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King: American Soldier in Bagdad reports widespread partying in the streets and widespread partying in the streets in Iraq

Hello all, I was asked by a few people to repost my earlier chat from tonight.  It  certainly lines up with the Dec. 1 anticipated timeline for the Economic Reform in Iraq as promised to the people of Iraq by their government.

Here it is:

PART 1 - My friends nephew has a close friend who is in Bagdad. This is the message I got from my friend a few hours ago: "I have word from _____(nephew) who has a soldier friend in Bagdad and he is telling what is going on
. Street parties --celebrations everywhere….

PART 2: "Took a couple days to set it up he said … even one of Bagdad's most crucial thorough fairs is blocked off to make more space! Took a couple of days to set it up”--he said.
PART 3: The nephews American Soldier friend in Bagdad continued, "there is a huge celebration happening there Sunday[so tonight—Saturday night--in the USA]

PART 4: My friend did not say if the American Soldier in Bagdad giving the reports of celebrations in the street were for RV reasons--but I assumed so given the timing---I will go ask my friend to see if she can verify.

Part 4 Continued:  King speaking now: When I asked my friend to verify that the American Soldier in Iraq was indicating that the celebration was due to the RV she said this, “…
DC said Economic Reform was to be done by Dec. 1 (according to announcements on Iraq TV).  Then the US can go once finished.  Sounds like that’s what’s happening.”

PART 5 I'm getting a few more details. My friend and her nephew (a veteran) both have VNN and she has IQN, too. It's the nephew' s American Soldier friend in Bagdad providing the info but our info is from Email and texts.

PART 6: The Soldier in Bagdad said,
"It's happened before [that they've had celebrations] but they didn't block the road off before.

PART 7: He said,
"that indicates it's gonna become a secure path for important people to go through." He said, "It's called Morelt's--a very busy thoroughfare area--- in an area where there's monuments, a park, and the famous double sword thing you may have seen on TV--they're called "the swords of Quasi" or something …” he says, they are putting up a stage and mobile lights.

PART 8: The nephew said, [paraphrase] "He mentioned some other stuff non related [or was it??] that was weird he said that
there’s a ton of foreign troops there now compared to when he left Erbil including Russians and Iranian special forces. He said both are very friendly to everyone there and even salute other nation's officers.

SO………………my friend was very excited as her nephew was reporting to her and she was passing it on to me/us.  Hope this helps.

To the naysayers, this came directly from an American Soldier in Bagdad…
preparing for some great event and witnessing widespread partying in the street. Take it for what it's worth. Can you be happy for the happiness of the Iraq people regardless of the source of the happiness…or does that happiness have to be confirmed as being sourced by a valid reason for happiness?? Eh? I reported what my dear friend told me. Period. I am happy. And, I do believe.   King

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