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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony's conf. call Cliff Notes version

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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony's conf. call Cliff Notes version
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Date: Wednesday, 26-Nov-2014 16:33:24

Hi, Folks -
Found here:
Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving TNT!!!
This is the highlights of Tony's CC. I will update as call progresses - Sunny
**** Caller: How does someone decide which rate is best? . . . they are saying the banks will control how much we get depending on how much we leave with them. How do you work that out?
DC: . . I might give X, Y and Z to three different foundations, but the entirety of the amount counts for figuring out the rate. Get a good tax and trust attorney and let them help you when you meet with the wealth manager.
Tony: You do the exchange first, and then 72 hours later, you will meet with your wealth manager and THEN they may offer to bump you up if that is suitable.
Tony: Iraq announced on Saturday it would be completed by DEC 1st.
DC - They have absolutely started the process of pushing through. We worry . . . till it's done.
DC - Mon. night it was to go down. Iraq was to do middle of the night their time. US stopped it. Iraq did not take it well and blew a gasket on Tuesday morning. Livid and irate. The US said it was a misunderstanding. REALLY! US said they did not understand how important it was to Iraq. Everyone now on same page, singing Kumbyah!
Explanation was US had asked Iraq to do a slow roll out like US is doing. Iraq did not totally agree with that but now looks like that is what they are doing; adjusting cards, paying their hierarchy like our government is doing.
Caller: What’s different about this time vs. last year at this time? DC: “Banks continuing to exchange people. I'm kind of frustrated but like this because we know all the systems work. it's been working for thousands so it will keep going. . . .US and Great Britain has been exchanging significant numbers for the last month. . . Commits more and more folks to get this thing done. . . Everybody is prepared for general public at any minute. Banks not working Thanksgiving.
IRAQ: DC: Iraq supremely ready, have few more laws passed. Had big meetings in last 2 days. Tons of people from CBI, finance ministry, key heads of all banks as they run thru the final checks and covering what is going to happen NOW
TV still running it's happening now and will be completed by Dec 1st.
ISIS continuing to be beat back.
International Dinar: at major business centers they are now using the Dinar, not the dollar Airport is selling tickets for Dinar. A Tony contact used his MC to buy a ticket based on dinars out of Iraq at the airport and then when he got to his destination pulled $3,000 off his card to prove it was International.
Iraq Rates are inconsistent. Some paying $3.58 and some back at the 1100 rate. Still dealing with 5 different currency values. There are 8-9 confirmations this is going on.
Exchange Timing: could get 800 numbers today, tomorrow but appointments cannot be set before Monday. There were 2 plans and it’s still unknown which will be used. One to start on Dec. 5th and one to run up to Dec.5th.
Exchanging rates at $3.58. mid teens, some at $28.50 (???- not sure I heard correctly) Contract rate pool still available and DC was told not to worry about it. All four currencies, Dinar, Dong, Rupiah and ZIM have all been exchanged.
Exchange Centers told not to come back to work till Monday. Call centers will be working over the weekend. Exchanging may be at a banking office but not necessarily a bank. DC was told appointments starting on Monday.
800#'s released by Tony only going out thru Twitter. If you call the 800# Tony sends out it will be valid. Be very careful of calling an 800# on a web site. Banks will not post an 800# on their websites. as they want to keep this low profile. They will have brochures with their own 800# in it, which may not be the same # Tony tweets out.
FOREX: DC - We don't know when it will be on FOREX. We understand it is to show when public goes through, Jan. 1. We just don’t know which is which right now.
OKIE: Tony talked to him yesterday.He has not exchanged as of yesterday. He's hearing very good news. being careful about what he posts.
Out of country exchange for American citizens: They have to come home or spouses or family members can exchange for them with a power of attorney.
CANADA: Tony received reports yesterday that two people exchanged but not at contract rate. All major Canadian cities will have exchange centers and the delay plan in the US will not apply to Canada. Advised to call your Canadian bank as soon as Tony Tweets here and NO NDA for Canada.
DC: Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving! . . . we believe, it’s confusing to us, believe prices in process of changing in Iraq. Some at $3.58 and then right next to them in next booth have a different rate. Nine different independent confirmations . . . of different rates. Absolutely confusing to everybody else, including us. It’s a positive move. . . Our understanding everyone in right locations waiting fo this to go through. Realistic be able to make appointments by Dec. 1st but not exchange before that.
Ray: enjoy your wealth Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving!
T- Pam tied up. Would probably say be good to the mods . . . enjoy your day tomorrow. Something going to happen today. No she probably wouldn’t have said that. ( A Tony slip maybe?)
Tony: . . . everybody agreeable. Authorized to do it. Heard arguments about CBI, IMF. They wanted freedom to pick their time. Hearing it’s happened and agreed upon. Don’t expect before the 1st. . you can be happy before that but don’t expect before that. . . . get good news we will do an update. . .just now the company called and asked, why we haven’t paid our bill.
We’ve heard we are close. 800’s numbers . .. think we will still send out the 800#’s Have a happy Thanksgiving! If something super happens I will tweet it out anyway. Have a good day guys.

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