Sunday, November 30, 2014

A spotlight on the problem of police violence

From: "Brasscheck TV" <>
Date: Nov 30, 2014 9:06 AM
Subject: A spotlight on the problem of police violence
BrasscheckTV Report

One thing for sure about

It shined a national
spotlight on the problem
of police violence.

So what are we going
to do about it?


- Brasscheck TV

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Anonymous said...


Excerpts from:

“But in a glaring example of media bias exacerbating racial tensions in the Michael Brown shooting death, Post reporters left out the key exculpatory fact in the grand jury finding officer Darren Wilson not guilty: The fact that Michael Brown tested positive for marijuana, which could explain his irrational violent behavior, not only in the convenience store which he strong-arm robbed while physically attacking the store clerk, but also in provoking the violent confrontation with police officer Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was not only high on THC but was apparently preparing to smoke more dope when Officer Wilson caught him walking down the center of a street and asked him to move to the sidewalk. The swisher sweet cigars Brown had stolen from the convenience store are notorious for being used to make marijuana “blunts.”

Our media are desperate to maintain the narrative that the police are shooting black youth for no reason. If the media admit that marijuana is being used extensively in the black community, that fact could lead to other disturbing questions. For example, did Brown’s mother and father know about his drug use? Did they do anything to stop his use of the drug? Have they used drugs themselves?

Anonymous said...

How does it justify murder? Would the officer have shot his own son under the same circumstance?