Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Morning News, Rumors and Opinions

Friday Morning News, Rumors and Opinions 


BeachFrontJames:  Bank related intel says This coming Monday for the last of tier one rates to be paid, public RV Tuesday. This is solid source via WF banker

SirTitus: If public RV on Monday...release the numbers now and get the appointments made starting monday...make sense. Why wait....another day of not have billions is bad banking business

Roger:  i think it is interesting to read as many sources as possible. Seems to me they are all lining up with the same info. that is a good thing.

Debs :Did anyone catch the breaking news earlier on CNBC IMF stating immediate action needs to be taken….It was a verbal breaking news report that the IMF sees the need for immediate action to stop the downward spiral of the world economy I have looked for a link on it but last I looked it hadn't been updated

randyful : deb i missed that but i did hear them say markets COULD be reacting to urgent news this weekend

Debs: Here is a link I found

Tbirdd:  "PANIC is spreading - emerg mkts & bonds"
Read More Link on Right

Debs: IMF statement.

Yadillahr: here is the link for cramers mad money utube you guys have to see this it is from 8/13/13 ==

oldguy- cnbc is reporting meetings with central banks poland, australia + 2 others. it has to do with their economic policy it will have to do with concerns on inflation & deflation. it will impact their currency indirectly linked to GCR

Normanros : In order to do a GCR you have to sell the worlds investors on a reason to do it, and that's exactly what their doing in bring the markets down. THEY ARE SETTING THE STAGE  they  given a reason for gcr by the market going down and world investors gonna jump off then back in …then post rv the international rate will go up cause these investors gonna jump in to make up their losses


dharr :TGIF....we should see good things by Monday.....according to Art Cashin, who is the UBS director of floor operations at NYSE and has been working on the trading floor for 47 years, "Most currencies revalue on the weekend when nobodies at home." He should know.

Bamaltc:  Just talked to my WF advisor about some other business. Asked her if she'd heard the currency issues in the news. She said that she has been hearing some "rumblings" of currency revaluations but nothing concrete. I thought it was good info.

[fox] dow -226

[newlegacy] We have a longtime friend in Cincinnati. Talking about her job, she says she is working on a special project for a big bank. She can't talk about it, but she likes the job other than they call her in at odd hours over the past few months and she just sits there and does nothing and she gets paid, then they send her home. So, at least we know, or can infer from this, that the info that Tony's been getting that the exchange centers have been manned is accurate. Why this has been going on for months, when others knew it was not going to go public etc. is a mystery.

[newlegacy] I thought that was a pretty cool report - always wondered about the call center people just sitting around!


[highhopes] Papa Bear Do you think Bluwolf is correct today??? I read zap and he doesnt think anything will happen till mid Feb, after Chinese New Year...I Hope Bluwolf is right!

[Papa Bear] highhopes Blu wolf has always had a great perspective of this and why I call him my twin

Papa Bear] Today is Ben B last day on job and the farm bill gets voted on by Senate hopefully on Tues.

oldrichguy2b] Just read Bluwolf's post, pray that it's true this time.

[MsMagnolia] Papa Bear Good bye Ben, don't let the door hit you in the behind. and don't forget your spoils either



aggiedad77 » January 31st, 2014, 10:10 am

Here are the news summaries from last night:

Baghdad draw firm law firm to prosecute customers Kurdistan oil

The Baghdad government, the GOI, has retained an attorney to look into whether or not the Kurds are exporting oil illegally. It appears at this time they are only concerned with what may have been pumped through the new pipeline, not what was trucked out of the region by the Kurds last year. I've given this some thought and it seems to me to equate very similarly to a US company drilling on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which controls millions of acres in the western states.....they are to be paid a royalty if you will for every barrel produced....if the company were to attempt to "bypass" the BLM to not pay them....the BLM would come after them filing criminal charges/fines. This sounds like much the same battle.....IMO.

Analysts predict that Iraq allied with Iran, Saudi Arabia issued to break the world oil market

I have read this article several times and fail to make the connection to Iran within it.....I know they have mentioned Iran as an oil ally in the future in other articles but this one seems devoid of that. Iraq does talk about 9 million barrels of oil a day by 2020, but the analysts point to flooding the market and driving oil prices down if that were to seems that Iraq's only goal is to upset the "oil cart" for Saudi any cost. It also appears that while they have these lofty goals, they often forget the sad state their production equipment and pipelines are in....they are very old, riddled with issues....they need to find money to upgrade their equipment to today's technologies if they expect to compete in the world market. They talk of hiring 500 thousand employees into the oil industry....that is great, but they will have to train these people....and pay them....that takes additional money.....maybe where I'm headed with all of they need to broaden their revenue sources away from just oil in the near future.

