Sunday, November 30, 2014



More Guesses to NEW Picture Clues/Intel:

Susan   Parallel teleconference meetings are occuring concurrently around the world today.

Vinman :

The NASDAQ, ISX, CBI, CME, China, SEC, BIS, BRICS, UN, U.S. FED, G20, World Bank, Iraq & Kurdistan are having a global teleconference live today...right now!

Ya think something might be going down? :-)

Parallel meetings are happening globally today.

We are again in the final countdown.'s snowing hard!


Inthelight > Vinman  I can't wait to hear what comes out of such a Teleconference. it must be definitely RV related because (in my opinion) it is the first time since I have been involved in this investment that all of the parties come together like that. That's very curious.

Bluebird > Vinman   Thanks senior Vman!!! Do we even know what the meetings are for? Or just assuming they are RV related?

Vinman > Bluebird What do you think?  At this point there would be no other reason except something as large as a global reset.

Mr. Chen > Vinman  they are fighting over the timing of this. Iraq obviously wants the RV of the dinar NOW!!! They are saying for the other organizations to quit stalling and holding it up.


EXOGEN November 29, 2014 at 1:26pm “It’s the Final Countdown”


Copied From Twitter:

Brandi November 29, 2014 @JCR3758: Facts: Kurds happy w 17%/control oil. '15 Budget ready. Special Session today for approval. HCL done. GOI/Parliament in agreement 2 finalize

Brandi November 29, 2014 @JCR3758: Chins into Australian gold/silver markets. Prices of oil & precious metals down. CBI ready for Intl release. Central Banks worldwide ready

Brandi November 29, 2014 @JCR3758: Not giving date/rate but stage is set. BIS said economic reforms need to be accomplished now.


R.V. / GCR November 29, 2014 at 2:42pm All signatorees will be available in 12 hours from now....lets see if the need to borrow a pen or not

Dave > R.V. / GCR    They can have mine...

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