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[chillimac] CNBC Countries Currencies are free flowing. Turn on CNBC There talking about currency I heard Cramer say something about countries not waiting………

[daz] has everyone assembled and updated their binders? Have assembled a list of hand pcked banks of choice, established emails, got your plans together?

[daz] have you watched the video "The Money Masters ~ Full Movie" 3:29:21 The movie is done in segments, which make it easy to watch in multiple settings. Break up the video in 30 minute increments if needed but please do watch it so you will fully understand what we face.

Rrrr: The strain is starting to show. Every day seems to be the time that the RV is about to GO. BUT… a Global event like this is rare. Constant delays should be expected. We truly in the moment, the moment we have all projected. I’m wearing a grin from ear to ear. My intel cat Winnie is even smiling. This RV is about to Pop. Of this there is no Denying. Soooo let’s take just one moment, to reflect what we have all been through. It’s Done! It’s Here!. It’s Finished! We did it! This is True!
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[xyz] Three of the UK's biggest lenders – Barclays, Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland – plan to massively cut staff and close a large number of branches. British banks are struggling to cut costs, as multi-billion dollar regulatory costs eat their profits

 [BOBGETZ6] A Shasta7 update: I just spoke with him and finally his situation is improving. He is now getting physical therapy at home and is now able to begin putting weight on his foot and walk a few feet. The pain level is dropping and he is improving daily. He gets physical therapy twice a week.

 [BOBGETZ6] Recaps, you may post that update if you like.

[1koda] wow that is great BOBGETZ6 !!! he has been through so much. Glad to hear he is now able to get weight on his foot... alot of the dinar community will be happy to hear that also.

[BOBGETZ6] Without going into too much detail, the concerns about the operation, and infection, are put to rest. Now just a lot of therapy.



aggiedad77 » January 30th, 2014, 1:23 pm 

Hello for the morning news:

Because of the adoption of the income on oil .. Iraq has been unable to finance its projects

This article talks of Iraq's needs to spend a trillion dollars over the next 10 years in developing its oil sector as well as that of housing and industry.....if you read other articles that have been recently posted....this is what they are already planning for...IMO.....they recognize that their oil infrastructure is subpar because of it laying years in disrepair and there is indeed a catchup that needs to happen. The same with housing and other won't be cheap....but they are aware I believe.

Financial Times: Iraq is considering the decision to return to the system of production quotas in OPEC

Iraq is looking ahead to the time when they reach a 5 million barrel per day oil production as when they would consider discussing with OPEC their return to the OPEC quota doesn't sound like they are much interested before that happens.....there may be other world pressures though that could make this happen sooner.

House of Representatives raises the budget discussion session to Saturday

Well the budget 1st reading has been postponed to Saturday because of a lack of quorum in Parliament....the Kurds it seems are disgruntled over the requirement for them to produce 400 thousand barrels of oil per day.....which does seem like a tremendous stretch goal for them.....if I'm reading the article right it sounds like in addition to the Kurds boycotting the Parliament meeting today the State of Law bloc may have also been absent.....I thought that if the Kurds were the only ones absent, the Parliament would still have a quorum.....probably will see more on this through the day.

Citizen calls for the presidency of parliament presided over the meetings of the financial and legal representative to ensure passage of the pension law in session next Saturday

Well this is odd.....the Citizen bloc wants the President of Parliament to preside over the Legal and Financial Committees to ensure passage of the Pension Law.....not sure how that would improve things....but to each their own.....maybe he wants the President to muzzle the representatives from these committees.

Iraqi Oil Minister Meets With The New Chinese Ambassador To Iraq

Sounds like a handshaking....backslapping....Kodak moment for all.....both agreed to the help the Chinese have been in the oil sector for rehabilitating Iraq's oil fields in certain areas.

Zebari receives copies of credentials of ambassadors to Iraq of the Philippines , Spain and Japan.

FM Zebari was busy today receiving three ambassadors who are new to Iraq....Philippines, Spain, and Japan....all seeking to strengthen relationships with Iraq.....of course....Iraq has something they want.

The Ahrar bloc calls Iraqiya coalition MPs to end their boycott

So Najafi's bloc is also boycotting....remember they walked out in December, essentially resigning.....because of the perceived treatment of Sunni's in let's keep hurting the Iraqi people and the country by having our temper tantrums.

