governmental injustices and the global "Good Ole Boy Networking System" and all that has been going on under the cover of secrecy and private banking communities under the old protocols which will soon be a thing of the past!

Yes, this has been a lengthy wait and yes certain individuals and "Groups" have exchanged and the government and the UST has allowed this thing to roll out slowly and in an orderly fashion, but you all will be surprised as this NOW comes to an exciting and JUST conclusion. Whereby all citizens of this now global community will have an opportunity to be treated fairly and justly, NOT JUST AMERICANS, but many around the world that have speculated on currency revaluations. REMEMBER ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TRIED TO TELL YOU IT'S NOT ABOUT US! It hasn't been, it's about everyone who deposits money in a bank around the WORLD! It's about fair wages and decent treatment for everyone IN THIS COUNTRY and many other countries around the globe.
Now, before you all start, and for all those who are warming up their fingers and itching to respond here, before they have even heard the punch line, hold your horses, as there will be more then enough time to bash after I conclude!
STARTING Now or almost immediately after tonight's STATE OF THE UNION address, you all will finally see the BOTTOM LINE in this deal, the CONCLUSION! You see, starting right about now, Americans will be treated to a new era in banking and financial dealings, as there is a new system coming on line now. In fact, in the years to come, the entire global banking system will change, where transparency and a completely new set of RULES, aimed at limiting Banks and other financial institutions powers and their abilities to use YOUR DEPOSITS. A new world is dawning, a world in which bankers and financial institutions serving the general public will be held to much higher standards and much more regulation that will limit their ability to leverage your deposits in Mortgage swap deals and widespread account SWEEPING, every night after their customers have gone home to bed. We are entering a new era in financial responsibility, where WE THE PEOPLE are better represented and our money is better protected. Now this doesn't come without some cost, but it is intended to better protect the general public and YOU the individual, when you loan these HUGE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS your money either when you make a deposit or when you participate in large mutual investment programs by placing your retirement funds in 401k's or other conservative investment vehicles.
There is a new era in financial management of people's money dawning here and it is intended to better protect the individual and the general public, but even more important, this new system and the associated currency reforms will create tremendous new opportunities for us little guys, Joe Public, and the way, the markets allow the lower to middle income portion of our society to play or have a seat at the table.
Tonight, you will hear the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES introduce His last agenda for the last two years of his Presidency. You will hear him tell you all that he has spent 6 years in office fighting a DO NOTHING CONGRESS that did a lot more then nothing, they have actually worked very hard to OBSTRUCT and HINDER anything intended to help and benefit the AMERICAN PEOPLE, as if the opposition were to let this PRESIDENT succeed at anything, Creating Jobs, correcting the economy, increasing minimum wages for the American Public, or even keep Medicare solvent, Food stamp programs in place for folks having a hard time feeding their families, Veterans getting benefits due them or even something as simple as allowing unemployed persons in this country to keep receiving unemployment benefits, so that their children don't starve THE CONSERVATIVES FELT THAT WOULD BE A POLITICAL LOSS FOR THEM!!!!! IMAGINE A POLITICAL AGENDA AIMED AT HURTING PEOPLE AND HARMING THE ECONOMY, FOR THEIR POLITICAL GAIN! CAN YOU IMAGINE? WELCOME TO THE NEW POLITICAL AGENDA OF AMERICAN'S LARGEST CORPORATIONS AND THE ULTRA WEALTHY!. In fact, the conservative party in this country drew a line in the sand the day this President took office and said they COULD NOT, WOULD NOT, allow this PRESIDENT to succeed in even one area, as if they did, the American people would realize that the party to the left, is actually striving to represent the American People and their needs, instead of the ULTRA WEALTHY AND MEGA CORPORATION'S interests.

Now For the INTEL;

I was told tonight, you will hear this PRESIDENT introduce a series of initiatives aimed at evening out the playing field for small businesses, education and most importantly for the American people, he will address the HUGE GAP and or DISPARITY in wealth distribution in this country and how the 1/2 of 1%  of the wealthiest individuals in this country own the majority of all of the money this country holds. That means that under 1,500,000  people out of 350,000,000 in this country control over 65% of all the money in this country! But the story doesn't end there, you see, last year with millions of people out of work, and as corporations in this country continue to ship jobs to China and Indonesia, India and elsewhere around the world, where workers work for a $1.00 per day instead of us spoiled Americans who demand a "LIVING WAGE". YET, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE continue to vote for these conservative Politicians, or these people who represent these corporation's interests and for TAX BREAKS for the ULTRA WEALTHY, these MEGA corporations, some of which PAID NO TAXES LAST YEAR, while their political operatives actually fought, simultaneously, to deny people who lost the jobs now going out of the country, from getting UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, or GOD FORBID, FOOD STAMPS, for people having a mhard time in a market with NO JOBS and or a LOSS of real OPPORTUNITY in this country, which is fighting it's way back from being destroyed by the last administration, GW's Presidency!!!!!
So then, the question is, Why would anyone vote for these guys??? You got me, if you look at their policies, they represent the rich and corporations who sell thing to us, while not taking care of us AT ALL! They represent the people and companies who are fighting against us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The conservatives work for THEM, THE PTB, instead of US, YOU AND ME! The American people, who put them in office.

