Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Union @ 6 pm PST - 9 pm EST



Use your masterful powers of thought,
visualization and verbal intent to
Co-create a peaceful world now...

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Anonymous said...

I watched about 6 minutes of the State of the Union Speech, and watched 500 or so of the most disgusting individuals on earth glad-handing, back-slapping, and smiling at each other as if they think they are doing "a good job" for the people who pay them. Bullshit. It was nauseating, and I had to turn it off before I threw up. I listened long enough to hear Osama claim the unemployment rate is the lowest in five years, manufacturing is up in the U.S., oil imports are lower , and housing is booming. He said 2014 will be the best year economically in many years. Well, we're going to see, aren't we? I truly hope most of those grinning fools are out of a job very soon, but the American people are so dumb, they'll probably re-elect most of them. If so, they deserve whatever happens to them.

Anonymous said...

well well well lets all see what was the obvious lies we could intuitively detect and which of the half truth ones that we intuitively know are more the markings like the Trojan horse of surprise, probably clever promises of b.s. that many of us can all hang too as hope, while suffering till the noble leaders plan is in place for the thousandth time, then comes the good times.