Undersecretary of Interior Ministry meets with Deputy U.S Ambassador in Iraq

They talked about ways to deal with security issues around the country....the US deputy Ambassador was given a brief update on the latest achievements made against terrorists.

Michael Knights: Kurds shouldn’t waste their oil wealth

This is an interesting read.....I took from it....just as the title suggests....the Kurds shouldn't squander their oil wealth....common sense tells you that.....the Kurds need to show some strong economic prosperity in the coming years......they also are in need of getting their noses out of the air....and put their own people to work in many processes and stop allowing foreign workers to take on these tasks.....there is a political comment that could be embedded here....but I won't.....sitting on hands right now.

Exceeded 314 billion dinars .. The cost of smart cards for elections

So they have spent 314 billion dinars on the smart cards for the upcoming election.....these cards come from a Spanish company....this money has been allocated to the 2014 budget....which of course has yet to be voted upon....but is in the works....come this Saturday's first reading.

U.S. sends 12 pilots and 11 technicians to Iraq to lead the «Apache» battles in the desert of Anbar

Let the al Qaeda retreat begin....the Cav is on the way.....Apache helicopters are being delivered "in days" and along with them comes 12 pilots and 11 technicians that will train the Iraqi pilots and additional 200 will also be coming and may be staying for up to 3 years....oh baby yes....may the training be swift and the results be great.

Government bank in Maysan exposed to the process of stealing a monument [763] million.

This involves the Rasheed Bank branch in would appear that a "person" withdrew 763 million dinar from the bank....which has been confirmed by the headquarters bank in Baghdad....but upon auditing the account it turns out it was a false account and no such person exists.....the staff of the branch bank in Maysan has been referred to the Integrity Commission and told that imprisonment could occur if anyone was found guilty....thus far employees have not been charged.

Deputy for Maliki's coalition: the financial budget sent by the government just figures have nothing to do policy and the country's economy

For starters with this article I believe the 2033 is a typo and should read 2013.....this statement by someone in Maliki's State of Law bloc claims the budget numbers are just that numbers....the 2014 budget is very compelling and responsive......the country is indeed witnessing rapid change and needs to focus on sound economic policies.

Specialists: political conflicts and corruption hinders investment in Iraq

Why must politics and corruption be seen as bedfellows everywhere......many people in Iraq are working to eliminate corruption but still it remains and is a deterrent for economic investment from foreign entities.....some contracts are being let to companies that have not been properly vetted and they later find evidence of tape also is a hinderance that can also lead to corruption....and it isn't all associated with the government....many companies are afraid to bring investment capital to Iraq based on fear of corruption in general.....they continue to attempt to attract foreign investors and work on creating a more lucrative investing environment within Iraq.....the Investment Law give the foreign investor the right to trade in the securities market, stocks, bonds, and lease of land, as well as insurance for projects.....the law also guarantees priority recruitment of Iraqi citizens as well as foreign workers in projects.

It’s All About Risk versus Reward

While we have seen some evidence this week of new investments within Iraq, it also seems to some that the risks remain high....Iraq needs to stay aware of this and attempt to lower the risks so as to invite more investors to get projects completed....getting a grip on remain a priority.

US Embassy Officials Talk Franchising

Reading that title put a bit of a scare in me.....that the US is somehow going to start privatizing it's embassy operations....ok...won't go there.....what this is all about.....the US Iraqi embassy has hosted a seminar on Franchising in Iraq....what opportunities exist within Iraq....I believe there are many.....and this will be lucrative.

Kurdistan announce the formation of a committee to negotiate with the blocks on the adoption of the budget

Adcentspr pointed out to me.....look at all the microphones....the media coverage is growing....Maliki doesn't command this much coverage when he speaks.....this committee they have formed....will be involved with talks on Saturday with other blocs when discussions start about the budget......I wonder if this is legal...can they do this....I am assuming the committee comes from their current Parliament membership....maybe with some underlings behind them sneaking in comments when appropriate.

State law: there is a defect in the House of Representatives deliberate failure to pass important laws

At last someone that speaks with common sense from the government......that to walk out....or boycott a meeting of Parliament is a major violation of work to be conducted within the House of Representatives.....I have to simply boycott is not a way to work through issues....that involves discussion, open and honest discussion on what is perceived to be wrong and how to change things when necessary.....senseless boycotting gains nothing for anyone.

