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TNT Special Call 30-Jan-2014
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It is January the 30th, 2014.  It was almost a superfantastic morning and could still be a superfantastic day.  There is some iffy news, too, but I’ll let DC handle that…
Here’s the deal.  We have a lot of good information and this could be a great day.  There is a new idiot in town who’s going around telling people we shouldn’t be doing what we are doing with Twitter and such, and he says if this doesn’t happen, it’s because of Tony.  Some people are determined that we DON’T get this, but we know for sure that if it weren’t for our efforts, we wouldn’t get this at all.  Some people don’t have a clue as to what is going on in the real world.  You have done the right thing for yourselves, because this is only thing getting this to you.  It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and she is standing there on the side of the stage. If you weren’t forceful on Twitter these last couple of days, this would have a very different outcome.

DC:  Absolutely, you have made a huge difference in getting this done!

Tony:  Not only that, we still hold some power we haven’t discussed yet.  Today, tomorrow, 60 days from now, you will still have some power if this doesn’t go right.  Though it looks like it’s going to go right!  But if it doesn’t, we still have an avenue.  We can still do everything we planned to do, if this comes out right.  We have a plan and it will make a difference – we know that because insiders are telling that this is how to do it, this is what they are worried about, and this is the best plan of attack.  What we are doing DOES make a difference.  Five million people doing one thing on one day could change the whole banking industry.  That will be something seen world-wide.  It won’t destroy our economy;  it will put some people in their places on Dinar Day, if they do the wrong.
Everything we heard this morning is very positive. Some things that happened in the night were very positive.  There is one small group in a room trying to hold this back, but this could change in a matter of moments…

DC:  Everything is looking phenomenally good right now.  From two different sources I got that the admin is on track and executing the UST option.  Many other governments are in the process of doing this now.  It could backtrack, but it’s absolutely different than it was before, and it’s a major step forward on this.  Surely we will not shoot ourselves in the foot again…

Tony:  Now that we are seeing it on television.  Tier 1 and 2 banks have been notified that this should happen by Monday.  A contingent is still trying to hold this off until Monday, and others want us to get it done right now.  Some people want to skip over us altogether. We have been a force in getting this to happen, regardless.  You need to know you have been a force in the decisions that are being made.
Where are we now?  Notifications have gone out to the lower levels, so a lot of bank employees know a lot more today than on Monday.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks who were never a part of this have now got notifications to spin back up and get everything going.  A lot of banks who have never heard of this are now going “Oh, what is this?!”  Some are actually calling US (Tony and DC) for information, which is hilarious.  They are getting caught up on what they have to do.  We don’t know what contract rates will be available and probably won’t know until it pops.

Tony:  We have been talking about this for years, and the lower banks have just got their informa-tion!  We know people who just got paid out yesterday at $28.  They are still paying people out last night.  Some in other countries got paid out over $20.   We know it continues but it is closer to your turn. It could by any moment, any day, and their notifications say Monday.  There are some meetings, and we don’t want to give out too much information. WE have dates, rates, locations, 800 numbers… we just want to wait and see what happens.  Pam suggested we put the call off for a few hours, but I thought we should give you the information so that you can be ready, and also so that we can move if necessary.  I never wanted to do that, but I’m hearing that things have changed so much in our favor at this moment that we don’t have to do it.  The good guys in the bad circles have prevailed.  We still have to wait and see if it comes out that way.  If it does, then we have to be the big ones and forgive, and go on with our lives.

I’m feeling kind of good.  I should be superfantastic – here we go!  But I know there is that one contingent there that is still trying to get their way, change this and do that.  They are small but powerful.  I hope our overwhelming numbers will convince them to do the right thing.  I don’t even know why they are having that meeting when we could be having a joyous day, and still might.

DC:  It appears that the same things we talked about before getting upset is now on the table again. They are going back to the original plan, on the same timeline, and the plan is going back to where it was, which is the right and fair way to do it.  That would not have happening without your help.

Tony:  If you are ready and know what you are doing, your ten things, then you have enough time for you to make it.  I can’t tell you the exact time because they will change it, but if you take care of business, you will get a very good rate.  We will go into more detail when we get the actual announcement.  This is closer than we’ve ever been before, now that the smaller banks have been notified.  The bankers are willing to talk to us now, and the Tier 2 and 3 banks are always out there, and they appreciate what we are in involved in here. They want to help us!  We are turning this corner, going back to being happy and getting this done. It’s going to be a great day, I think.  I don’t say everyone will be exchanging today… but I might be.  You never know.
We’re going to do a very short call here, and I may have to call you back shortly.

