Thursday, November 27, 2014


For those looking for a group to join
If you need a "group" I learned that Generals64 is still open. If anyone signed up for Generals64 group in the past there's an active thread on the Intel4u forum about the group. G64 is very much alive and active. Wiley Morgan one of the founders is an active participant and answers questions in the thread. You can also PM him. If you aren't in a group already (which is highly advised because the groups are going before the public) I think you might still be able to join by PMing Wiley.
Here's the link to the site. You may need to sign up first if you are not a member then go to the forum to see the thread if you aren't already a member.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barbara! I have moved and my e-mail has changed since I first signed on to G64 and I have tried relentlessly to contact someone to alter my info. I just now sent a message to "sales" through the Contact Us thread and hope it all goes swimmingly. Do NOT want to miss my e-mail!!. Any further instructions, please let us know.

Again, thank you so much.

Nancy L

Anonymous said...

Do you still have enrolment?

4sugarkisses said...

How does group work? Do i need to send in my dinar/dong?

Unknown said...

Is your group still open and do you handle ZIM?

bcpriest said...

How do I find out if I am with the Gen 6-4 grp? I believe I signed up years ago but do not have (or want) a Facebook account......HELP!!!!