Iraq: 24 dead in suicide attack on the Ministry of Transport

al Qaeda terrorist took a number of hostages at the Ministry of Transportation building yesterday.....this building did not have as rigid of security systems in place as it was felt to not be a high risk. Four of the terrorists detonated jacket bombs and the other two were killed by security forces......another 18 were killed during this attack. The Interior Ministry feels there will be more of these attacks on Baghdad in coming days in an attempt to draw security forces attention away from the fighting in Anbar.

Budget until further notice .. The Finance Committee's objections reveal Kurdistan

We know by now the budget was not addressed in the Thursday session of Parliament due to a lack of quorum. It seems the Kurds were absent again as was the United Coalition, headed by the Parliament Speaker Najafi.....Najafi's coalition basically resigned last month in opposition to the government troops fighting in Anbar....I'm sorry but get over it would rather live with terrorists than your own government....doesn't seem a good deal to me....drag your behinds to the table where you can make a difference. As for the Kurds....we see they have four points of contention....first....oil exports and payment for the cost of production in the region, as well as payment for the Peshmerga.....second.....pertains to Article 10....damages associated with not being allowed to use airspace and failure to extend cables for telecommunications and internet service....third....damages caused by non-delivery of oil and gas to the Ministry of Oil for the purpose of exporting....and fourth.....has to do with the Ministry of Electricity and failing to deliver power lines into the region.

Jubouri: financial budget numbers just do not have a relationship with the policy and the country's economy

What an incredible article....where the title actually seems to say more than the article does.....guess we lost some in the translation.....we have an economic analyst stating that the budget numbers don't seem to add up to what their current policies and economy is saying....he makes a point of make a case of sound economics that all he has to go by is what the government is providing....a very confusing article to say the least.

Well there you have it....the overnight news....enjoy.   Randy


jdtolle » January 31st, 2014, Fulfilling journey

What matters much more than where you are is the direction you are going. That’s something you can change instantly if you wish.

You cannot create an instant achievement, yet you can instantly be headed in the direction of whatever achievement you choose. From wherever you are, there is a path and a direction.

Your task for right now is not to get all the way there. Your responsibility in this moment is to keep yourself moving in the direction that will eventually get you all the way there.

No matter how long you’ve been off track, or how far away from the path you’ve wandered, you can begin right now to get back on track. Your very next action sets your direction, so wisely choose that action and go with it.

Don’t waste your time with regrets about where you’ve been or empty wishes about where you’d like to be. Use this very moment to firmly establish and maintain a positive, meaningful direction for your life.

Whatever the challenges may be, however ambitious the goal, your direction is yours to choose in each and every moment. Choose the direction that most authentically expresses your unique value, and enjoy a truly fulfilling journey.

— Ralph Marston     Wishing All a Safe, Warm and Blessed Day


Anonymous said...

Well, it's the 31st. Looks like China didn't default. Back to square one dinartards. No RV. Guess the call center people that have nothing to do can go home now.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to stop by LIAR central every so often to see the same BS posted on this Blog....

Anonymous said...

I4U, you are sadly and repetitvely mistaken. The RV and reset was scheduled BEFORE THE CHINESE NEW YEAR. THIS IS AFTERWARD, you gdf shill. You need, and I really mean need to bolster your safety, security and personal intel statements to ameliorate the extent of how little trust an confident we have in you as you Baghdad Bob, Tokyo Rose into our hearts and minds.
The world destabilization is being caused explicitly by the US and UST. your failure to defang or defuse false intel is a major issue along with hundreds of other shills, stooges and propagandists.

Anonymous said...

You people are off the wall! That cnbc report is over two years old. If you don't have any thing to say shut the f - - - k up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The panic is not necessary but the purge of the Banksters in the 5 too-big-to-fail size need to be purged along with THE UST OPERATIVES. Your WF Rat Bastard Lied to you again Tony and it is strongly suggested you throw him under the bus, permanently. The rest of the Drama and Panic is by the Bankster Queens, lot of 'em doing some dangling now.
But, those that have them leveraged out in racketeering, blackmail, etc., are amazingly good at
making things look "accidental." (You have corrupt coroners, you BS C.O.D.....cause of death.)
Too many morons here! Include ME, BLAME ME, BLAME ME, PICK ME, PICK ME! Sorry, I digress.

Anonymous said...

Watch this: A Short film as to where America is heading courtesy of the FED. Stop financial terrorism and terrorists.

Anonymous said...

He's been in Federal Court for his trial on embezzlement.