Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fox and the Dog in Norway

Subj: The Fox and the Dog in Norway
The Fox and the Dog in Norway
Meet Tinni (the dog on the left) and Sniffer (the fox on the right).

They are truly the BEST FRIENDS who live together in the Norwegian Forest.

Photographer Torgeir Berge is Tinni’s guardian and has watched the
development of his dog’s incredible relationship with this wild fox.


Torgeir and his writing partner Berit Helberg are planning on publishing a
book for children and adults full of fairy tales and Berge’s beautiful photos.

These two must have been destined for friendship!

The author and the photographer agree that some of the proceeds of the
book will be donated to an organization that combats fur practices that harm animals like Sniffer.

As Helberg writes, “in this way we can be the voice of the animals.”

One thing is abundantly clear:
 Sniffer and Tinni LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.

They love to play.

And they love to rest.

They could talk for hours.

They have similar interests (traipsing, jumping, stick carrying, hanging out with each other).

Berge explains that, while Tinni and Sniffer might seem like an unlikely duo,
they are actually very much the same.

And anyone who looks at these pictures can see the affection and understanding that they share.

If only humans could all be as kind and accepting as this pair.

Love is love.

And when you’re the best of friends, the rest of the world stands still.


Ajeocci said...

John, You've done it again. The photos of the dog and the fox are outstanding, and truly show that despite extreme differences, we can still be friends. I hope many folks will note the friendship depicted here, and take it to heart. The man who took these photos is certainly a lucky man. Reminds me of the fellow who said, "The more people I meet, the better I like my dog." But, it doesn't have to be that way. When I was a kid, I had a pet pigeon. When the weather got cold, I fixed him a roost in the cow shed, but he didn't sleep there. Instead, he sat on the cows backs to keep warm. Now, here in Idaho, I see the Magpies sitting on the horses backs. I think we all need to pay more attention to our animal friends.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed! Its wonderful to watch these animals treat each other so well, without jealousy and fear. If there were no jealousy and fear in the world, would Humans treat each other as these animals do as shown here in these photos?

Anonymous said...

Excellent story!
Thanks, John.