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11-27-2014  Intel Guru TNT Tony ...we had a guy buy airline ticket for 300 dinar, going out of the country, and that is the first time they took dinar for a plane ticket.  He did it on his MasterCard, left the country, and at the next airport, he could pull  $3,000 off that same MasterCard.  He did that last night, and we figured the rate at $3.58 and his card worked both inside and outside the country.  They told them the cards would be loaded by today [Wednesday], and that they would be adjusted internationally. They are waiting for some announcement to get everyone on the same rate. They said the process began last Saturday and it will be completed by 1st December. They are making it happen, which is all good news for us!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-27-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony   The US wanted to do a slow rollout, paying the VIPs and groups, getting them through methodically.  They asked Iraq to do the same thing and even though they didn’t want to do it that way, that’s what seems to be happening.  They are doing it by levels right now.  However, we know more people who are exchanging today and Friday.  The system is working and sooner or later they will have to get to us.  This is coming!  The rates ranged from $3.58 (international) to mid-teens (contract rates) and also a few as high as $28.50.  The contract rate pool is still available.   [post 2 of 2]

Intel Guru DC   [via Adept1]   Iraq is supremely ready.   A ton of people from the PM’s office, banks, CBI and the finance ministry are all saying this is happening now.  They are running on television that this will be complete by 1. December.   ISIL is being beaten back, too. Yesterday and this morning [Wednesday], prices have changed further in the major business centers – airports, major chains, etc., are reflecting the new rates as of yesterday. We’ve been dealing with five different rates, but now all the major financial movers are reflecting the new international rate of $3.58. This morning, I got seven independent contacts on this, that they are paying for gas and such at the new rate. However, the banks are mainly showing the old 1166 rates, so it’s confusing but still a wonderful thing that you can do major purchases at the new rate.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

  Intel Guru DC     Monday night it was supposed to go down. Iraq said they’d do it in the middle of the night Iraqi time, and the US stopped it. Now the US is supporting the changes.  They are now starting, and until it’s done nobody is breathing easy, but it’s looking good and I love that prices are changing at the major institutions now.  The UN keeps trying to press and push...They helped resolve the misunderstanding on Monday night.  We understand that everyone is prepared for the general public at any minute. We have been told the US banks are NOT working over Thanksgiving, but the call centers are working and the banks and exchange centers will take appointments for Monday.  Don’t expect exchanges for the general public until Monday. [post 2 of 2]

Intel Guru Frank26  This is a fact:  No one can raise the value of the IQD except the Central Banks and those that own those banks.  This is a fact:  Only when Iraq raises the value of their currency and enter the international market will they qualify for Article 8 from the IMF.  This is an opinion of Frank26:  Those that can only raise the value of the IQD have seen almost everything that they want to see accomplished within the MR of the IQD.  Therefore they are encouraged and poised to give this rate to the CBI.  When? I have no idea. But I have been telling you since June that we need a seated government that will pass laws that will allow the powers that can raise the value of the IQD to do so.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

Intel Guru Frank26    ...understand that no one except the Central Bank owners can give this rate to the CBI...BUT HUNDREDS OF LAWS NEED TO BE IN PLACE NOT FOR THE MONETARY REFORM OF THE IQD BUT FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE MONETARY REFORM! THE OWNERS OF CENTRAL BANKS NEED THESE LAWS TO SO IRAQ CAN PROTECT HER CURRENCY, THEIR CITIZENS, THEIR BANKS AND MANY OTHER THINGS.  These owners have been watching all of these pieces come together THROUGH THE PASSING OF HUNDREDS OF LAWS!  If they did not see these laws the dinar would have no chance of seeing a new rate.   I am not saying that these laws are necessary nor the requirements for the MR...I am saying the owners of Central Banks have demanded these laws...and THEY SEE THEM NOW!  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

Intel Guru Frank26    ...there are between 400 – 600 laws sitting at Parliament at this very moment. These laws have all been approved and passed MONTHS AGO...they only need to be implemented and announced through the Gazette.  The majority deal with BANKING to protect the money the banks and the citizens...this is what the owners of the Central Banks want to see. This is why IMO a new rate is coming to the CBI from these owners.  I want you to keep this in mind too...last week Abadi came out and said that they would finish hundreds and hundreds of laws by the 1st of December 2014.  Then magically or centrally the governor of the CBI immediately states after Abadi's promise that if the GOI does this by the 1st that the CBI is ready to raise the value of its currency and allow the currency to go on global exchange. [post 3 of 3]

11-27-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 It is of our opinion that the President of the ISX is due to make an announcement sometime between tomorrow and Saturday that the ISX now has interoperability with all of the global exchanges around the world. It is possible that he will also briefly announce that Iraq has reached a milestone and a new value to its currency which will be entering global exchange...this is strictly my opinion. Read more:

TNT TONY TWEETS November 27, 2014 at 2:15 PM PST TNT Tony @THE_TNT_TEAM Scrolling on Iraq TV right now, Iraq is prepared and in coming days will be able to rejoin the international market ....#wearethepeople More Breaking News from Tony Scrolling on Iraq TV right now economic reform is underway.

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Nobody bought a ticket using dinar on a MasterCard. This is total bullshit and just another guru lie. Nothing is running on Iraq TV either about the alleged new rates of the dinar.