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Video: Deal Made For Planet Earth

Here we go with someone else making deals for the people of the planet without our knowledge !!! If the bad guys made this deal thinking to allow the ETs' enslave the people. I guess the ET's better find another home. We the people have already been sold to ET"S once and it will not be happening again. The people are not your slaves or the ET's slaves. If that what the bad guys want, then WHY DON'T YOU BAD GUYS BE THE OF THE ET'S, YOU MIGHT LIKE THAT !!! This is the peoples' home and it's past the time that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are FREE permanently !!!
Video: Deal Made For Planet Earth
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Published on Jul 21, 2013
The Truth is out there
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"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research."
- William Cooper
The text at the first of the video is the "The Secret Covenant"
. . I simply included it in case some viewers were unaware of its existence.
Who knows if it's genuine? Not me.
It is suspicious that "they" would allow it to be written anywhere if in fact it was genuine.
On the other hand, it is my my opinion that those who are in control of the darkness of this dark world are "the ones who from heaven to earth came," the Fallen Ones.
From Project Camelot
[SNIP] The recent Mike Harris show with Gordon Duff as guest spilling the beans on a supposed "deal" with an off-planet race of humanoids that are said to come from Alpha Centari and are headed here (nearly a billion I am told by a separate source)... Go to the Rense archives for today's radio show hosted by Mike Harris. Must listen.
While I haven't heard it yet, I have heard things about what info it contains such as:
These visitors apparently look remarkably like the ideal Nazi.. big. light haired (some say even albino in coloring) muscular and so on...
The story goes, they are in need of a large amount of real estate to settle their people on, having lost a war with some unfriendlies on not just one of their planets but two!
This is the tale that a contingent of MJ12/psion or whatever name they go by now-adays is spinning.
What they are saying is that the secret government has made a deal to bring this group here in exchange for technology (big surprise) and another planet (or planets) where the human race is said to be given rights to terraform and move their own to in the event our Earth cannot sustain us... or them.
They are planning to give them, pause for effect.... Africa!
A whole continent.
And governments worldwide know this and have agreed.
I don't think that will go over well with the current inhabitants.
Yes I know it sounds just like the movie District 9 and The Event.
In fact, I ran this by one of my whistleblowers and he agreed this has been in the works for some time.
Only, these supposed humanoid beings aren't really humanoid...
They are of course reptilian and even a form of 'praying mantis' parading as human so as not to upset the locals.
And I am being told the ghost cities in Angola being built by the Chinese are supposed to be built to house their "caretakers" -- that is, the Earth humans who will mind the place.
While, I am at it this same Duff-MJ12 contingent is claiming the recent asteroid over Russia was a craft full of yet another group of 12-14 inch beings with an extra apendage... in addition to 2 arms and 2 legs... And they are supposedly not 'friendlies"....
Are they simply trotting this out to amaze and confuse?
Are their elements of truth mixed with disinfo?...
Yes probably.
My whistleblower apparently communicated this scenario 3 years ago to a certain person (not me). ie.
From what I have heard, diabolical plans for the African continent by the secret government have long been hinted at but no scenario such as the one mentioned on the Mike Harris show on Rense with Gordon Duff was forthcoming...
Given scenarios such as these, it's no wonder they needed a younger Naz/Jesuiti in the office of Pope.
Some think this Pope is planning to bring the worlds together and that he is working for the good of humanity.
Time will tell.
Snip from Mike Harris interview with Gordon Duff, Senior editor of Veterans Today, in March 2013.
Duff: " Michael would say; Michael - we've had a little push back on that already?"
Harris: "Oh, we've had more than a little push back. We've had some downright shoves."
Duff: "Yes; we've had the supposed 'bad people' tell us that we're not allowed to do this; and we're going to take them as far as necessary. They can work with us, or certainly if people have the power, they can kill all of us, but the fear I have - my worst fear - is that we have races that are looking on planet Earth as - I call it a farm. One of our senior members has used the term ranch as more appropriate. We have evidence that our own government has allowed numbers of people to have been taken...."
Deal Made For Planet Earth

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