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Sports Cheating via Electromagnetic Weapons

November 28 2014

Sports Cheating via Electromagnetic Weapons

How your team lost when it should have won

Jim Stone Nov 28 2014


Drut posted something obvious to the forum that I have overlooked entirely - how EM weapons can knock players off their game and cause them to lose it. A lot of money could be made by doing this, and this could explain many of the mysterious losses and could explain how the NFL now seems to be totally rigged. All it would take is for one corrupted individual to sit up in a private stadium booth with a decent targeted EM weapon to make a quarterback fail or a receiver get blurred vision or a kicker to blow a punt to totally turn the game in favor of the attacker, who could then win millions in sports betting.
For those of you who are new to this topic, EM weapons use amplitude modulated microwave frequencies to interfere with brain waves. This is not a myth, it is very easy to explain in non technical terms. Here is the best way I can say it, with a real world example - your car radio. The only way your car radio can play FM music is if it somehow gets the music from somewhere, in electrical form which it then amplifies and plays as music. The antenna is what turns the radio waves into electricity, which then gets amplified and plays through the speakers as music.
Just like your car radio, your brain is an electrical device. All it takes to make your brain play something other than it is supposed to is to transmit the correct frequency into it and your neurons will act as antennas. Your brain will then receive interference which could take you off your game, or if the signal is strong enough it will knock you out entirely. This tech was used in the Iraq war. This has been well developed for military operations. To have this tech which was developed by the military hit the sports field for evil purposes is not a reality stretch AT ALL.

Here is Drut's original post:

Aussies targeted during Olympics with microwave weapons

Here's Barrie Trower talking about athletes being targeted during the olympics:
I saw an radio interview on youtube with an inventor who claimed he was hired as a consultant to prevent athletes being targeted (sorry, I don't have a link, I saw it in an Internet cafe in 2013, does anyone know the interview? it was an American female interviewer, and the inventor claimed he was working on inventions like using microwaves to kill bacteria in food. ) He mentioned the Danish team sending its own security team was for protection against microwaves, if you read between the lines.
Australian swimming team lost medals. I saw an interview with an athlete, and I thought she looked unusually stressed, even for someone in such a situation. Another swimmer, whose discussion of how he went loco and somehow "put it together" reminded me of my own experience being suicided, i.e., they tried killing me with microwave weapons, by inducing lots of stress (could not sleep) but then when I went into the garden where there is lots of trees blocking radar etc. suddenly it evaporated.
So I think the Aussies were targeted to up the British tally, maybe something to do with a nuclear false flag which was prevented by people like Michael Shrimpton (who is facing jail over this, and yes, I know he's Israel lobby)
Another example of using microwaves to cheat potentially is by transmitted chess moves:
My response:
You have really nailed something here that I overlooked entirely, and it is obvious this has got to be going on. There has been a paradigm shift in sports lately, with unbelievable losses and wins undermining the credibility of sports competitions entirely.
The most common microwave weapon I know of is a cell phone, which is capable of transmitting a lot more than just communications and few people suspect them. But they are low power and would not work for sports. For clandestine use on a sports field something far more powerful and immediately effective against people in peak health would be used and could be easily set up in a stadium booth. It is easy to make a high frequency travel in one direction like a laser beam for precise targeting against single individuals, and if high frequencies are AM modulated with brain frequencies (which are much lower) it would have the same effect as transmitting the lower brain frequencies. This is well established tech now, what is new is the topic of using it for sports cheating.
Cell phones are also great for transmitting stress frequencies and can totally trash you if you do not know they can be used that way. Every one of us has one or several weapons readily available for the "Elite" to use against us, right in our own homes. But due to their only having a max of three watts, they take a while to work unless you carry them in a shirt pocket.
When you went out to the garden, I bet you did not have your cell with you.
Additionally, you can get beamed with a satellite, van or other vehicle.
When it comes to a sports field, anywhere there is money to be made via a win or loss would obviously be prime for their use, and when you consider only the evil or their innocent diffuses have these weapons, and can profit from using them against athletes, it is obvious they will be used for profit that way. And what about the radio headsets a lot of the athletes use now (inside football helmets?) How about that for a close proximity weapon?
If it can be done, it will be done when there is something to be gained. Discuss this on the Forum

Jim Stone is ex-NSA!

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Anonymous said...

If you can accept that boxing is ' fixed,' other sports will naturally follow that success. I've ignored sports of any kind for 35 years for this reason. Just like voting, you can't influence the outcome in a rigged system. This rigging was a foregone conclusion, there is just too much money involved for them to resist. TYJM frj