HERE'S THE PUNCH LINE.................................
Finally, before you start bashing and beat me up, REMEMBER 2 things, FIRST, you have all known for better then a year now that people have been listening and following discussions on all of these Dinar sites and boards. Remember, that when you come in here and spout all of your ridiculous CONSPIRACY THEORIES, BASH THE PRESIDENT and show how little you all know about what is really going on in this country, THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE LISTENING and reading your IGNORANT and really sad posts that tell this administration that you don't want them in Washington D.C. to work to protect Social Security for our Retirement, to work to protect Medicare for our parents and one day us, your telling them you don't want them to fight for your right to get unemployment benefits, for food stamps so children don't starve to death in our country. Hell, your saying you don't want them to fight so that kids in this country who are poor, don't get SCHOOL LUNCHES! Can you imagine, GIVING EXXON and the OIL INDUSTRY a $Trillion Dollar PASS, while saying at the very same time, "don't feed those poor kids", that's not our responsibility!. These folks have been hearing all of you talk about how you hate him and his administration and the Democrats in general, and while you have been saying "MR. PRESIDENT, please know that when you allow me to exchange my currency, I am going to do everything in my power to hurt you and everything you have tried to do for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! WHAT A GREAT PLAN YOU ALL HAVE!!!!!

BUT DON'T WORRY, CAUSE THIS IS OVER, IT WILL GO DOWN NOW AND WE WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO HELP PEOPLE, BUT INSTEAD OF DOING THAT, I HAVE AN IDEA, YOU ALL GO OUT AND SPEND YOUR MONEY TO SUPPORT THESE POLITICAL HACKS AND THE PARTY that has been trying to smear this President and his party, smear everything this whole opportunity was created for, destroy what was intended to help us MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE start new businesses and what was always intended to offer folks an opportunity to change things in this country,ALL OF THIS INTEL, we have been hearing is intended to smear or alter the truth, and the truth is, this took some time and was done BY THE BOOK, just exactly as every other RV has in the past! But with new opportunities for us, The MIDDLE. What have all of these political operatives been attempting to do? They have been trying to tell you that the President destroyed this deal or used it to specifically help his "Friends" steal from this RV process as if he is a simple minded crook??? Really? for one believe the truth will set you free, and we will learn the truth now, but remember the truth as you go on with your lives. Remember who tried to manipulate you and tried to sway your opinion of this President and his actions to secure a fair rate for your exchange and then built a system that would protect us all! YOU SEE, this thing was always intended to help the MIDDLE CLASS GROW and all of us contribute to the growth of this economy. Instead, I'm sorry to tell you it has become a POLITICAL FOOTBALL used by right wing political operatives to AGAIN smear the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and distort the truth about a very complicated financial system OVERHAUL!!!

So Guys, I really pray you will all "Remember" Who it was that has been lying to you all these months, because they didn't know when this was planned to go, ONLY the President and a handful of people around the world knew when this was going to go. OH AND THAT GOES FOR ME AND EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER, No I didn't know either, but I do now!

So, Go ahead and spend your money on these guy's political movements which aims to take from you and give more back to the rich! WHAT A GREAT PLAN!

God bless you all and by all means, GOOD LUCK!

Watch the truth tonight, then say goodbye to all your buddies here, IT'S OVER, and now all that's left is to begin a new life filled with opportunities and possibilities, but before you go, shouldn't you decide who you believed throughout this little journey?????

I think Tony Tried his best, but he could only give us what he was given, Now you have to decide who gave him the truth????


Anonymous said...

This may be true in some sense, but from all that I have read throughout all my years of following this situation, I have come to the conclusion that the GCR and Event that Cobra speaks of are two different things. Here's what Cobra just said about what I am saying that really caught my eye.

"As I said many times before, the vast majority of Cabal's gold reserves was removed from the surface of this planet by the Resistance in early 2012.

When masses begin to realize that there is no gold left, this will accelerate the collapse of the current system and speed up the Reset.

Behind the scenes, the majority of the Cabal has accepted the Jesuit Plan for their own version of the Financial Reset (with them behind the wheel) and are starting to promote it through the mass media:

This is the main focus of their meeting in Davos. Needless to say, their plan will not be successful".

So with that being said, I believe this whole GCR plan that you speak of and that the mainstream media is now speaking of as well is the Jesuit plan (New World Order modified) in which it will really be no different, it may look different and there may be some positive changes that can come about but to me it would be all done but in "disguise". Same devil with a different dress.

Now if we listen to Cobra carefully there is a much bigger plan and it involves taking down the Cabal once and for all and it is also upon us. So even if the Jesuit plan succeeds in my opinion, it will be short lived. I don't believe President Obama is of the light as many claim, but we have yet to see that. Also I'm not sure what will happen to the money from a Dinar/Dong exchange at the time of the actual event, while it may be adjusted, it could also be wiped out as the real "reset" takes place. This is how I understand it, and I have read many, many people's views for many, many years.

Unknown said...

I read this before the SOTU itself, and it was the ONLY thing that caused me to bother watching it. Of course, not one thing that was spoke of here in this article actually came to pass in the speech or in general reality. So, not only did I watch something I wish I hadn't (felt ill afterwards, as tends to happen watching liars lie continuously), this "opinion" completely invalidated itself through the (in)actions of O during this speech.

In other words, this guy is full of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

OUR PRESIDENT ... well, he's not my president

Anonymous said...

Total nonsense and bullshit. This guy has no idea what he's talking about. Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

This guy is obviously one of the misinfo spewers....the last thing O and his handlers want is informed, patriotic Americans with are out of your mind if you think he wants to help anyone but his handlers.....oh, and as I type this its tomorrow and guess what.....I am not at a bank exchanging dinars.....please stop spreading your lies and propaganda.