Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TNT Call 29-Jan-2014

TNT Call 29-Jan-2014

Tony: Good morning, TNT!  It is January the 29th, 2014, according to Pam.  Whoever thought we would be here today?!

A couple fo things I did this morning.  This call will be a little different, almost back to where we want to be.  I send you all a copy of the Sacramento Bee this morning.  Retweet or put out your own message – right now.  They are in a meeting at this moment,, and there should be an announcement in an hour, after the meeting. I want to send a message right now.

I always want to support my government and country, and there may be a reasons behind all this delay, but I don’t know.  I sent you a link so that we can talk to the government directly later today.  It’s not time to go fully public yet.  I'm hearing a lot of good stuff today from a lot of different sources.  The whole world may change today, if they live up to the hype.

There should be three rates hitting the street today:  the international rate, the US rate, and the contract rate.  Let’s see what those are, and which is the best for you.  Things are looking good for us to get through this process by Friday, hopefully today, and if not we will carry on with what we do.  It’s only another couple of hours, and then we’ll see.

We have been hearing there is something on CNBC announcing currency revaluations this afternoon.  They expected it on Sunday, like we did, and announced it again an hour ago, that they are expecting currency revaluations later today.  We’ll see if that is true.

It’s going to be a short call.  I hope everybody is ready with your ten next things to do.  WE have a lot of new people who didn’t go through the process to date.  So if we could bring up those ten things that should be done and what to do when we go to the bank, how we should help people set up their accounts and such.  Dress professionally when you go to the bank as they will not help you if you’re not dressed appropriately.   They have the option of who they choose to do business with, so be careful.  There will be security, obvious and not. Let’s help everyone out.

DC:  I congratulate everyone on the Twitter and calls – that is really making a difference from what we hear.  Congrats for taking things into your own hands!

Tony:  Let’s take a few Q&A, and then go over what people should be doing.

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