Talabani's doctor [where]: untrue news of the death of President of the Republic

Well it appears we have another false and baseless report of Talabani's death in Germany.....kind of like some other dinar sites that cry wolf all the time....sooner or later they will get it right.

First KRG Ministry of Natural Resources Monthly Report is Published

The Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources has published its first monthly information report.....this first report if for October 2013....the February report will cover both November and December, and after that will cover monthly be included will be oil production amounts, domestic refining and consumption, rig counts and map, well activity, employment updates and updates on Production Sharing Contracts.

Mass of the Kurdistan Islamic Union calls for Parliament to reject the parliamentary budget law

The Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc is demanding that the budget be rejected by Parliament.....essentially on the foundation that the COM had the budget for 5 months and still sent it to Parliament with $1 petrodollar being represented in it.....their argument appears weak at best....IMO. I also don't believe this bloc has enough weight to swing any such action. I believe they are just choosing to be vocal and boastful for the sake of the voters back home. The budget deficit they talk about has been taken into consideration as well I believe.

Kurdistan: adoption of the budget will be approved soon and to everyone's satisfaction we hear from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc....two different entities...and two different stories....the budget passing is "imminent".....again they talk about the formation of a committee to handle discussions for the bloc....sounds like Saturday will be interesting.....if we can gather all these cats into one room at one know how difficult it can be to herd cats.

Mass citizen Announces send deputies uncovered disclosed their financial interests for the year 2014 to the Integrity Commission

The Habitat bloc announced they had submitted their required forms to the Integrity Commission as required disclosing their financial interests.....the Citizen bloc had done the same....meanwhile the Integrity Commission called on all blocs to get their financial statements in to them by the January 31 deadline or risk legal action being taken on them for any delays.

Basra adopting new government caving in to the petrodollar and launches projects amounts of money, for the first time in its history

Basra claims it has 15 trillion dinar of project work for 2014.....a member of the House Economic Committee said the shift from $1 to $5 petrodollars also creates an increase in the budget deficit that will be plugged in one of two borrowing or raising the price of oil exports.....the latter is not a sure it seems they will lean on loans to bridge the deficit gap....this can also seriously impact such things as the Investment Law and the monies spent on future investments....while a short term fix it is not a long term recommendation.....the government this week has decided to trim 10% from the operating budget and 15% from the investment budget.

IMF warns Iraq: A decline in oil prices in 2014 is playing a balancing risk

Some key notes out of this article from the IMF......crude is currently selling for $107/barrel and is expected to slide to $103/barrel by the end of the year.....I believe that Iraq is budgeting $90/barrel for oil for it would seem they have some wiggle room.....their requirement to the Kurds of producing 400 thousand barrels per day is somewhat high, when the Kurds are currently producing 225 thousand barrels a day.....unless the Kurds have something up their sleeve they aren't talking about....that is a HUGE jump in production.....and the last note....and to me the most important issue....the IMF continues to insist that the CBI reserves MUST be kept separate from the Development Fund for Iraq monies.....that is imperative.

Iraqi Stock Exchange seeks to record 25 new companies to promote financial transactions

The ISX is saying that it is inviting companies to join the ISX and begin trading their company's shares with the ISX....they have 25 companies they have extended invitations to, and now await to hear from them.

Canada expressed interest in the process of building the economic infrastructure of Iraq

The Canadians want to help with the rebuilding of Iraq's and Kurdistan's infrastructure, particularly where it can help refugees coming in from Syria.

Well it is almost lunch time here.....soooo......I will leave you with this mornings summaries....enjoy.     Randy


jdtolle » January 30th, 2014, If you feel stuck

If you feel stuck, there are possibilities you are not seeing. Though it may not be obvious or easy, there is a realistic and accessible way forward.

If you feel stuck, it’s likely that the things you fear are obscuring the things you love. Progress begins with sincere, grateful focus on who and what you truly love.

Life improves dramatically when you begin to give and to live in the service of what’s most meaningful to you. Think of what you can joyfully give to life, and with that thought you are suddenly facing in a new, positive direction.

Keep in mind that happiness is a choice you can make regardless of your circumstances. Choose to be happy, and then express that happiness with your actions.

Give yourself a good enough reason to move forward, and you will. Somewhere, within your beautiful capacity to love, is a powerful reason that’s plenty good enough.

Instead of feeling stuck, feel love. Give life to that love, and you won’t be stuck any longer.

— Ralph Marston…..Wishing All a Safe, Warm and Blessed Day

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