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WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL OUR CHILDREN? (Video) Ambassador & Ron Van Dyke
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Date: Saturday, 29-Nov-2014 02:16:24

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL OUR CHILDREN? (Video) Ambassador & Ron Van Dyke
Published on Nov 27, 2014
The Ambassador, after taking a few weeks off from making videos, felt inspired to create a video asking the poignant question that is the title for this video. Yes, what will we tell our children and our grandchildren about the role we are playing at humanity struggles against the financial tyranny of corporate oppressors who wantonly commit crimes against humanity, violating human rights and extort human value? Are you playing a role that supports the psychopathic vision of ruling the world through deception, promoting ignorance by working for the Beast that is poisoning our host planet: it's air, soil, water and even its food and medicines? He challenges us to look at what is happening in America and to stop paying attention to the propaganda of CNN and other mainstream media guilty of spreading disinformation. We must stop the aggression against our brothers and sisters, especially those who are nothing more than hired thugs with badges and uniforms. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the shares dreams of two elite figures who were challenged to look more closely at the roles they were playing and recognize that they were not helping humanity.

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