Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wed. TNT Blast

Subject: Wed. TNT Blast

Good evening TNT. I have some good news, great news and let's hope for the best news.

1. The bankers had more meetings today and one of their main topics was what do they do about TNTDINAR. We are definitely making an impact on their plan. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they can't just do the right thing. All it takes is to make it fair for all. We know that everyone is not going to get the $32.00 rate, but some of us should. We will have to wait to see how this starts, but believe me when I tell you, I know how it will finish.

If we are treated as second class citizens, they will be treated as second class banks. I have talked to all of my team and we have a plan to let them know how it feels afterwards. There will be over 5 million of us, we can change an industry in 1 day. We can expose corruption, if we have to, in 1 hour and have it go global. I am still hoping this never happens, but we must be prepared.

2. I just received a call from a personal friend whom I talk to everyday. He was very excited and wanted to tell the world his good news. He was just personally contacted by a Tier 2 bank officer that wanted to know if he still had the dong that he purchased from them. He said yes and she told him that she had just received a memo directing her to call all of her customers that had purchased dong and to tell them that they would like to be their bank during the exchange process. She said the memo listed several currencies that would be revalued by Monday.

3. Let's hope for the best news......

Let's hope that the rate comes out high enough so that we are not compelled to react with vengence and be forced to expose those in the government who took advantage of what was suppose to be for the people.

Let's hope that the rate comes out high enough that we don't have to expose the public to another corrupt bank scheme to decieve us, while they pile up Billions and Billions of dollars to line their own pockets at the expense of the people this was designed for.

Let's hope that someone in that group finally uses a little common sense and makes the right call/decision to get this over with and back on track for us all.

Let's hope this ends tonight, because tomorrow we have no choice but to start doing what we have to, to make this public for all to see.

Let's hope this is the end..........





Anonymous said...

That 'shaken' you feel.............that's them shaken in their boots that you are going 'public'. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I'll BET that dark-kabal won't budge a bit--hand writing on