925:  good morning!
Caller:  What percent is this political?
Tony: Everyone else is ready;  this is now 100% political.

DC:  It’s 100% political, so we need to keep our tweets going.  Don’t stop.  Everyone else is happy and wants to do the right thing, and there is just one little group holding this up now.  There aren’t that many of them, but they are still powerful people.

404, good morning!
Caller:  You indicated the official notification has gone out to Iraq;  when did that go out?  Did that start the timeframe, the 30 days?

DC:  Did they reset the 30 days?  We don’t know, can’t get a straight answer out of anyone.  That notification went out early this morning.

Caller:  Before the Chinese New Year, then?  This is a lucky year for the Chinese, and it kicked out the year of the snake.  A good horse never looks behind to eat the grass behind.

Tony:  The Chinese are smart;  I know some people they need to talk to!  How is the going in hot Atlanta?

Caller:  I’m glad we have food in the pantry because we cannot get out.  It’s amazing what 2” of snow can do when everyone is driving home at the same time!

Tony:  Good thing your Governor didn’t work in Washington!

Caller:  He did!  He was a Representative!

Tony:  Last night I was sipping Macallan’s and smoking a cigar with a Senatorial candidate who wanted me to help his campaign.  I said I didn’t even want to be in the same room as politicians!

New caller:  I’ve been tracking this since 2007, as a business person.  It seems like we are getting close.  One question about the flow of funds and the contract rates?  That will tell us the tax situation, if it’s income or capital gains.

Tony:  We get the contract rate, and the contract is between the UST and the other governments.  Read your NDA, understand it, and if they are telling me I have to leave any of my money for any period of time so that they can make more money on it, then I’m going to do something else. That is my personal opinion.  I’m not signing anything until I do understand it.  The NDA shouldn’t be about that.  There are 13 different versions, so make sure you understand what you are signing. We know there are supposedly ten year restrictions;  don’t sign away without understanding what you’re agreeing to.  Don’t do that, just because they are waving money in your face.  This is your one chance in life;  do not blow it!

Caller:  The friend you said was contacted by Tier 2 banks – were they aware of rates that would be available?  Contract or street rates? 

Tony:  They have not been given rates so far as we know.  I am hearing the contract rate will be at Tier 1 banks, but there are a lot more of them than just the big four banks. Many banks you think are Tier 2 are actually Tier1 banks.  Once we get the numbers we will discuss this on the call.

Caller:  Who notified the banks that this is coming down?

DC:  I don’t know exactly where, but the regulators they spend the most time with are the UST and the Federal Reserve. 

Tony:  Our bank contacts didn’t say, but one of them is on the call, so if you remember, please text me.  I assumed it was the upper management.  They probably don’t even have the NDAs yet.  That’s why they were calling us this morning to help them catch up now that they know it’s real.

DC:  I’m assuming the UST or the Fed. 

404 again!
Caller:  All political, would that be Congress or the administration?  Can we affect this directly?  Are they entrenched or are their terms already up?  That was so interesting, looking at the vote count.  Is it the Congress, Senate or administration?

Tony:  All three are the administration.  There are people on the board from every area, more individuals than the Congress, Senate or administration. People from all three groups are involved.

Caller:  I called our Senators and Reps;  they wanted more specifics but where willing to go forward.  It’s good to have more details and know whom we can influence.

Tony:  If it comes time for a public investigation, we’ll know who did and who didn’t .  This is the reality.  From another country, someone told me that over 100K have already exchanged, and they started with congressmen and Senators.  Are you honestly telling me your Senator doesn’t know?  Not likely.

Caller: That’s my feeling on it as well, but when they try to play the dumb card…

Tony:  If you really want this to come out in public, then we can do that.  I hope not to have to do this.  They just deny, deny, deny, until they catch you in the act.

Caller:  Can the IMF enforce the international rate and clawbacks?  That will create havoc.

Tony:  Yes, the IMF has to initiate this, and it will be global. People came over here to exchange!
661, good morning!

Caller:  You say something about the China rate – do we sign an NDA on that rate?
Tony:  Yes, NDAs on all contract rates.

Caller:  What about taxes on it?
Tony:  I don’t know about taxes until they announce it.

Caller:  The Zim, do you know for sure about the rate with China?
Tony:  I don’t know for sure;  I heard .22 for AA and .11 for AB notes.  That could all have changed in the last 72 hours.  So far as I know, it’s still dropping six zeros for each.  I’ll take that!

773, good morning.
Caller:  I got information from a powerful source that Zimbabwe has been dropped. I trust this source.  They say they added four more and dropped Zim.  Another country dropped 40%.
Tony:  I didn’t get that.  We’ll see what happens.

