Sunday, November 30, 2014

Obama secretly extends US combat operation in Afghanistan till 2015

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Obama secretly extends US combat operation in Afghanistan till 2015
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Date: Sunday, 30-Nov-2014 02:56:15

Liar, Liar pants on Fire... Good job, Mr Nobel Peace prize.. Maybe obama thought that it was a 'Piece' prize... Cus they'll be winding up in pieces...
Signed over the last few weeks, the secret order permits American forces to continue to battle the Taliban and other militants that pose a threat to either the Afghan government or US personnel. According to the Times, US jets, bombers, and drones will be able to aid ground troops – be they Afghan or US forces – in whatever mission they undertake.
Under the order, ground troops could join Afghan troops on missions, and airstrikes could be carried out in their support.
If true, this marks a significant expansion of America’s role in Afghanistan in 2015. Previously, President Obama said US forces would not be involved in combat operations once the new year begins. He did say troops would continue training Afghan forces and track down remaining Al-Qaeda members.
Obama signed the secret order after tense debates within the administration. The military reportedly argued that it would allow the US to keep the pressure on the Taliban and other groups should details emerge that they are planning to attack American troops. Civilian aides, meanwhile, said the role of combat troops should be limited to counter-terror missions against Al-Qaeda.
The Times said an administration official painted the secret order's authorization as a win for the military, but another said the US would not carry out "offensive missions" against the Taliban in 2015.
“We will no longer target belligerents solely because they are members of the Taliban,” the official said. “To the extent that Taliban members directly threaten the United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan or provide direct support to Al Qaeda, however, we will take appropriate measures to keep Americans safe.”

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Anonymous said...

the dictator has bypassed the congress on HIS act of war orders.
if that is not a act of treason against the u.s. masses, for it is the blood of the common man to bear not this impostor and his goons hiding in the bunker cities.
more and more i see collusion against the american people by these congress, and senate allowing this to happen.
they cannot be that stupid or native to the rantings of this dictator who uses fake birth cert#, fake social security numbers, fake school school records, and is a constant liar on everything, and when he is caught, he mocks, for he has the senate, and house in collusion against our bill of rights. he has no history by his name, that was his frist exe. order, however has a vast history with C.I.A. as many are no longer silent.
and yet the dumb or the senate and house goons are playing it dumb and dumber of what this tyrant is doing to the u.s.a. and the whole world.