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To: Randy Ziesenis
Subject: RV & Reno

The amount placed into the account at CE is either old FED dollars or new T bills.
Still a lot of unknowns how it is going to work?
Remember NIB is for people with large amounts that will have to pay tax on earned income from IB act.
You are going to cash out and take you funds to credit union or other small town bank.
So interest tax for a couple days no big deal

Confirming that Reno set to go forward with RV. Early today two more plane loads of Chinese officials arrived in Reno. Also Christine Legard IMF flying into Reno from Davos, Switzerland. Our guy expecting "the call" any minute! Reports all indicate RV IS happening .????

Eagle1:the GCR actually did begin its process on Sunday, a process specifically sanctioned and implemented with the cooperation and help of the IMF. Two of the major currencies that we've been watching -- namely, the IQD and the VND -- were among the first to revalue.

Eagle1: Sure enough, even though we had seen a total of 104 currencies finish the revaluing process by Monday night, it was made abundantly clear that we would not get to see the new rates until the process completed. With 104 currencies having finished the process, that left 94 yet to go. I do not know what time the actual process began, but what has been said is that the IMF gave a 72-hour window for all 198 currencies to undergo the process of change, after which the new rates would be released to the world.


Knowing that many might be interested in the above report, forwarding it on. Time will show whether this is correct or not!

     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that independent economist waiting to see what happens, how Wash., D.C. handles it under Obama, and what effect it will have on the American economy!)

P.S. My Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America (short name called Omni Law as different from Dr. Henderson Omni-Law which some seem to get confused over is posted on my website and also listed in the search engine at the top of Nesara News. Put in Omni Law- Erasmus Of America to see my proposed constitutional amendment. Once passed, you have heavy legal protection for any RV exchanges you might have. Also, then Obamacare cannot walk in and clean out your bank account and without court order as reported legal powers granted under it to Obama and those working under him. Obamacare reported cleans out all legal rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights and leaves you with a total federal police state under Obama. The members of Congress never read this bill they voted for as it was massive and no one wanted to know what was in it. Better not take advice of Obama last night in State of the Union message to not reform Obamacare. Slick speech but full of holes in what it claimed to stand for and misrepresented reality such as "Global Warming" "proven scientific fact." In a poll of scientists some time back, think it was over 30,000 who said they did not believe in "Global Warming" and a few hundred who said they did. By coincidence, these were federal scientists whose jobs depended on supporting the federal propaganda position or else they lost their federal jobs!)

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