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News Roundup - Jan 29th

News Roundup - Jan 29th

Judge Napolitano: NSA Spying Through ‘Angry Birds’ App

January 29, 2014

Fox Business News/LibertyCrier

Judge Napolitano reacts to news that the NSA is spying on Americans
(mostly children in this case) via the very popular ‘Angry Birds’ app.


Ben Swann: Federal Ban On GMO Labeling?

January 29, 2014
Ben Swann/Liberty Crier

National Lobbying firm wants a federal ban on GMO labeling on a state level.

Sen. Coburn: I Lost My Preferred Cancer Specialist Under Obamacare

Daniel Doherty
Jan 28, 2014
Town Hall .com 

Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently announced that he’s going to resign his U.S.
Senate seat before his term expires. But it’s not clear to what extent
this decision was influenced by the
fact he’s suffered a relapse of prostrate cancer. He said in a video
making the announcement public that, “I am now convinced that I can best serve my own children and
grandchildren by shifting my focus elsewhere.” So he will soon retire.
On Tuesday, however, he appeared on MSNBC’s morning
program and informed viewers that while he’s “doing well,” he’s lost
his cancer specialist because of Obamacare, and thus will have to
pay higher medical costs out-of-pocket as a result (via Politico).
Politico later confirmed that Coburn did indeed lose his cancer specialist:
The Oklahoma Republican’s spokesman confirmed to POLITICO
that since the senator enrolled in his health insurance plan under
Obamacare, his coverage has been reduced and he lost coverage for his
cancer specialist. Coburn will continue to pay out of his own pocket and see the oncologist, his office said.
The Senator is obviously in very good spirits, and is
confident that he will receive the kind of treatment that he needs and
deserves. But while Sen. Coburn was an early and vocal critic of the
Care Act from the beginning, he’s experiencing the same kind of rate
shock so many other cancer-stricken Americans are receiving. Remember,
they were promised they could keep their doctors if Obamacare became
federal law. "Period." Now many cannot, of course, including the Senator
Fortunately, Dr. Coburn can presumably afford to pay higher
out-of-pocket costs. But not everyone, as his spokesman has said, is
that lucky: .....


Alan Hart :  Is Netanyahu certifiable?

Editor’s note:  Everyone, from world leaders to Hart, know what Netanyahu is, a
master charlatan, a liar and an experienced manipulator. As much as he
is mistrusted and even hated, his sanity should not be questioned, even
in jest. He has been getting what he wants, and more! Just wait and
watch the proceedings of the upcoming AIPAC Policy Meeting in a few
weeks. Watch as your illustrious congressional leaders flock in like a
herd of sheep to reinstate their unflinching support for Israel’s Thug-
in- Chief and his “insane” rhetoric!

Is Israeli Prime Minister
Netanyahu of sound mind and knowingly talking propaganda nonsense about
threats to Israel’s security in order to fool the world including most
of its Jews, or, is he unbalanced,  mentally disturbed, even clinically

By Alan Hart
Jan 27,2014
Veterans Today

Netanyahu remains stuck in the old tactics.
The expanded and most explicit form of my headline question
this. Is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of sound mind and knowingly
talking propaganda nonsense about threats to Israel’s security in order
to fool the world including most of its Jews, or, is he unbalanced,
 mentally disturbed, even clinically insane? I ask because his
rubbishing in Davos of the most important speech any Iranian leader has
made since the revolution which brought the mullahs to power 35 years
sent me to bed recalling something my father said to me when I was a
very young boy. “There are none so blind as those who don’t want to
What was there in President Rouhani’s address to the World Economic
Forum’s Annual Meeting for Netanyahu to see if he was of sound mind?
Rouhani’s main message to the region, and probably Saudi
Arabia in particular, was that his government is fully prepared “to
engage with all neighboring countries to achieve shared practical
solutions on a range of issues.”
His main message to the world, and probably President Obama in particular, was this.
“In recent years a dominant voice has been repeatedly heard. ‘The
military option is on the table.’ Against the backdrop of this illegal
and ineffective contention, let me say loud and clear that peace is
within reach. So, in the name of the Republic of Iran, I propose, as a
starting step, consideration by the United Nations of the project: The
World Against Violence and Extremism, WAVE. Let us all join in this
WAVE. I invite all states, international organizations and civil
institutions to undertake a new effort to guide the world in this
direction… We should start thinking about a Coalition for Enduring
Peace across the globe instead of the ineffective Coalitions for War in
various parts of the world.”
Of course he was on a charm offensive and taking full advantage of
being at the Davos meeting to appeal to the major investors present,

but in my view that did not dilute the integrity of his vision of the new
politics needed to create a better world. He was surely speaking for
most citizens everywhere when he said: “People all over the world are
tired of war, violence and extremism. They hope for change in the status quo.”
His message on nuclear matters was unambiguous.


Secret Meeting ( not so secret)

MJ Rosenberg
Jan 28, 2014

 have been thinking about that secret meeting Mayor De Blasio had with
AIPAC, the meeting Andrew Sullivan brilliantly analyzed here.

And the more I think about it, the happier the meeting makes me.

The reason is simple. Both De Blasio and AIPAC decided that the meeting
should be kept top  secret. De Blasio kept it off his schedule and
banned reporters from the room. AIPAC did the same.

And that makes me happy because it indicates that both the mayor and the lobby understand that the meeting was shameful.

AIPAC met with the mayor to receive his pledge of uncritical support for
Israel, the decisions of its government, and the actions its lobby
takes here. To put it mildly, no other country in the world would dream
of asking a U.S. official to make such a pledge. And, if any did, it
would be a scandal.

But that is what Israel's lobby does every day. It demands that U.S.
public officials place the interests of the Israeli government over our
own. That is what the entire AIPAC-driven campaign against the Iran
agreement is about. And everyone knows it (although few dare to say it).

Actually, the Reagan administration said it back in the 1980's. When
AIPAC decided to block the AWACS sale to Saudi Arabia that the
administration believed would advance U.S. interests but which Israel
opposed, Reagan's people told AIPAC it had to choose "Begin or Reagan."
AIPAC chose Begin and Reagan then beat the pants off them. (For the
record, Reagan was right. Despite AIPAC's hysteria, Saudi Arabia has
used its AWACS for its own defense, and ours, and never against Israel).

The Obama administration is unlikely to be that bold but it has gotten
across the message that the AIPAC-generated opposition to the Iran
agreement is a choice for war. Bibi's war.

Given all this, AIPAC is smart to keep its meetings secret. And De
Blasio is smart too. As Steve Rosen famously said, AIPAC machinations
are best done in secret. And so is groveling by self-proclaimed populist
politicians who fall on their knees before financial power.

Of course, there are exceptions to the secrecy rule.  After the media
reported that Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is strongly supporting the
Iran agreement, putting U.S. interests over AIPAC's demands, she got in
hot water with the AIPAC crowd. How dare she? After all the money we
gave her?

 yesterday AIPAC issued a public statement  of absolution of the Florida
 representative:"Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz has a strong record of
support for the U.S.-Israel
relationship. She is a good friend of Israel and a close friend of
 and we look forward to our continued work together for many years to
come." This was after trashing her all over town for
deviating from the AIPAC line on Iran. They will still trash her, but
more quietly.

As we used to say back in the 70's, it's getting hairy for the lobby..
And that is because it is trying to get the United States into a war
that no one but the lobby (including the neocons who form a large part
of it) want. No one else......

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great
moral crises maintain their neutrality" -Dante Alighieri

They who watch while our elected officials are ravaging our country
should consider that...Vin

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