919 caller:  What cushion will you give those guys before the clawback clause is enforced?  If we come out at 22, are you going to invoke that?
Tony:  The way the situation is coming out this morning, that is not something we have to be concerned with.

Caller:  have you heard anything about the dong and lower denomination notes?  What will they use for change?  Is it just a contract rate for the US?
Tony:  They will not become multi-millionaires, but it will increase their buying power over there. I do know what is on the boards and at the banks, and it is real.  All I’m concerned with is that they take mine at the banks, not matter what happens over there!  I’m just glad the rates are what they are.

405, good morning!  717, good morning!
Caller:  NDAs… you mentioned that NDA were drawn up by the Treasury, or the banks? 
Tony:  The first one was drawn up by DC…
DC:  I did not! The first ones were drawn up by the Treasury and Homeland, with SEC and a few other guys mixed in. Then the banks and their private exchanges have their own NDA.  The ones I’ve seen all have UST and Homeland on them.
Caller:  Why would UST and Homeland write in clauses to have the banks keep people’s money long term?

DC:  The government is not dictating that.  They don’t care so long as you keep your mouth shut.  The banks want that to keep your money in their bank so that they can make money on it.  We don’t know what the banks are saying.

Caller:  Some groups have to keep some money there, others don’t have to keep anything in the bank.  Could there be a bank NDA vs. a government NDA?
Tony:  No.  If I’m in a group and you are not, then we could be handed separate NDAs at the same bank.  The government doesn’t care about that.  They just want to know that you are not going to talk about it, write a book about it, or whatever.  The banks could have no restrictions at all.
Caller:  800 numbers still on the boards?
Tony:  I hear they are being released today.  Some people are a bit mad at us, but the 800 numbers will be issued somewhere.

Caller:  Some people are calling TONY a four letter word! 
Tony:  I’ve been doing this for three years, and we have been feeding you their information, keeping everyone calm.  Now they’re all upset because I’m truly standing up for the people.  Now I’m a four letter word for some of them.  But I also get lots of calls saying they support us and we’re behind you!  Some are upset because we did the right thing and you did make a difference.  You were about to get something a whole lot different – I couldn’t believe it myself – but now it looks like everyone is on the same page again.
The reality is, in the military you have officers, but everybody knows the enlisted run and do everything.  They are the ones that make things happen.  That’s the truth here, too; the guys copying the documents and supporting us, those are the real backbone of what’s going on.  They are protecting us and the people.  They are supporting us and getting it done.  That’s what I said:  we cannot leave these people after they supported us all these time.  We can’t abandon them, just take our money and run.  We have to do the right thing.  It did cost me some friendships, and DC did as well.  I don’t know why they don’t pick on Pam and Ray…

New caller:  Do we know the start date for the 30 days?
Tony:  No.  It should have been the first, but they might have reset.  If I tell you the day it ends, they will reset it.  I will tell you that there is enough time if you just go and do your business.

Caller:  Good.  If you get the contract rate, does that change the VNN rate?
Tony:  Yes, it does.  There is a bunch of different rates depending on how you go in and what you ask for.  We will go over that when we get the information.

Caller:  And you will have more information on the NDA then too, right?
Tony:  I don’t know if we will have all the different NDAs.  It would be better if we do go over those beforehand, but some of the banks want to rush you.  The bank may have several versions but they will only hand you one NDA.  If you didn’t call and schedule as part of a group, you shouldn’t get a group NDA.

Caller:  Can the mods post the Ten Things to help us out? 
Tony:  Someone did post that, so we’ll see if one of the mods can dig that out and post it.
I want to cut this short this morning because we are waiting for the last minute meetings.  They have given us a time this afternoon to get our questions answered if things go the way they are supposed, and in that case we'll put out a tweet/blast.  If it’s what we are really waiting for, we’ll do another call as soon as we get back from the bank.  [laughter] There is a whole lot of great information that I cannot give you right now, but we’re feeling a lot better.

DC:  Have your list, and be ready to act.  Be calm before you make decisions.

Pam:  the forum is now accessible to Tony’s blasts without logging in.  Those who are listening or following on Twitter, go to, go to Forum, and you will see the latest blasts.
Tony:  Alright, guys, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.  We know people got paid last night here in the US and in other countries.  The Tier 2 banks have memos to expect this no later than Monday.  Bankers who thought this was a scam are now calling US for information, so this is happening.  Hopefully things are changing for the better, so let’s find out what happens.  Hopefully I will see you this evening!

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