Thursday, January 30, 2014

Intel Is Here

[chillimac] CNBC Countries Currencies are free flowing. Turn on CNBC There talking about currency I heard Cramer say something about countries not waiting………

[daz] has everyone assembled and updated their binders? Have assembled a list of hand pcked banks of choice, established emails, got your plans together?

[daz] have you watched the video "The Money Masters ~ Full Movie" 3:29:21 The movie is done in segments, which make it easy to watch in multiple settings. Break up the video in 30 minute increments if needed but please do watch it so you will fully understand what we face.

Rrrr: The strain is starting to show. Every day seems to be the time that the RV is about to GO. BUT… a Global event like this is rare. Constant delays should be expected. We truly in the moment, the moment we have all projected. I’m wearing a grin from ear to ear. My intel cat Winnie is even smiling. This RV is about to Pop. Of this there is no Denying. Soooo let’s take just one moment, to reflect what we have all been through. It’s Done! It’s Here!. It’s Finished! We did it! This is True!

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Anonymous said...

This is a false RV sponsored by the Cabal! It is a last ditch effort to save them from their demise. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

The real RV is not suppose to happen until the GREAT EVENT!! Stop letting your greed and all of their hype to rule your hearts and don't support these criminals any longer!