Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is This Mysterious Device Deployed and Exploded Over San Diego? [video]


What is This Mysterious Device Deployed and Exploded Over San Diego? [video]

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Is it earthly? Is it extraterrestrial? What is its purpose?  I agree—it’s not an orb.  ~ BP
Published on 17 Jan 2014
Please see the update of this clip. After watching many vids sent to me I found a device in the red falling object in my clip. Knowing this I am changing the title of this clip as it has caused way too much fear – I wanted to create awareness of chemplanes. For that I am sorry and will strive to better title my work.
I now think this is a device dropped from a chem plane that helps them track their efforts in some way. All that debris looks like metallic particles that might help the tracking – or maybe we just do not know. It is a bit shocking to see this over houses though.
Thank you all for getting this clip out as it did cause many to think about what is being dropped and sprayed over our heads. PLEASE FILM THESE PLANES AND POST WHAT YOU SEE – IT IS NOT RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

My God, protect us. My daughter pointed out the exact same thing and thought it was a star. It was just a few days ago. She started to sing the song star light star bright, first star I see tonight. I said to myself... but the sky is white with chemtrails and you can't see stars because of coverage. It looked exactly like the orb thing on the video, and I didn't continue to watch it, and went inside.
Thank you for this video, now I know what I saw over central USA! Keep your eyes open and watch the sky's and keep your camera's handy.

Anonymous said...

Total bullshit! If this thing strung debris over houses in San Diego, you would have heard about it on the news. What you're seeing is space debris. Looks like a booster rocket right before it enters the atmosphere and explodes. Debunked!