Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alert: Open a bank account in Singapore with a low minimum deposit and without having to travel

Subject: Alert: Open a bank account in Singapore with a low minimum deposit and without having to travel

Over the last few years, we’ve talked about how poorly capitalized and highly illiquid most banks are in the West.
Of course, most people hardly give thought to the safety of their bank. We simply assume that, just because we can log on to a bank website and see a balance printed on a screen, that the money’s there.
This is a lot of blind trust for something so important.
As it turns out, though, when you really look at the numbers, many Western banks have extremely LOW levels of liquidity and capital. 
Here’s an example: JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the US, holds just 1.9% of its customer deposits in liquid cash equivalents.
Contrast that with some of the banks we’ve told you about in previous editions of Sovereign Man: Confidential in places like Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore, Andorra, etc.
One of our first Singapore bank recommendations, in fact, has a liquidity ratio of over 17%... nearly TEN TIMES that of JP Morgan. Which do you think is safer?
As we’ve discussed, Singapore is modern, advanced, and civilized. And it’s NEVER experienced a banking failure. Ever.
Singapore banks are liquid and well-capitalized. The government has ZERO net debt, and deposit insurance actually means something in Singapore.
It’s literally the polar opposite of most Western banking systems.
Problem is, Singaporean banks have been hesitant to open new accounts in recent years, especially for US clients. 
We can thank absurd regulations like FATCA for this, which provide a HUGE disincentive to work with US customers.
Now it’s starting to get a bit easier. And I’m very pleased to bring you a solid banking option in Singapore—one that ANYONE can take advantage of.
In fact, for personal accounts, it’s the easiest option yet to set up a foreign bank account in one of the best banking jurisdictions in the world.
You don’t need to go to Singapore in order to open an account and the initial deposit minimum is as low as $10,000.
This one really ticks a lot of boxes: 
Open accounts without travel? Check
Top quality customer service in English? Check
Low fees and reliable service? Check
Substantial liquidity? Check
Ultra-safe levels of capital? Check
A global financial center with zero net debt? Check.
Low balance minimums? Check
Free ATM withdrawals worldwide? Check.
Multiple currency accounts? Check
Online banking with wire transfers? Check
I think you’ll agree this is a fantastic option. And I’m incredibly pleased to share this with our members. Please click here to get started.
This is a sample of what Sovereign Man: Confidential members are exposed to on a regular basis. Clear, rational, and profitable solutions that make sense no matter what.
In fact, tomorrow is our monthly members-only teleconference where we’ll discuss members’ questions, such as:
• What international structures to use for best asset protection and tax optimization strategies
• Options for storing your precious metals overseas—and reporting requirements to do so for US citizens
• Foreign residency and second passport options
• Business and investment opportunities in Peru and Chile
• Recommendations for young people starting out
• Banking recommendations for corporate accounts in Asia
And many more.
We told you about our special holiday offer yesterday. 
This weekend only, you can become a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential for as low as $99.
And in addition to that absurdly low-priced offer, I’m upgrading your membership to include our breakthrough VIDEO crash course, Sovereign Man: Starter, absolutely free. (This normally sells for $97.)
Plus you’ll receive a ton of other actionable bonuses, including a free copy of our Offshore Trust Kit ($295 value), and numerous Black Papers on offshore banking and gold storage. 
All of this for just a $99 investment.
But this offer is for this weekend ONLY. So please click here to take advantage of this opportunity right away.
Simon Black
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